A Bit about Hell….

This material is copied from the book: The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson. I know that Dr. Johnson would not mind my sharing his work with others, since he was a very honest and generous person in life.

This book is available in most libraries, or if you would like to purchase this book for your own home, this is the address you can use:

Mr. Hank Muller

P.O. Box 1847, Tomball, TX 77377

6.  What Happens After Death


“After a person dies, he or she is taken by the messengers of death to the subtle regions where Dharam Ria, ‘the righteous judge,’ sits enthroned to judge every individual according to his deserts.

In the Christian lands these messengers of death are very appropriately called the Angels of Death or the Dark Angels, for dark indeed they are, but in India they are called Yama Dutas or the messengers of Yama, the king of the dead. This judge is always in court to take care of all comers – no long waiting, sitting in some jail cell.

No one ever questions the judgment.  No comment is made, no long-winded oratory for the defense, no pretended righteous condemnation of the prosecution. The prisoner himself makes no complaint and asks no favors.  He knows he is getting justice and consents to the judgment.  He is then taken to the region or condition where he has earned his residence, be that good or bad.  He remains there for a fixed time according to the judgment just rendered and handed down to him.  After that period has expired, he is returned to this world or some other world to begin a new life. This is the routine procedure. He may enjoy a rest in some heaven or paradise, some pleasant country, perhaps many times more beautiful and delightful than any portion of this world. There he may remain for one year, a thousand,or a million years, all depending upon his karma.  The higher he goes, the longer the period of his residence there.

But if one’s life has been of a lower order, he may be taken to some purgatory or reformatory, often called a hell — there to endure the punishment earned by him during his lifetime.  If his life has been one of gross misdeeds, of cruelty and greed, or murder and robbery, or slander and debauchery, he cannot escape the legitimate results.  He must meet the appropriate punishments. But there is one feature about all such punishment that must be understood — they are remedial and not vindictive.  They are intended for his good, to produce a reformation of character.  And they are  not eternal. But the law is inexorable;  each one must get just what he has earned and just what is needed to impress upon his inmost consciousness that ‘crime does not pay’.

…The problem must be met and rationally solved.  Facts are facts, no matter whether they are agreeable or not.  We must face them.  And the Masters know the proper solution.  They know that all souls meet in the next life exactly what they have earned, and there they must face their karmic debts and pay them.  If they have filled their minds with evil, that dvl must be eradicated in some way.  Infinite love holds onto the erring one and takes measures to reform him, to purify his mind and bring him up to a higher plane. How else can it be done if not by a course of remedial and disciplinary punishment and training?  But when his period of training and discipline is over, he is free to work his way to higher planes and better conditions.  Having been duly impressed with the evil nature of his former conduct, he will not readily return to it.”


There is much more to the story as given to us by Dr. Johnson, but I will leave that to each reader to seek out, or ignore?   Dr. Johnson was a highly Enlightened individual, and his narrative is based on the personal Knowledge of a Master,  and other highly evolved Souls with whom he lived for many years.   There are several important elements of Reality that Christianity just doesn’t address, and this is only important to a person whose Soul has elevated itself beyond where the various religions of the Earth plane operate.

As I say, there is much more to the Spiritual Reality of Life [or the Purpose of Life as designed by God] than what most religions are prepared to discuss.  My point in sharing this story about what happens when one dies, is simply for those open to this concept.


Brother James


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