Do You Believe God is PERFECT Or Inefficient?

My question revolves around many Christians who believe that when a person dies, the Soul of that person must remain in the grave until some “final judgement” occurs.

This means that if someone living in the 1st Century died, the Soul of that person would remain in the grave until 2021, when the “final judgement” is likely to occur.  That’s near 2,000 years confined to a grave.  How much progress would the Soul of such a person make in fulfilling the Purpose of Life during those 2,000 years in the grave?

And to the point of this blog, how “efficient” is this idea?  And more importantly, is this your idea of “efficient”?  And if you believe this is not very efficient, how do you square this idea with a Perfect God?

I am of course assuming that Life has a Purpose, and that Purpose is for we Souls to use the Earth plane as a theater of experiential exploration, in which we play various roles, as we slowly grow and mature through the gift of experience [and  attending corrective schools when our lives call for such re-education]?

Does anyone [other than myself] find it somewhat odd that multiple religions, involving billions of people,  believe in both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation?  And only Christianity imagines that a child that dies at three years of age, must spend over 2,000 years in a grave…. before it can be judged regarding its life of three years.  And this belief is based on a misinterpretation of a statement in the Bible that says:  “A man is given once to live”.  This statement in the Bible is more properly interpreted to  mean that each time a Soul incarnates into the Earth plane, that Soul will take-on a new body, brain, personality and psychology:  Which means we Souls have ample opportunities to explore and experience multiple races, cultures and ethnic conditions.  But the Soul with MIND attached remains the  same Soul and MIND throughout all of our lifetimes.

Does it not strike people as just a little bit strange that God would consider a person born in the wilds of the Amazon as having  the same “life experiences and opportunities for fulfillment”  as  a person born in New York?  Would an efficient God not realize that a Soul might start in the wilds of the Amazon, but that through the equalizing process of Karma and Reincarnation, every Soul must have the exact same opportunities at the fullness of  Life?  I ask this question merely to encourage Christians to realize that perhaps altering the entire Bible to “fit” this “one-life”  phrase is not the smartest idea?

God is Perfect, unlike Man, who guesses at what life  should be?  Be ye not afraid, but search for the Truth with full knowledge that God would have every Soul become Perfect, jus as all Souls are intended to be.

What I suggest in this blog in no way alters, modifies, or changes the Bible or the teachings of Christ, who received his teachings from God the Father.  All it does is properly interpret one phrase in the Bible.

At the time just before the battle of Armageddon, all Souls will be judged regarding the resurrection of we Souls who have remained dedicated to the teachings of Christ, thus God.  And this judgment is for those who will be with Christ for a thousand years.  This in no way changes the fact that we are judged at the end of each lifetime as well.


Brother James


The Evil Hidden “Within” Man…

This blog will be more a revealing of my awareness of the evil within myself, and thus, a personal discovery of the existence of such evil than an abstract dissertation.  And thus, I write it with both embarrassment and relief.

Embarrassment because I am such a warrior against evil, and a relief because I have just suddenly realized that all the things we hate in others… are bits of energy hidden within our own MINDs, secretly stored Within those MINDs  due to events and situations we experienced in the past, and the horror of such events was repressed within our MINDs.   I use the term Within to refer to phenomena that exists [and secretly operates] within oneself… of which one is quite unaware, until the Grace of God reveals such material to ones Conscious Awareness.

And all of this is simply the working of the Law of Karma, which I will briefly discuss momentarily.  But first, a bit of background.

As a Psychotherapist, whose practice began coincident with my being Initiated into a Spiritual Path [which I have followed for 42 years], my work consisted of helping all ages of people get in touch with past events in their lives, the continued repression of which, was causing them “conflicts” in their present lives.  This is just the work of a competent and properly trained Psychotherapist.  That is, helping people in conflict discover [and thus experientially re-experience and remove hidden traumata deeply repressed Within their MINDs].

This proper treatment is unfortunately a dying art form because modern mental health [or what I refer to as “BS&bp,” or Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology,”  teaches those taught BS&bp to deny, ignore, and disdain those who practice proper Psychotherapy.  The reason for this is fear;  a deeply repressed fear of what lies Within the MINDs of those who profess to work with the “Mental” aspect of Man… while retaining a complete ignorance of the MIND of Man.  It takes a certain kind of person to exercise such hypocritical activity, but they are being licensed by the thousands across America, and having been trained in such hypocrisy, they sadly take this practice of denying Reality and spread it around the world.

