Preparing for what’s Coming…

If you are aware of what is referred to as the “End Times,”  then you are well ahead of most people. What you may not fully realize is that the phrase “End Times” refers to much more than what  we can see and think about.  We only “see” the “symptoms” of the End Times as they manifest in physical events.  We do not “see” what is causing those events to take place, because the CAUSAL FACTORS are invisible.

There is a cause and effect process in play, but most people are only aware of the event part of the process, and they entirely overlook the “causal” part of the process.

The nature of this physical plane is for people to become so involved in the physical or intellectual details of “life” that they  tend to forget to ask questions like: Who am I? Why am I here? And is there a Purpose to life?  These questions are crucial, and yet, they are rarely asked [due to fear of appearing foolish].  Therefore, these questions are seldom answered.  And science likes it this way because science can’t answer these questions.

The fact is, the answers to such questions requires one to pursue the invisible in Life.  And those capable of pursuing the invisible in life [psychics, Saints, prophets, and Enlightened people], are routinely castigated by those who are unable to do so [scientists, and people who are confined to use of their brains for understanding the illusion of life, or the Intelack class personality].  Research Intelack here.

Did I mention there is an illusion of life and a Reality of Life?  Well, the illusion of life is what we can see and think about using our brains.  And the Reality of Life must be Intuited via ones faculty of Intuition,  since the Reality of Life is invisible to the brain and physical senses.

That which determines whether or not a person is able to make use of his/her Intuition is the level of maturation of his/her Soul.  Or described differently, where on the Ladder of Life, ones Soul is perched?   And, it is the rare individual who realizes that we Souls are involved in a process of maturation? And dare we mention the notion of Reincarnation? Perhaps that is going a bit too far?

In America, we have a tradition of Christianity [which is a valid story, but fails to point out the fact it’s story  parallels that of Reality],  and therefore, Christianity differs in some respects with Reality.  In other words, the End Times is a fact in both Christianity and Reality, but what Christians [and Jews] experience is somewhat different from what other religions [or Spiritual paths] experience?  You must read your own religion or Spiritual Path for specific details…

___________ Be that as it may be… the disposition of we Souls is based on a higher truth than allegory,  speculation, or religious interpretation.   The basic Law of Karma rules over all Souls, and it is the Law of Karma that determines the disposition of all Souls in the End Times. Even the Christians must pay heed to the admonition of the Bible if they hope to do well in the End Times  in which we currently find ourselves.

What many people fail to do is to take the admonitions in the Bible [or other scriptures] seriously.  That is, people tend to “think” the admonitions are “suggestions”.  They are not suggestions, they are COMMANDS.  And one either is in line with these commands, or one is engaging in evil.  No exceptions in this, I’m afraid.

Evil is almost like air on the Earth, and almost as invisible. The sad fact is, one cannot “see” evil until one has [in some previous lifetime] engaged in some specific bit of evil and then suffered the re-education of Hell for that bit of evil.  This “process” certainly teaches ones Soul about a particular evil, but this KNOWLEDGE is for ones own Soul.  And it is not always applicable to other forms of evil, so that one must engage in another type of evil, and then suffer the re-education process to build the CONSCIENCE necessary to resist that bit of evil in future lifetimes.  The Consciousness spoken of in philosophy is, I believe, a collection of the Virtues of Life. I refer to these as CDKA&EU: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, and for short, I use the  symbol “C’etc” [research here] .  This maturation process by which one’s Soul learns these Virtues is very slow, and very painful. But once “learned,”  the “lesson”  is not forgotten.  It is not possible to become Enlightened and not have made many trips to various Hells  over many lifetimes.

We are not taught in America today to pay proper respect to Enlightened people, and this is a loss for all of us.  The only way to become Enlightened is to have spent time in the re-educational process of the many Hells on the Astral region of Creation. So, when an Enlightened person speaks, we should listen.  Well, the wise do listen.

The intellect is a fun thing… but it knows nothing of one’s Soul, nor is one’s MIND [attached to one’s Soul]  likely to encourage one to avoid the desires of the MIND.  Only “experience” can teach one to be wary of the MIND and its desires of Greed, Envy and its need to control everything.

I would offer this advice to all:  If you are unsure whether something is evil or not, assume it is evil and avoid it.  No “goodie” in life is worth taking a chance on going to Hell, and missing the Resurrection in this End Time…. because one may have to wait a very long time for the next End Times to come around. Many thousands of years, in fact.


Brother James


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