The strangest paradox of Life [or the Reality of Life… that is taking place unknown to most people]… is the transformation of we Souls from perfectly Neutral, to Perfectly Knowledgeable.  And this transformation  is taking place as part of the Reality of Life, secretly presented to us via a giant PLAY, written and directed by God, expressly for His enjoyment and Discovery.  And… precious few people on Earth even know this is taking place?

Shakespeare no doubt somehow Intuitively became aware of this remarkable Reality, but found it difficult to explain in writing.  As do I… But I will do my best.

We begin with the fact that each Soul is completely composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  This is the primordial Energy of existence.  The Energy of the “Void,” in other words.  It is also the Energy of God, and it was the Energy of each Soul that entered the Creation when the Creation was ready to receive  Souls.

When we Souls  first entered the Creation, we Souls were the same Energy as that of God: Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  However, as NSgy, we Souls were Perfect, just as God is Perfect, but being composed of NSgy, we could not experience anything other than NSgy.  You see, NSgy is an Absolute Energy.  That is, it cannot be anything other than what it is… which is NEUTRAL SPIRITUAL ENERGY.

So, to enable we Souls to explore and experience the Creation [which was created], we Souls were each given a personal MIND, which was attached to each Soul.   The MIND was Created by God to serve we Souls by allowing us to use our MINDs to interact with the three dimensions of Creation:  The Causal region, the Astral region, and the physical dimension, or the region of the physical universe, which includes the Earth.

But being created, the MIND cannot perceive the NSgy of the Soul to which it is attached.  So, although one’s  Soul can use the MIND that was attached to it, the MIND cannot perceive the NSgy of the Soul. And what is crucial for the reader to “set” in awareness is the fact that his/her Soul is NSgy, or Neutral.  And since the MIND cannot perceive the Neutral Energy of the Soul, the MIND believes that it is the top of Creation… not the Soul.  And this subtly sets the battle between good [Soul] and evil [MIND] within each of us.

So, look around yourself, and each person you see is at some level of personal evolution… But, you cannot “see” the level of evolution of a person by simply looking at a person.  And all the physical attributes you possess; brain, eyes, ears, taste, feeling, are all part of your physical body, which is unable to perceive your MIND, which is… however… capable of feeding subtle thoughts to your brain which can cause your brain to think whatever your MIND wants your brain to think.  I refer to this phenomena as “Delusional Thinking,” or “D-Think,”  and D-Think  is part of a faculty of the MIND I refer to as the “DM=SI” [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity] .

Alas, modern mental health has no interest in the MIND of Man, since the MIND cannot be studied by the brain and thinking.  This means one must rise above ones natural fear of what is hidden Within one’s MIND, and be willing to let go of the illusion of being in “control” of ones life… long enough to discover one’s MIND.  And too, one’s Soul must be “ready” to awaken to the MIND as separate from itself… and, few are willing to do this.

In sharp contrast to what is presently the case.. proper psychotherapy can ONLY be taught  to people whose Souls are Enlightened enough to rise above the MIND. The ancient Greeks understood this, but since the early 1900s, this basic fact of life has been ignored by Intelack personalities [if interested, research here].

__________________ So, although we Souls came into this Creation as NSgy, which is Perfect Energy, we had no experience of anything other than Neutral. As soon as we Souls entered the “Created Creation,” our MINDs began to collect data via the Law of Karma, via a local administrator positioned within each MIND.

There are two type of Souls.  Those who wanted to leave God and experience something other than Perfect Harmony, Peace and Joy; and Souls that did not want to leave God at all.  Those Souls that did not want to leave God, but had to do so because God wanted all Souls to explore the Creation… to achieve Perfection, were “marked” and, if they wished to return Home, they could do so by “committing to life”.

“Committing to life” means committing to the cycle of birth and death, or what the Eastern mystics refer to as “awagawan,” or the coming and going in regions of matter. But allow me to quote Dr. Julian Johnson:  …”To gain the heavily kingdoms, to escape forever from the material worlds, the student must leave the walks of men and go where ethics have no meaning. He must transcend the field of ethics, for ethics has to do solely with human relationships.  In the regions of Light, where God is to be realized, there is no ethics, no right and no wrong – there is nothing but pure Love.”

Dr. Johnson is speaking in terms unfamiliar in the West, but what he writes has been Known to mystics since the beginning of time. Dr. Johnson goes on…”The idea is that when we become too closely bound up with matter, we descend to its level, much to our own injury”  Dr. Johnson is speaking of the ideal of “detachment” of course.  But detachment has nothing to do with the intellect, it has to do with ones Soul gaining mastery over ones MIND.  This is little discussed in America today.

The paradox is that although we Souls entered the Creation as Perfect Souls, in order to discover what “Perfect” means, we had to EXPERIENCE everything NSgy can be?  And to facilitate that discovery, God, in His genius, Created the Creation for all of us to discover who and what NSgy can be?


Brother James



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