BS&bp goes along with the rise of a godless society, or a society that is turning from God and embracing evil… although largely unaware of doing so. People suffering from the Malady of Intellectualism often create intellectually “advanced” [often called “humanistic”] movements of Mankind. Marxism is the philosophical nature of such people, although they currently prefer the label “Progressive”.

In Psychology this nonsense began in the early 1900s, and was the gift of B.F. Skinner, a person trained in watching animal behavior, and then intellectually speculating as to what [outside of those animals] might be causing them to act the way the did… after being  treated in certain harmful ways by the “scientist” group headed by Skinner.

Skinner and his group of “behavioral scientists” did what they did principally because they were people confided to Intellectualism, or people lacking in what I call “C’etc” [pronounced ‘C_ecetera’], or my symbol for the elements in we human beings that eventually provide us “Wisdom”. If you care to, you can read about  C’etc here.

The Law of Karma is one of the principle facts of Life, and it was designed by God, and is thus Perfect in its operations.  In simple terms it is defined as “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.  The term itself was removed from the Bible [or the scriptures] sometime between the 5th and 15th centuries by one or more Popes, so as to focus more attention upon themselves as the only connector between we Souls and God.  This is an ‘abomination,’  by the way.

The fact is, Within every living thing is a Soul, and the Source of every Soul is God.  And there is a constant connection between God and we Souls, unless that connection is broken by God, who Created every Soul.  And, of course, each Soul can choose to deny God by simply not acknowledging God, or by  turning his/her face from God. And this is fairly easy to do since God is invisible to the physical senses of Man.  And Souls new to the human form naturally tend to deny or ignore God as they give themselves to their MINDs.

________________  The reader will hopefully be patient with me, since there is a certain background regarding the ‘unknown’ required from me to enable the reader to see this  blog as comprehensible.

Attached to each Soul is a MIND, and the MIND is composed of two parts. One is the Lower MIND, and this is composed of the energy of the Astral region of Creation [where the various Hells and Heavens exist].  The other part of the MIND is the Higher MIND, and this is composed of the Causal region of Creation, and the Higher MIND is not of much consequence until a Soul has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc [or Consciousness] also called Enlightenment.

It is Within ones MIND that all the experiences of ones life [or lives] is/are stored on MINDLines Within ones MIND. One’s MIND is the local depository of all the ‘Karmic’ experiences one has had, and it is Within one’s MIND that the Karma [both singular and plural] of ones existence are slowly ‘re-experienced’ using the physical plane as the “stage” upon which one works out the stored Karma.

Shakespeare referred to this phenomena by saying something to the effect that the world is a stage upon which we players are all playing parts.  And in Eastern mysticism, the entire Creation is referred to as the “Lord’s Lela,”  or the Lord’s Play.  Or, a stage upon which we Souls slowly grow and mature by using the Law of Karma as each of us “painfully” makes his or her way up the Ladder of Life: By slowly doing and eventually “competing” Karma, in other words.

My point then is that all the events and experiences of ones life [and for those who realize it – many lifetimes] are stored within ones MIND, and these are slowly worked out by engaging and re-engaging them on Earth until one finally ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITY for what is happening to oneself.  In other words… everything that we experience is the result of our own previous actions, and the sooner one can accept this FACT, the quicker one reduces ones store of Karma [and the reduction of the evil stored Within ones MIND].

In full recognition of the Law of Karma, Christ admonished us to “forgive those who trespass against us,” because Christ Knew the cause of that trespass is ones own previous action against another: As ye sow, so shall ye reap.  This is an absolute Truth.

Or, put another way… if you are black in this lifetime, can you forgive yourself for abusing others in a previous lifetime as a person who was other than black?  Or, if you were a mean person in a previous lifetime, can you forgive those whose turn is to return the meanness back to you in this lifetime?  Please try to remember that it is God who designed the Law of Karma, and the Law of Karma is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT IN EVERYTHING IT DOES.  It guarantees absolute fairness, justice and equality in life.  Despite what godless [Marxist] people “think” is the case.

It is of course very difficult for many people to take responsibility for the evil they experience in life.  But, the TRUTH IS… nothing occurs to one in this life that is not DUE ONE.  If we could “see” what we did in the past, it might be a bit easier to accept the present.  But then, if we “knew” the past, the present would not be a surprise; nor exciting; nor would it allow others to exercise the evil from Within themselves [developing guilt, which creates a Karmic obligation = growth].

