This is the Introduction to my Autobiography, and it may be interesting to some?


It is said, often in jest, that each person has his or her 15 minutes of fame. And it does often appear this way. At least certain people seem to be admired and famous for a while, then the glamor wears thin as the short attention spans of people find a new person to admire.
Most human beings are fickle, shallow, and more frightened that hardly anyone realizes.
And… the universal problem is that virtually no one realizes that what he or she fears is the “unknown” in life. And what is the “unknown” everyone fears? Amazingly, what we fear is who and what we really are! That is, what everyone with sight can see is that which is looking back at oneself in the mirror. And what we see in the mirror comprises one-fourth of who and what we are [1/4 of oneself is visible].
In other words, the whole human being consists of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical, tangible and thus, visible to us. The other three are: Two dimensions of the MIND [Lower and Higher dimensions of the MIND], and ones Spiritual dimension, all three of these are invisible.
Or thought to be invisible by those to whom these Esoteric [or invisible dimensions] are not capable of being [experienced]. And this means that in the illusion of life [as opposed to the Reality of Life], most people “think” that what they can see and think about is all there is to life.
But the “life” most people think is real, is in fact composed of phenomena that are all created, and none of which is permanent, or Real in an absolute sense. I refer to what the brain can see and think about as the “illusion of life,” and nothing in the illusion of life is real in an Absolute sense.
_________ Which is why no one can take anything to which one is attached on this Earth into Heaven. The actual, tangible things must be left behind, and ones attachments to these things [which are emotional attachments] are stored Within ones MIND, and they serve as weights that keep ones Soul tied to the cycle of birth and death. As long as a person remains attached to the things of mammon, one is not “ready” to leave the cycle of birth and death — although, what I am saying as regards the cycle of “birth and death” is not part of Christian scriptures as presently interpreted. And the Christian “story” is just one of many religious stories relating to and followed by the various cultures on Earth.
The ultimate Reality is nothing but Spirituality, and only those Souls that have achieved Perfection [have been able to rise above the MIND] enter the Spiritual dimension. So, there are three general areas in which everything is taking place.
1. The physical dimension, or the illusion of life, which is as far as the curiosity of the Intelack individual goes,
2. The Astral/Causal regions [where the Heavens and Hells exist], and every Soul spends time between births, and
3. The Spiritual dimension where only that which is Perfect “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” can exist. NSgy is the primordial Energy of existence, which is the Energy of God, and we Souls. The only Energy in the Spiritual dimension is absolutely pure Energy. Reality, as an Absolute, in other words.
So, the Esoteric energies of the MIND [the Causal and Astral regions of Creation] are unknown to those people who are not as yet Enlightened, or whose Souls have not as yet been able to rise above their attached MINDs.
Relatively unknown in the West is the fact that when we Souls first entered the Creation, each Soul had to take on a MIND, and it was the role of the MIND to facilitate the exploration and experiencing of Creation by every Soul… if a Soul desired to “commit to life”.
The Bible creates the story of the Garden of Eden, the snake, and the tree of knowledge to provide an analogy for the Soul having to take on a personal MIND.
The Eastern mystics explain the event in a somewhat different way, and the mystical story began prior to the development of the Sanskrit language, which dates to around 4,500 years ago.
The mystics explain that since the Soul is composed of pure Spiritual Energy, it could know neither good nor evil on its own. So, the MIND was Created by God to provide the Soul the ability to experience both good and evil.
And the individual MIND that is attached to each Soul remains with that Soul throughout its exploration of Creation. Another fairly important point to the “whole” story is that some Souls did not want to leave God, and some Souls wanted to leave God and explore on their own.
So, according to the mystics, what God did was to “mark” those Souls that did not want to leave God, and anytime these Souls wanted to begin their journey back Home, they could do so by committing to “life,” which means the cycle of birth and death, overseen by the Law of Karma, and incorporated into Reincarnation.
This commitment to “life” was open to the unmarked Souls as well, and so, we have both types of Souls on Earth today. And in the last year, I have differentiated these two types of Souls by referring to one class as the Intelack class of Souls, and the other class as the Enlightened class of Souls.
And, there are numberless Souls on the Causal and Astral regions of Creation who are quite content living on these regions, and they may remain there for as long as they desire.
So, on Earth we have those Souls who were marked by God [in the Bible these Souls are referred to as having their names written in the book of the lamb], and we have Souls that have no particular desire to return to God. I hesitate to suggest these Souls might be referred to as “sons of Satan” in the Bible… But I am unsure on this point?
In any case, those Souls who are engaged in attempting to work their way back to God, I refer to as Enlightened Souls. And those Souls whose primary goal is to explore and experience everything the Creation has to offer, I refer to these Souls as Intelack class Souls. Or Souls whose primary reason for being on Earth is to “play” and enjoy the full range of what’s possible. Needless to say, perhaps, the Intelack class Soul is operated by the MIND, and the primary desires of the MIND are Greed, Envy, and an insatiable desire to control everyone and everything.
So, interwoven into this autobiography are the two different types of Souls on Earth, as I have experienced these during the last 79 years of my life. And I will attempt to provide the reader with a psychological perspective of each type as one or the other type enters the book as people I have known, worked with, studied with, loved, married, and had difficulty with.
Generally speaking, I will describe an event, and the people in the event, and then I will briefly describe the [more important invisible] dynamics at work Within people that cause them to think as they do, and to act as they do [when applicable].
The term Within, in bold and italics, refers to phenomena taking place inside of people that the brain cannot perceive. But unlike what many people do… I do not like to ignore the whole of Life. So, in this book we address both the seen and the unseen; the known and the unknown.
Again, my only “fame,” if indeed it is ever noticed by a large number of people, will be noticed long after I am gone. The only way in which I am unusual, gifted, talented, or extraordinary is how much I know about the MIND and how it operates as part of the Psychology of Man. I labeled this study “Esochology” some years ago.
And Knowing a great deal about that which others fear is hardly something people will applaud, nor be much interested in. So, after 30+ years, I am used to remaining quiet, even with my family.
I offer bits and pieces on Twitter, and I write my books [which do not sell] because this is the only way I can contribute to the welfare of mankind. So, if you are reading this, you are unusual, and most likely an Enlightened individual: Congratulations!

Brother James


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