Most Christians do not appreciate that there are billions of people in the world who love God intensely, and know nothing of Christianity.
How could this be, you might ask… especially if you are a Christian?

Virtually every religion believes that there is only one God.  And several religions go so far as to believe that the entity they worship: Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Zeus,  Satan, etc., is that one god… and this means that the gods of almost all religions are therefore false.  Why false?  If there is but one God, then all other gods are false gods.

The construction of Man [meaning each of us falling under the label of Homo Sapien], or every human being, is precisely the same… [in Reality], however,  the nature of the “evolution” of each human being is “unique” to the location upon the Ladder of Life acquired by the Soul of each human being.

Ladder of Life:  An analogy I created to help explain the nature of the evolution of we Souls in Creation as we slowly acquire “C’etc“.

As soon as we begin to consider the term “evolution” we are plunged into a great chaos of thoughts, beliefs, and unanswered questions.  It could be said that each person has his or her own set of beliefs;  and almost all these beliefs are false… And they are false because they are based on presumptions and speculations that are consistent with the level of “evolution” of a person’s Soul  [which is  still dominated by the MIND that is attached to one’s Soul].  Not as yet Enlightened, in other words.

Think of the many religions of Earth as being parallel paths Souls my take in the process of the Evolution of ones Soul.  All paths lead toward God, and all the while God hides WITHIN each living thing.

Precious few Souls  are Enlightened enough to KNOW what the Reality of Life is?  And, although a bit of Enlightenment encourages one to “think” one has achieved a great understanding of Spirituality  [when one’s Soul has ascended the first rung of the Ladder of Life], one has just entered the realm where thoughts of  religion are fed to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain [by ones MIND].  I refer to these natural thoughts as “Delusional Thinking,” or “D-Think,” which are thoughts fed to ones brain by the DM=SI of ones MIND.

The “Ego” of Man is, in actuality, the MIND of Man, and for all people on Earth, the last vestige of the illusion of life remains a big part of ones thoughts until ones Soul has ascended a great many rungs on the Ladder of Life.  In other words, the “process” of Enlightenment is a slow and painful process, in which those Souls that have a great longing for God, fight against the MIND that is attached to ones Soul, over many, many lifetimes.  What I just described is the real war of good vs evil: Soul vs MIND.

Spiritual Evolution is a long process.  As a Soul begins its journey of Evolution in Life [that is, the cycle of birth and death],   ones Soul eventually reaches the level of  human being.  Mystics tell us the human being is the highest form of life a Soul can achieve on Earth.   Once a Soul achieves the level of human being,   ones Soul is  still mostly confined  to and operated by the MIND that is attached to ones Soul.. The natural progression is roughly this:  A person aligns oneself  with the thoughts of Atheism, Agnosticism, or Satanism [perhaps multiple lifetimes]?  Then, as ones Soul acquires elements of “C’etc” [over  lifetimes],  ones body will find in a lifetime that it is  drawn to one of many religions [largely determined by ones culture].  Again, this  pursuit of religion can continue over several lifetimes.  As ones Soul increases in its acquisition of C’etc [over lifetimes]  one will naturally  become  more discerning about the various religions on Earth, and one will eventually realize that the God one seeks… is to be found WITHIN oneself, and not in following  the many religions on Earth.  Of course, a person can pursue God personally and still remain a part of a religion.

So, each human being is evolving in  ways consistent with  the level of “desire” of that person’s Soul to meet God?  It is said in the East that when the “Chela” [student] is ready, the Master [God-realized Soul serving God] appears.  And, I am not aware of an instance in which this has not proven to be true, over the last 41 years of my life of now 79 years.


Brother James


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