So, if you got through this blog, and it strikes a chord of Ah-ha for you, that would please me immensely.  Meanwhile, let us all try to be a bit more forgiving of the Souls who do evil to us, but forgiveness of a person’s Soul… does not mean the person doing evil should not pay fully for such evil done here  Earth.  It is our responsibility to make sure evil is punished… it is the least we can do for a person, and to play our parts fully here on Earth.  And too, please realize that the sooner a murderer is sent to Hell [via the death penalty] the sooner the MIND of that person “learns” not to ever murder again.


Brother James

Why You Should be Familiar With Revelation…In the Bible

Were you aware that we [the whole of Mankind that is] are in the so-called “End Times,” spoken of in the book of Revelation in the Bible? And… if you don’t know this, you should.  And, you should also know that the “End Times” spoken of in the Bible coincides with what the Mayan Calendar predicted would occur [as an astrological phenomenon on  October 21, 2012].

On October 21, 2012, the planets aligned with the center of the Milky Way, and the magnet poles of the Earth began to shift.  But this shift is very slow, gradual, and barely even measurable.  And since this serious alteration of the Earth was not something the news could frighten the world with in a ten second photo, this significant event went pretty much ignored. The brain of most people has a very short attention span.

But the Mayans were adamant that this shift… signaled by the unusual astrological event… was signaling the end of the Iron Age of Man.  Important to them, but quite meaningless to those in the West who are kept fairly well ignorant of anything that cannot be quickly capitalized.  Or that might cause a panic?

The Eastern mystics  teach that Mankind is deeply engaged in the Iron Age of Man [which is the most evil age that Mankind has to endure]. Mystics tell us that there are four repeating Ages of Man.  The Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Copper Age, and the Iron Age,or the Age in which we presently find ourselves.

Although the Bible does not refer to the “End Times” [as described in Revelation in the Bible] as being a part of the ending of the Iron Age of Man, and the beginning of the new Golden Age of Man, Revelation clearly describes “its” version of this phenomenon.

If Christianity was not quite so dogmatic in its “story” of what is taking place with the Earth and Mankind,  it would actually serve the purpose of Christ and the Bible better.  As it is, the story of Christianity is perfectly valid [anticipating the Second Coming of Christ], but the message, if coupled with a great many other things taking place on Earth at this time, would be substantially more powerful for Mankind, and tend to get the attention of more people…In my opinion, of course.

The fact is, the war between good and evil is an actual war that is taking place continually Within each human being.  It is a war between one’s Soul and the MIND that was attached to one’s Soul when one’s Soul first entered the Creation [shortly after the Creation was initiated].

The reason the Soul needed a MIMD was that the Energy of the Soul is “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” or NSgy.  That is, NSgy is my symbol for the Energy of God, and we Souls.  And this Energy is “Neutral,” which means it cannot be anything other than NSgy, or Neutral.  So, the only way the Soul could explore and experience the Creation was to have a MIND with which to explore the “duality” of the Creation.  Duality simply meaning the positive and negative, or good and evil aspects of the Earth, or physical plane.  This is just a bit of background on Man that is not well known.

_______________________ Now, returning to the Mayan Calendar date of 12/21/2012, and September 11, 2010, and the book of Revelation in the Bible, all three refer to the exact overarching phenomena,  but the whole picture is viewed through special interests, and thus, the WHOLE of what’s happening is missed.

What signaled the shift from the Iron Age of Man to the new Golden Age of Man was the astrological event of 12/21/2012.  But prior to this event, the growing evil that accompanies the shift from the Iron Age to the Golden Age manifested in the event of 9/11/2010, in America.

Further coinciding with the End Times in the Bible, we have a rise in the Muslim terrorists seeking to put in place a take-over of the world. Some people can “see” this, and others, like President Obama [whose father was a Marxist Muslim] feels a certain perverted kinship with the Muslim cause.  So, his internal mental conflict results in a support of the Muslim cause, thus endangering America.  The fact he has several Muslim Brotherhood terrorists as part of his cabinet is overlooked by a nation that has been largely asleep for some 40 years.

World War III, the Bible states, will be centered along the River Euphrates, and at this moment thousands of ISIS terrorists are waging war along the Euphrates River.  This war, the Bible tells us will  eliminate 2.3 billion people.  40 times the number of people lost in World War II.

Iran is rushing its nuclear bomb to completion, and it vows to wipe Israel off the map.  And Israel is being abandoned by Obama [again due to his father’s hatred of Israel], and so the only way of protecting itself against the nuclear attack of Iran will be to nuke Iran first.

