President Obama [who we will address as simply O] said in a recent TV speaking opportunity that this election was not about him.  After 5.5 years in office, why would he say such a thing?  The answer is… it is his MIND doing its  job of protecting him from consciously becoming aware of what his MIND is seeking to accomplish in his role as President of the United States of America.

In my little story, there are some important “players” or characters, and many of them are dead physically, but the memories of them [non-consciously held within the MIND of O] greatly impact the way O thinks and acts, and how he perceives America.  But let us do emphasize the fact that O is not consciously aware of this psychological influence upon himself.

O is not unlike many people in the respect that deeply repressed misperceptions held within the MIND subtly influence how these people view life.  However, O differs in some unusual ways. Most people [who function normally] do hold deeply repressed memories within their MINDs that are based on hatred, resentment, bitterness, and an intense sense of being racially inferior.  These, I believe, were the repressed misperceptions of his father, a black man from Africa, who hated Great Britain and America,  and saw both nations as guilty of Colonizing [or subjugating] people around the world.

The father of O was Barack Obama Sr., a Communist revolutionary who abandoned O at age three to travel to Africa to incite revolution.  In his MIND, I believe O blames both Great Britain and America for his father’s death while in Africa [in other words… for preventing O’s father from returning to him as a child].

The mother of O,  Ann Dunham, was a Socialist/ Communist, and she abandoned him to his grandparents, who were also Socialists/Communists.   I believe the early childhood of O must have been quite painful, even frightening, since both parents were more interested in their own political ambitions that his needs. I believe the extent of this pain/fear was responsible for his MIND protecting him by developing  sociopathic  personality characteristics.  In addition, I believe he developed a deep-seated sense that what-ever Communism was, it was more important than himself.

This then was the child in Hawaii, living with his grandparents, who  was handed over to    Frank Marshal Davis, a well-known Communist, who served as his mentor.  In his own book, O describes himself as only being comfortable when in the company of Communist or Marxist type personalities.   And O spent 20 years in the Church of Reverend Wright, who taught hatred of whites, and America.   This must have seemed quite familiar to O.

As regards the Presidency of O, I believe  what the MIND of O seeks to accomplish in America is to “punish” Americans  as  revenge for his father, and at the same time, seek to complete the Communist revolution of America in hopes of winning praise from his dead muslim-marxist father.  To imagine that what we have seen in the last 5+ years is a positive for America, or even rational behavior,  is I believe to deny Reality.

So, what is this election about?  I believe it is about whether or not we Americans will be able to rise above our fear of being called racist, and in spite of the millions who have been won over to the enslavement of Marxism, and will therefore support O even if it means their own destruction… will this nation wake up to the threat they face, and unite against the evil and tyranny that has engulfed this nation?

I pray that there are enough Enlightened people in America to do this.  But only time will tell… Well, tomorrow quite likely …we will have a sense of where we are going?


Brother James


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