What is wrong with Common Core? Well, let us get very honest… and very Real, and jump into an adult conversation regarding the Psychology of what lies behind Common Core?

A person who presented Common Core [but via a different label] was  Fredrick Engels, who presented  Dialectical Materialism,  which is Intellectualism for what became the basis for Marxist Communism.  Briefly, a denial of the Esoteric three-fourths of Man.

Common Core  is Marxist rhetoric in drag,  dressed up in enough Intellectualism to be hopefully acceptable to a nation that has lost its moral compass.  I maintain America has not lost its compass, but has merely misplaced it in a state of disbelief of what is going on in America today.

I speak of the Psychology of Common Core because it is the MOTIVATION behind CC that is [or should be] the interest of all Americans.   The question we must ask ourselves is this:  WHAT IS IT ABOUT CHILDREN THAT FRIGHTENS CERTAIN ADULTS?

And the answer to our question is this:   It is the enthusiastic spontaneity of young children and their natural creativity that is so frightening to certain adults.

These natural [and  I suggest to be encouraged] characteristics of children are not a part of the personality of a certain class of people.  This class of people are naturally drawn to, and feel at home with “Intellectualism”.  Let us post the dictionary definition of Intellectualism:

the exercise of the intellect at the expense of the emotions.
• Philosophy the theory that knowledge is wholly or mainly derived from pure reason; rationalism. [Dialectical Materialism].

“At the expense of the emotions”:  This means to normal people, a lack of emotionality in ones thinking, behavior, and thus, ways of viewing life. And this point is crucial to all human beings who believe in God, in that God is invisible and not “material”.  And let us stress here that the spontaneity of a child is pure emotionality.   The same is true for Creativity, imagination, honesty,  joy, and curiosity.

An example of Common Core [for those of us who are older] would be the German youth, in the 1930s,  taught my ‘rationalism” to report on their parents, if their parents held any negative thoughts regarding Hitler.  It was believed by certain German Intellectuals that children could be “taught” to ignore and deny the natural emotionality within themselves.

Denial of God, Spirituality, and the Esoteric three-fourths of Man are natural elements of Life to be eliminated by those people who push Common Core.  They do this due to a deep-seated Psychological [which means unknown to them] fear of that which they cannot control by physical means:  The spontaneity, creativity  and honesty of children, in other words.

Why should parents want their children to be punished for being normal, gifted, and filled with spontaneity and creativity?  Can you offer a plausible reason for doing so?

If not, then you need to join parents across the nation in an active  refusal of allowing this class of people pushing Common Core to impose Marxist Materialism on our children.


Brother James


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