At the same time Obama is forcing departments and agencies of the government to not protect the borders of America, and many criminals and likely terrorists are crossing into the US.  And the Congress appears too frightened to protect the majority of Americans, while the minorities are being stired up by Obama to do what?  Require him to declare Marshal Law, just before the 2016 elections?

In any case, it just seems to me that Americans might want to inform themselves of what the news media refuses to “see” as Obama’s deliberate attempt to destroy America…. which may last a couple more years.

I would suggest interested readers seek out TheEndTimes with Irvin Baxter, and discover what is taking place as part of the Whole of the picture.


Brother James


Christianity and Eastern Mysticism

For many Christians, the phrase Eastern Mysticism refers to something they are told to avoid, deny and condemn… and my question was always…. why?

I don’t believe I am so different that there are not others like myself, who in the course of life have read various books which were popular and highly recommended by friends.

One such book for me was: Lao Tsu/TauTe Ching, by Feng, Gia-Fu, and Jane English.  Another was: The Only Dance There is, by Dass, Ram.  These were books I read while in College, and I understood them to the degree I was “meant” to understand… and this is where I would like to begin.  That is, how is it we all understand different things in different ways?

Or put another way, how is it we each seem to be naturally drawn to certain topics;  certain fields of study; and certain beliefs?  Is this just random chance?  I don’t believe it is, I believe each of us seems to have a pull toward certain areas that are of great interest to us.  And we also seem to somehow “know” things in these fields and when we read some word, term, symbol or concept relative to the field of interest, we quickly embrace whatever we see and can easily fill-in “understanding” of what has triggered our KNOWLEDGE: Which some of us [at least for a while] attribute to the word, term, symbol or concept to which we have been exposed.

The fallacy in our thinking should be readily apparent when others around us, having read the exact same thing that we read, haven’t a clue regarding what we have awakened to?  Are we just “smarter” than others… or is there something else at play?

And the answer to this question will divide people like waving a poisonous snake in  front of them.  The fact is, stored within the MIND of a person are memories of his or her past, and the KNOWLEDGE that is awakened Within oneself… is stored Knowledge being awakened by some external “trigger” [ some word, term, symbol, or concept].  And this natural process of remembering elements of the past is quickly labeled “superior intelligence” by certain people.  And people familiar with my writing are also familiar with the term Intelack, as in… Intelack personality type.

And the Intelack type person views spontaneous awakening to Knowledge from Within oneself  as “evidence” of a superior brain and intellectual ability.  And the Intelack “thinks” this because the Intelack is incapable of accessing his or her faculty of Intuition [which is an aspect of one’s Spiritual dimension].

You see, what divides we human beings is not the capacity of our brains, but is rather a more elusive element I refer to as:  Where does one’s Soul reside on the Ladder of Life?

Or put another way… How much prior experience does your Soul possess in a particular field of study, as opposed to the Souls of others?  And yes, I am talking about Reincarnation, or the fact that all Souls that find themselves on this Earth plane  have committed to the cycle of birth and death.  And now I will lose many readers who have been “taught” by people who have misinterpreted the Bible and the phrase that “Man is given one life to live”.

The Bible is, of course, quite correct.  It is not the Bible that is in error, it is the misinterpretation of this passage by Intelack people.  Each life on Earth a Soul experiences in a particular body is the ONLY life that particular body will experience.  This is absolutely correct.

And it is this very point that divides the East and the West. And this is sad in a way, but then, on the other hand, it is also a necessary part of how Souls grow and mature.  Life is filled with variety, difference, and different beliefs and experiences.  And yet, there is only one God, and every Soul is a particle of that one God.  It is we Souls, seeking to experience the whole of Life that cast ourselves into the various fields of experience available on Earth.

In the West, we emphasize the brain and thinking, whereas in much of the East, what is emphasized is Intuition, which is a Spiritual faculty that makes use of the Knowledge acquired by each Soul.

In the West, many people think of God… and few of them experience God.  In the East, those who believe in God do so by way of Empathy, of Empathetic Understanding, or Love [with the single exception of those who follow Islam].

In other words in the East, most religions [again, save that of Islam] have people who view life as purely physical, and Spirituality as personal, private, and more like what the Bible suggests when it quotes Christ  as saying: “Render unto Caesar  that which is Caesar’s, and unto God that which is God’s.”

A separation, in other words, where Spirituality is between ones Soul and God, and living on this Earth is a matter of what government one’s physical body is subject to?  In other words, each religion has its own path, story, beliefs, rituals and rhetoric.  But there is only one God.  And, it is the Purpose of Life for a Soul to explore and experience the WHOLE OF WHAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER.  In order to do this, a Soul must incarnate into various lifetimes, and use these to both grow in Knowledge, and in the Virtues of Life.

