More about Common Core…

B. Have you ever wondered what causes the Liberal/Democrat/Intelack politician to ceaselessly need more and more money to waste on projects that always diminish the freedoms of citizens?
Well, the answer is that the MIND of the Intelack type person lacks C’etc, which means lacks Spiritual evolution, which means has very little Discretion, or means by which to push back against the endless fears of the MIND. And these fears [operating Within the Intelack type personality] cause a need to control everyone and everything in life so that that normal people are as confined in their lives, and fearful of all symbols of truth, freedom and Spiritual as the Intelack is.
You see, any Soul that has not acquired much C’etc is more vulnerable to the repressed fears of the MIND, which includes an active fear of the UNKNOWN [that is, the Spirituality Within themselves].
So, for the Intelack politician this means using other people’s money [taxes] to create governmental bureaucracies that impose more and more control over people. To further control and reduce people’s freedoms, in other words. What all Marxists share in common is an intense [albeit non-conscious] fear of Truth, or Intuition… which is Spiritual in nature].
Intelack teachers do the same thing regarding what they teach [or refuse to teach] children. The Marxist ideas that condemn free enterprise and Capitalism for example, and cause the Intelack to accuse these systems as being oppressive, are seen as negative because this is the nature of the repressed energy their MINDs are “venting” of the negative energy generated Within them as a consequence of their  fear of freedom and spontaneity. These systems are not oppressive, of course, but because they allow the maximum freedom to people, the Marxist teacher [all Marxists are Intelack class people] fears such freedoms, and seeks to control Enlightened people by implementing Socialist and Communistic ideas simply to reduce their own anxiety [this psychological “need” for “control” that drives their thoughts and actions is unknown to them, of course].
The latest scourge of education is Common Core, which is an attempt by Intelack people to attack both Intuition and Creativity in children. Once again, these Intelack people fear the spontaneity and freedom that is perfectly normal in most children.  So, what drives those pushing Common Core is fear, not their rationalization of “helping” children.


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