What America Does Not Know… Is What Obama Does Not Know About Himself?

Or, put another way:  The conflicts that an increasing number of Americans are  having with  the actions and decisions being made by President Obama are due to a great many confusing [and harmful] actions for Americans that the MIND of Obama is carrying out — While at the same time… what is being carried out by Obama [due to his MIND]  is not at all part of the conscious awareness of Obama. —-Obama literally believes that what he is doing is “helpful” to America.  And [as hard for you to believe… as it most probably is] Obama is prevented from “seeing” or “realizing” the destructive nature of his thoughts or actions.

That is… as far as Obama is concerned [that is, what his brain is processing]… tells him that what he is doing is the best he can do for America!  And those in his “inner circle” are supporting his “Delusional Thinking” by Delusional Thinking of their own, provided to them by their own MINDs — due to the peculiar nature of their own Psychology, which in most respects will repress childhood misperceptions similar to that  of Obama, and will cause them to be Intelack class personalities like that of Obama.


But, before we go any further… we, you and I must come to an understanding that may be difficult for many of you to accept?  And the reason that what I have said thus far, and  what I will continue to point out  is confusing to the reader… is that the NATURAL NATURE OF THE MIND AND ITS [SECRET AND INVISIBLE]  operations… are not known by hardly anyone today, because modern mental health has been in denial of the MIND of Man for over a century.  And those in denial of the MIND unfortunately [and unknowingly] fear what they do not comprehend.

The only people in the field of Psychology who are aware of what I am taking about regarding the MIND, are very few indeed.  And those who are aware that Man has a MIND  [that is not the physical brain], and that the MIND can and does cause the brain to think certain thoughts [depending upon how conflicted the MIND of a person is] are older people like myself who have studied the whole of Man… and not just the “behavioral dribble” currently dominating mental health in America. If interested, research Here.

So, when I say that President Obama “thinks” what he is doing is “helpful” for America, he really does “think and believe” this.  The problem is, what he thinks is Delusional, or provided to  his brain by a MIND that has a great many negative and harmful agendas running WITHIN itself. AND THE PROBLEM HE HAS… AND THUS, WE HAVE… is that he is not consciously aware of what his MIND is causing him to pursue.  That is, he is not aware of the Truth of what he is doing… His brain is constantly being fed Delusional Thinking by his MIND that causes him to “see” what he is doing as “good” for America.


For example, even a poor student of the Constitution would be aware that to ignore or personally countermand  a law is illegal.  Obama claims to have taught the Constitution, so it is clear that his MIND compartmentalizes what he learned… and holds it as separate and apart when it comes to what he must do to fulfill the agenda of his MIND.  So his thoughts and actions are not “seen” as illegal by him, but are rationalized to his brain by his MIND, making his actions seem to him quite lawful [or at least justified].  This of course is quite insane.  To maintain this insanity, his MIND insists that he use a teleprompter and carefully follow the script as written.



It is, of course, difficult for normal people to accept that there are people all around them who are operating in ways that [if they could do otherwise, they would do so].  For example, people who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, over-eating, self-mutilating behavior,  crime, prostitution, sexual perversion —  or are driven to impose their Utopian dream upon mankind… are all being driven by their MINDs:  As deeply repressed misperceptions [traumata from childhood] held Within their MINDs are being played out [vented] by their physical activities.

Modern “psychology” thinks no further than the term “addiction”. With the term addiction and that of “habit” they find  it is easier and “safer”  to “think” that addiction has to do with some physical “habit”   a person just needs to stop engaging in.  Since the actual driving force behind the addiction IS ALWAYS SOME REPRESSED MISPERCEPTION HELD WITHIN A PERSON’S MIND…. [And since those in “psychology” today fear  the MIND because it is not physical, and thus not CONTROLLABLE by the brain].  Such people therefore assume that all addiction is due to the substance being used, and the substance   is blamed for the addiction, and the addiction is hinted at as being a “medical problem”.  Which explains the rise in and growing dependence upon drugs.

Note that Personal Responsibility has no place in modern mental health.  By dropping the MIND of Man from the equation, people confined to Intellectualism just jump to conclude that every problem lies OUTSIDE OF ONESELF.  So, Americans look to themselves and wonder what it is they are doing to make Obama do what he is doing… since the CAUSE OF HIS ACTIONS CERTAINLY COULD NOT BE COMING FROM WITHIN HIM, RIGHT?

And if this strikes the reader as an insane suggestion, the reason my suggestion seems bizarre is that most Americans know precious little about the MIND of Man, or the Esoteric Operations of the MIND of Man, or what causes a person to act out Delusional Thinking?

At age three, Obama’s father [a Muslim Marxist who was killed in Africa while engaged in trying to instigate a Communist revolution], left Obama for Communism.  This set upon the MIND of the child Obama the clear realization that his father preferred Communism to his son.  In Obama’s family there was talk of “Colonialism,” and how the white people of England and America were invading countries to enslave  people.

Obama was raised in a family of Socialists and Communists.  His first tutor was the Communist Frank Marshall Davis.  His Grandparents were Communists. And by his own admission in his book, Obama says he prefers the company of Communists.  And , the Czars Obama slipped into the Government in the dark of night… are  all Marist type personalities.

Then we have Obama spending 20 years in the church of Reverend Wright, listening to hate of White American “devils” who are holding the black man down.  And Obama says of this indoctrination, he never noticed Reverend Wright speaking derogatorily of Americans.  This means Obama is lying, or what  Reverend Wright said “fit” what Obama’s MIND already believed.

So, my point is this… Within the MIND of Obama are several agendas based on a desire to fulfill the agenda of his father, which included a hatred of White people, of Jews, of the English, and of all forms of power other than Communism. And since his father was a Muslim, then of course the Muslim people are OK.  And “think” of this as absolutes of a child who seeks to please his father, so as to win his father’s acceptance [and all of this is entirely delusional desires of the child — locked into an age of three], and  all of this is deeply repressed Within the MIND of  Obama.  And none of this is part of the conscious awareness of Obama.

And the MIND of Obama automatically blocks any awareness of this deeply repressed traumata, the pain of which is entirely submerged from his awareness.  To the point that Obama is operationally a sociopathic personality, substantially cut-off from the repressed pain of his childhood.  But every thought, idea, and action of Obama is “colored” by the secret agendas hidden within his MIND.  And this means that the MIND of Obama is insidiously clever in how it uses his intellect to work  its secret agenda  into the many different Marxist ideas Obama is forcing upon America.  The Executive Order is perfect for the abuse of someone like Obama.  And with a Senate composed of Marxist personalities, or Democrats, Obama is very close to achieving his secret agendas.

And, as is the case with every Intelack type personality, Obama really believes that what he is orchestrating for America is for the “good” of America.  And his MIND is not open to the consequences of his actions.  Indeed, he has no interest in consequences.  His goal is to seek revenge for his Marxist, Muslim father by completing his father’s work:  Imposing a Communist take-over of America by any means necessary. Obama has no conscious awareness that he hates much of America, and that he secretly desires to cause pain and suffering to all Americans, simply because they follow Capitalism and are Spiritual.

God save America, because it may not be able to save itself.


Brother James


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