And, it is also quite OK for each person to believe whatever he or she wants to believe.  Except, it is not OK to believe that people who believe differently than oneself need to be killed.  This belief is pretty much confined to Islam, and this is what makes Islam the religion of Satan.


Brother James

Sheol, Hades and perhaps a way for ancients to explain the Astral Region of Existence?

In the Bible, and in other scriptures as well, the terms Sheol and Hades are used quite often. My question has always been this: What do these terms actually refer to?

How about you?  Have you also wondered about these terms?  I know there is substantial confusion about them, and what they “might’ refer to… but I could not make a clear connection as to the difference between Sheol and Hades until I read this morning a thoughtful piece entitled “Hell, Sheol, Hades, Paradise, and the Grave,” written by W. Edward Bedore, Th.D. [].

In his article, Dr. Bedore mentioned and quoted [Eph. 4:9] “unto the lower parts of the earth,”  and this made a connection for me regarding how people 2,000 years ago had no concept of the Astral and Causal regions of existence… just as many people today fail to comprehend these regions of existence.  The question is why would people today still be unfamiliar with the Astral and Causal regions of Creation?

And the answer is simple to some, and “unthinkable” to all, even in the year 2014.   That is, in Ecclesiastes 3:21, it states : Who knows whether the spirit of man goes upward and the spirit of the beast goes down into the earth?”

Or put another way… who among we human beings today are familiar with the concept of simultaneously existing and yet,  entirely separate vibrational dimensions of Reality?  Or that this overarching Reality of Life is reflected in the structure of Man?  And this is the reason the Bible speaks of Man as being created in the “image of God”.

Imagine, if you can, that the “Whole of Reality” is composed of four entirely separate vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical; which means three of these are Esoteric, or invisible to the brain and ones physical senses.

Man is created in the Image of God in that Man is composed of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, three of which comprise the Creation, and one of which is the Spiritual dimension of God.  And most people relate with [at least abstractly] the Earth or physical dimension, and that of the Spiritual dimension, or the concept of God.  The other two dimensions, that of the Astral dimension, and the Causal dimension,  essentially escape most people; and completely escape those people who live by their brains and thinking [or those people who suffer what I refer to as the malady of Intellectualism].

This subtle distinction between people is referred to in the Bible often, but specifically in Romans, 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good, and acceptable and perfect.”  This particular passage makes perfect sense to those familiar with Eastern mysticism.

A clue to the confusion of life is given in Luke 18:17, “Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.”

What in the world did Saint Luke mean by receiving the “kingdom of God” as a little child?  He meant, but did not say straight away, the intellectual is not unlike the rich man, in that both are so strongly attached to this Earth, that neither has time for the Spiritual practice required to rise above this domain of the MIND of Man.  And… this brings us to both the term Sheol, and that of Hell.

All of us can imagine that a really bad person would go to Hell [or what modern man imagines Hell to be]? What many do not realize is that Hell is just another name for Sheol, or Hades.  And these terms are not related to the phrase “Lake of Fire”.  In other words, the terms Sheol, Hades and Hell all refer to places that exist, but none of these can be perceived by, nor experienced by the physical brain, or ones physical senses.

In other words, the terms Sheol, Hades, and Hell are all referring to conditions of existence on the Astral region of Creation:  Or places of existence within the vibrational domain of the Astral Region of Creation, and all of this serves the Plan of God.  And what point is served to discuss [in any detail that Man, using his physical resources alone cannot comprehend] except that modern Man can use abstract terms to imagine that he understands what these abstract terms refer to?

For instance do you imagine you know what I mean when I use the terms God, Soul and MIND?  And yet, which reader has seen, experienced, or can clearly define what these terms refer to?

We “think” we know a great deal, until one is pressed to convey to another what one believes one “knows”.

1 Corinthians 2:14, “The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discovered.”

This means that no human being can awaken to the Truth that resides Within Man until that person is Enlightened enough to do so. No one can rise into Knowledge until that person can rise above the illusion that his or her MIND presents to him/her as reality.  And no one can discover Spiritual Truth via the brain or thinking… simply because Spiritual Reality exists in another dimension than this physical dimension.

Sheol [she’ohl] does exist, but how many are open to allowing the existence of realities they have been told do not exist, and told that searching for higher bits of Truth  is the “work of the devil”?

