The “issue” of Non-conscious fears…

If much of ones fear is repressed, that is, held within ones MIND and hidden from ones conscious awareness [which they are], how does one overcome a fear one does not know one has?  And let me begin by sharing some  sage advice from a very knowledgeable person:

“Let us understand this crucial question.  How to destroy evil desires?  It can never be done by negation.  And yet negation is the method employed by 99 percent of the human race, by parents, by teachers, by reformers, by the courts.  They all forbid things…” Dr. Julian Johnson, from his book:  The Path of the Masters,  here.

Once a person is able to “learn” that there are two basically different types of people on Earth, and that one type [the Intelack type]

Short of experiencing the subtle and invisible energy that creates a particular fear, I know of no other way to erase, remove, or eliminate a deeply repressed fear.



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