There is a basic difference between male and female that is both mysterious, and important. And oddly, this difference is of crucial importance on Earth, but it is of little consequence on the higher dimensions of Creation.  I mention this merely for information, you may believe this or not?

As a child, I noticed that my mother and father were not very happy.  And yet, my grand mother seemed to be happy every time I saw her, which was several times a day.  The reason for this was that my mother, father, and myself lived in a shack in the back yard  of my Grandmother’s big rooming house, in San Diego, California.  This was in 1938, and I was three years old, and this was during the end of the depression, which was just beginning to reach San Diego.

I mention the above only to suggest something of the time in which I grew up, and to suggest that I was raised in a very difficult time in America.  But, as I look back on that time, I realize I had no idea that we were poor, or that being a good human being had anything to do with money.

Children, especially very young children,  are much more attuned to the emotion of life than are adults.  An Adult might be defined as a child who has lost most if not all of the emotionality of life, and who no longer engages in, or has time for the mystery of life.  I’m afraid this is rather normal in this Age of Man.

I  can’t know whether you are open or closed to the idea of a person having a “fate Karma,” ?  But, I will assume you are open to new concepts.  I am 79 years of age, and I have studied Eastern Mysticism for over 40 years, and I have meditated for about 2 hours every day for the last 40 years.  I mention this because it helps to explain what I’m about to discuss regarding human emotion.

You are no doubt aware that we have both the term “feeling” and the term “emotion”.  But, do you realize these are two very different terms, and they stand for very different things?  Roughly speaking, a feeling is a misleading idea, one  of various “feelings”  stored within ones brain.   And a feeling is “safe” to acknowledge because it does not expose the emotion for which it serves as an intellectual  substitute.

For example, when someone  close to us dies, a conscious person experiences a great deal of “grief”.  But when one is experiencing grief, one is not aware of anyone or anything other than one’s grief.  And the reason for this is that grief is an emotion… and ones emotions are not ideas, they are literal parts of oneself, or elements of energy that are parts of one’s MIND.  And one’s MIND is not physical, tangible, or capable of being perceived by ones brain.  So, during the grief process [experiencing of grief], ones “Attn Aspect of Apapsyche” is in another dimension of one Whole.  The name of that dimension is the MIND dimension, and it is not part of ones physical body.

The Whole Human Being, or WHB, is composed of a physical body [includes ones body, brain, thinking, and its own memory];  a lower MIND, which includes ones Astral body and all the repressed emotions [traumata] that one  has experienced since ones birth; a higher MIND, which is too complicated to explain in this blog; and finally,  ones Spiritual dimension, which includes ones Soul, and the Operational Energy of ones Soul which I refer to as the “Apapsyche”.

Rene Descartes, the philosopher, said:  “I think, therefore I am.”  And for him, this was sufficient to explain his Conscious Awareness, or his sense of being. But, he was easily satisfied, and resisted letting go of thinking long enough to leave his body and experience the higher dimensions of himself.  There is a whole class of people like Descartes, and I refer to this class of people as Intelack type people.

And an Intelack type person can be a male or a female, and what determines whether one is Intelack or not is where, on the Ladder of Life, one’s Soul is perched?  And to pursue this, takes a book.

My point is this… Women tend to retain their emotionality of childhood more than men  because of the menstrual cycle of the female.  That is, after 12, or 13, a female has a monthly menstrual cycle which is operated by the MIND of the female, and this means the menstrual cycle is part of the emotional complex of the female. So, each month, the female is put in touch with her emotionality, whether she wants to be or not?  This is what enables a mother to be a mother in the normal female.

There are, of course, some females whose psychological structure includes some deeply repressed elements [misperceptions taken on by the female in early childhood] which interfere in, or may even preclude this normal female access to emotionality.  Any number of “problems” arise out of this conflict of the MIND of some females [including those who are vulnerable to lesbianism].  The male counterpart to this would be the male who is vulnerable to grooming by adult homosexuals.  Again, this “vulnerability” is due to deeply repressed conflicts within the MINDs of some people… Plus a conflict that specifically involves  a conflicted sense of ones own sexuality.  This occurs when the MIND [not the brain] of a baby takes-in conflicted emotionality from one or both parents.

Unfortunately, in the early 1900s, the field of Psychology [due to B. F. Skinner & a group of Intelack scientists] began to allow the delusional beliefs of Skinner to begin to influence the field of Psychology.  Over time, the Esoteric dimensions of Man [three-fourths of the Whole of Man]  have been largely denied, ignored, and almost forgotten.

The result in America was an accelerated rise in the evil desires of the MIND, as more and more people [who were naturally Enlightened] were forced by education to abandon their gifts of Intuition, and confine themselves to the brain and thinking only.  As the limited awareness of the Intelack class became the norm of America, the greed, envy and tendency to favor corruption over honor began to infect the entire nation.

So, if America cannot re-discover its emotionality, and with this lack of fear of the emotionality within themselves,  their love of God, then the nation is quite likely finished.  God, like ones emotionality is invisible, and cannot be perceived by the brain.  To touch God, and ones own emotionality, one must not be afraid to let go of thinking, and instead… EMBRACE the Unknown of Spirituality.


Brother James



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