Love God with all ones heart, MIND and Soul, and if you do, fear nothing, as God is always Within you.


Brother James


A Basic Course in Reality

What I am about to share with the reader is not well known. And yet, it is really a basic fact of Life [capital “L” Life refers to that which is really going on behind what we think is taking place].


There is a Purpose for Life, and that Purpose is for each Soul to ascend the Ladder of Life.  To accomplish this, the Soul within each of us must engage in Karma. And the term Karma is a Sanskrit term that means “Action”.  So, every thought or action one takes creates Karma.  And all Karma is either good, or evil.  No  exception to this either-or process.  And every bit of Karma is accounted for by one’s MIND… and quite unknown to us is the fact that the same data stored within one’s MIND is also stored in what is called the Akashic Records; which can be thought of as a large book that is maintained on the Astral Region of Creation, and this Record is available to any Soul that is on the Astral Region of Creation.

And yes, this is perhaps difficult for most people to accept.  But it is true nonetheless.

So, within each of us [and attached to one’s Soul] is a MIND, which you  can research Here… if you are interested?  The MIND within each Soul is the local administer of ones Karma, or put another way… one’s MIND keeps a complete account of every thought and action one takes in ones life.  And, at the time of death, one’s Soul [with MIND attached] finds itself in its Astral body, and at some point, ones Astral body finds itself before a “judge,” so to speak.  Actually the judge does not “judge” you, or your Soul, but merely serves you in helping you evaluate your just completed lifetime in terms of how much positive Karma, or negative Karma you created?

The positive Karma is just stored within your MIND as bits of experiential truth. And the negative Karma is stored on MINDLines within your MIND, and these are held as Karmic obligations that you will have to clear in some lifetime.

If more positive than negative Karma was created, then one goes to some Heaven for rest and relaxation.  On the other hand, if more negative Karma was created, one must go to one of many different Hells, where one’s MIND “learns” the “cost” of engaging in certain negative Karma.  This re-education of ones MIND is quite effective, and occasionally, one  carries a bit of a phobia [or fear of something] into ones next lifetime.  Of course no memory of ones stay in either Heaven or Hell is part of ones physical [brain-level memory], at least not normally.  There are some children who do retain a bit of memory of a past lifetime, but this is mocked, and ridiculed by most adults, and these sensitive [often quite Enlightened] children soon “learn” to deny what they recall.  This is sad, but it is also the natural result of a culture than denies all reality other than what  a certain scripture tells them to believe.  This is the reason many who are Christian will not believe this fact of Life I am describing in this blog.

Now, I mention all this simply to lay a foundation for what I want to share next.

If you are working for the government, you took an oath to serve the Constitution of the United States of America.  An oath is an oath, and for a human being,  an oath is an Absolute commitment.  That is, the Law of Karma takes an oath quite seriously, and if you take an oath, your MIND will hold you to that oath in Karmic terms.

And today, this Oath one takes to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America creates a dilemma for some people.  That is, we have a President who is a Marxist [but denies this publicly] and whose father was a black Marxist Muslim, so our President is psychologically inclined to favor Muslims, and black people, over white Americans. And “O” [my reference to the President] also spent 20 years in the church of Reverend Wright, listening to “hate white America” rhetoric.   The result of this is a schizophrenic President.  One who acts like an American, but psychologically despises Americans, and non-consciously seeks to punish and ultimately destroy America, replacing it with a form of Communism.

So, if you work for the government, the Constitution demands that you do nothing  that is harmful to the nation, or to the citizens of America.  But, O is illegally not following the laws of the nation, but is continually skirting the law, and imposing his own ideas of what the government MUST DO.  And many of his demands upon those who work for the government are detrimental and quite harmful to the citizens of America.  And, government workers are therefore caught between serving O, and serving the citizens of America.

If this is the situation in which you find yourself, let me remind you that your first obligation is to the Oath you took, because to deny your Oath  is to create negative Karma for your own Soul.  And NOTHIN ON EARTH IS WORTH HARMING YOUR OWN SOUL.  To create negative Karma is to deny God, and this prevents you from fulfilling the Purpose of Life.  As Patrick Henry said:  Give me Liberty, or give me death.  Liberty is given to Man by God, and to allow any government to take that  from you, or to participate in harming American citizens,  is to deny  your Oath, and this means to deny God.

The President is not concerned with this, of course, because he is a Marxist, or someone who denies God.  My point is not about the President, but is focused on you and your Soul, and on whether you are climbing up the Ladder of Life, or descending down the Ladder of Life?  And this is a very serious point I am attempting to make. Please do not sacrifice your Soul to serve a despot who is intent upon punishing Americans in hopes of garnishing favor with his dead Muslim Marxist dad.

If you are a government employee, please do the right thing, and refuse to serve evil that is harmful to your fellow citizens.  In your own small way, become a patriot and try your best to put a clog [sabot or shoe] in O’s attempts to destroy America.  Get information to someone about the evil changes O is ordering the government to do.  Report supervisors  who are serving evil to outside sources.  Try to resist the evil that is flooding from the government today.  Remember, it is your Soul that is important.

And to the police of the nation, please do not serve evil by refusing to do what is right. Serve the citizens, and refuse to endanger them by allowing dangerous criminals to be released. Join with other law-enforcement agencies to resist evil and harmful practices ordered by a schizophrenic President.


Brother James

Let’s Tackle the Problem of Consciousness

Let us first look at the definition of Consciousness given to us from the Intelack crowd; Or people who use, and are confined to the brain and thinking as their means of understanding phenomena:

From Google dictionary: con·scious·ness
the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.
“she failed to regain consciousness and died two days later”
the awareness or perception of something by a person.
plural noun: consciousnesses
“her acute consciousness of Mike’s presence”
the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.
“consciousness emerges from the operations of the brain”

___________________________ Please note that there is no mention of the term Spiritual, or the Soul, or the Operational Energy of the Soul [which I refer to as “Apapsyche”]!  Nor is there any mention of the fact that the whole of Man consists of four entirely separate  vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical and thus, discernible by the brain and thinking.

So, we should not be surprised that the Google definition is what some Intelack “thinks” Consciousness MIGHT BE?  Supposition and speculation, in other words.

But, I also note the Google definition mentions the “mind”. I wonder what Google  says about the “mind”?

As I thought… a whole lot of words, and none of them describing the MIND.  The reason I use all capital letters for my use of  MIND  is to emphasize the fact that my use of MIND has nothing to do with the physical brain, which modern mental health misconstrues as the  same thing as  what they call “mind”.  “BS&bp,” or Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology,” or modern mental health, uses the terms brain and “mind” interchangeably… principally because they have no idea what the MIND is?  Oddly enough, after finishing this blog, the reader will know more about the MIND than 95% of all lisenced “mental health” practitioners today.

The fields of “psychology” and “mental health” today are like the Berlin Wall in that these fields maintain copious rules, regulation, tests, and constant monitoring not to improve what they do, but to insure that no one who might actually know about the Esoteric aspects of Man can gain entry to these fields.  To lock incompetency in, and prevent Consciousness from entering into these fields… which are controlled by Intelack class personalities.  Those Souls who fear the Light of Truth the most are quite often [and oddly enough] the most “intellectual” of people.

Your MIND, and it is spoken of singularly, although the MIND is actually a duality, consists of a Lower MIND [which is composed of the Astral region of Creation], and a Higher MIND [which is composed of the Causal Region of Creation].

I believe the Soul of Man is composed of the same Energy as that of God, and prior to we Souls being projected into the Creation, each Soul had a MIND attached to it– and I will explain the reason for this momentarily.  If you take the time to read the story of Genesis, Chapter 3, you will read an allegory of the taking on of the MIND by every Soul, prior to we Souls being projected into the Creation.

I spoke of the Energy of the Soul, which is the same Energy as that of God, and I believe that Energy is “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” or NSgy.  And NSgy is the primordial Energy of existence, which is, and shall always be an Absolute Energy… in that it cannot be other than it is.  NSgy is Truth, Spirituality,  Reality, and Wisdom [which of necessity] is the whole of Consciousness.  Now, this places Consciousness [or CONS for short] as a very precious commodity in existence.  And thus, any Soul that achieves Wisdom will automatically acquire God Realization, or a full Understanding of the “Word” which the Bible says was, and was “with God”.   When a Soul  has acquired full Consciousness, that  Soul  will have also achieved Wisdom, or full Knowledge of the Reality of God.  This then is God-realization, or the Soul becoming one with God.

But even if what I have written is true, which it is, there is a huge “gap” between the Soul with MIND attached entering the Creation,  and when that Soul achieves full Consciousness.  How is this Consciousness acquired?  This is the important question that the West, and certainly America, has failed to properly  answer.

What I am writing is not “false” scripture, it is filling in some Esoteric elements of what Christianity [and many other religions] have failed to comprehend, and have therefore just ignored. Many humans are smart, some even intellectually brilliant, but Spirituality is not a matter of intelligence.  In fact, throughout the Bible one is cautioned to not look to Man for ones Spiritual Evolution, but to look to God and his Saints [and contrary to what Christianity and other religions teach, there are and have been many Saints since the world began].  Not every religious person is a Saint, and therein lies the problem of who one is to believe?  If one will search for that teacher who teaches Love, forgiveness, and that there is but one God, for all Mankind [and teaches the method of seeking God via Love],  then one is on pretty sure ground.

We are, after 2,000 years plus, finally in the End Times, or awakening to Revelation of the Bible. The question is… what has happened during these 2,000 years to bring we Souls to the level of Consciousness REQUIRED TO BECOME ONE WITH GOD?  The fact is very few Souls have achieved a level of Consciousness REQUIRED to return to God.  And so, the Christians have Christ to whom they may turn, and may worship [because Christ is ONE WITH GOD].  Not every religious person is Spiritual, and great caution must be exercised by ones Soul.  In Revelation, it states very clearly that in the End Times, there will be many “false” prophets.  Indeed, it is stated that there will be one known as the False Prophet, who will front for the Anti-Christ, and that both of these [and their followers] will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

The story of the 1,000 year reign of Christ, following the battle of Armageddon, is not an allegory, it is a true story of what those Souls that have remained steadfast in their love of Christ can  expect to experience.  And those Jews who will accept Christ as their Messiah before the Battle of Armageddon, will also experience a thousand years with Christ.  But, what takes place after the 1,000 years is over?

There are not a great many who know the answer to this question?  If a person is capable of believing in the idea that there are many religious paths that parallel the primary path back to God, what all [well most] of these paths have in common is Love of God by one’s Soul. If your religious path condemns other religions, this is a sign that should cause you to question your religion.  If your religious path encourages you to kill those of other religions, this is a clear sign your path is of Satan, not God.

God is Love, Absolute Love.  And the peculiar thing with an Absolute is that it can never be other than what it is. Your Consciousness is not yours to develop, it is a responsibility that God took on when He projected your Soul into the Creation. All God asks of any Soul is Love.  Not love of Man, or of the things of the Earth, or the Creation, but of God.  And it is not God that NEEDS your Love, it is your Soul that needs this Love… because the only Energy that can meet God is Love.

If your Soul is not Pure Consciousness, or Pure Spiritual Knowledge, or Wisdom, it is not ready to meet God.  This point is of crucial importance, but it is barely mentioned in most religions.  And the reason is simple to comprehend. No Soul can experience that for which it is not “ready” to awaken. Bits of Truth are collected by the Apapsyche of each Soul over countless lifetimes.  This is only noticed when a person has achieved a considerable level of Consciousness [or bits of Truth which eventually add up to what we call Enlightenment].  And at a certain level of Enlightenment, a Soul ceases the constant cycle of birth and death.

This then is the reason we observe so few Enlightened people on Earth.  Each Soul, as soon as a sufficient amount of Consciousness is achieved, is relieved of the burden of birth and death, and will continue its journey back to God by slowly working its way up through the numerous planes of the Astral and Causal regions of Creation.

If we find ourselves on Earth, it simply means we are not as yet “ready” to move beyond the Earth. We have not engaged in, and reaped the result of enough Karma to enable us to accumulate the amount of Consciousness required to warrant not having to be born again on the Earth.  There is a Purpose for Life, but this Purpose is invisible to us… until our Souls are “ready” to “see” Reality.

Consciousness is the collective result of bits of Truth that each Soul is slowly acquiring via the process of birth and death, and “completing” Karma [action & reaction].  And this naturally requires multiple lifetimes over eons of time.  And no, you need not believe in this at all. The Reality of Life takes place regardless of whether one believes in it or not?  Just like death.  When the time for ones death arrives, one dies.

It is not meant for many to “know” the Reality of Life, because there is no reason to do so, UNTIL one’s Soul reaches a certain level of Consciousness. The job of ones Soul is to love God, and practice Acceptance, Patience, and forgiveness of oneself, in so far as one’s Soul can do this.  And to resist evil in the best way one can.

If this sounds too easy, it is.  We become entirely too tangled up in the illusion of life, and we forget that what happens on this physical plane is AN ILLUSION, that ONLY exists for we Souls to play in the game of Karma, which God provided us as a means of growth and to gain an understanding of what NSgy can be?

Peace is the natural result of raising ones focus from the Earth, to Within oneself and the Love that constantly resides Within oneself, which is God.


Brother James