The Greatest Paradox in Life…

The strangest paradox of Life [or the Reality of Life… that is taking place unknown to most people]… is the transformation of we Souls from perfectly Neutral, to Perfectly Knowledgeable.  And this transformation  is taking place as part of the Reality of Life, secretly presented to us via a giant PLAY, written and directed by God, expressly for His enjoyment and Discovery.  And… precious few people on Earth even know this is taking place?

Shakespeare no doubt somehow Intuitively became aware of this remarkable Reality, but found it difficult to explain in writing.  As do I… But I will do my best.

We begin with the fact that each Soul is completely composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  This is the primordial Energy of existence.  The Energy of the “Void,” in other words.  It is also the Energy of God, and it was the Energy of each Soul that entered the Creation when the Creation was ready to receive  Souls.

When we Souls  first entered the Creation, we Souls were the same Energy as that of God: Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  However, as NSgy, we Souls were Perfect, just as God is Perfect, but being composed of NSgy, we could not experience anything other than NSgy.  You see, NSgy is an Absolute Energy.  That is, it cannot be anything other than what it is… which is NEUTRAL SPIRITUAL ENERGY.

So, to enable we Souls to explore and experience the Creation [which was created], we Souls were each given a personal MIND, which was attached to each Soul.   The MIND was Created by God to serve we Souls by allowing us to use our MINDs to interact with the three dimensions of Creation:  The Causal region, the Astral region, and the physical dimension, or the region of the physical universe, which includes the Earth.

But being created, the MIND cannot perceive the NSgy of the Soul to which it is attached.  So, although one’s  Soul can use the MIND that was attached to it, the MIND cannot perceive the NSgy of the Soul. And what is crucial for the reader to “set” in awareness is the fact that his/her Soul is NSgy, or Neutral.  And since the MIND cannot perceive the Neutral Energy of the Soul, the MIND believes that it is the top of Creation… not the Soul.  And this subtly sets the battle between good [Soul] and evil [MIND] within each of us.

So, look around yourself, and each person you see is at some level of personal evolution… But, you cannot “see” the level of evolution of a person by simply looking at a person.  And all the physical attributes you possess; brain, eyes, ears, taste, feeling, are all part of your physical body, which is unable to perceive your MIND, which is… however… capable of feeding subtle thoughts to your brain which can cause your brain to think whatever your MIND wants your brain to think.  I refer to this phenomena as “Delusional Thinking,” or “D-Think,”  and D-Think  is part of a faculty of the MIND I refer to as the “DM=SI” [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity] .

Alas, modern mental health has no interest in the MIND of Man, since the MIND cannot be studied by the brain and thinking.  This means one must rise above ones natural fear of what is hidden Within one’s MIND, and be willing to let go of the illusion of being in “control” of ones life… long enough to discover one’s MIND.  And too, one’s Soul must be “ready” to awaken to the MIND as separate from itself… and, few are willing to do this.

In sharp contrast to what is presently the case.. proper psychotherapy can ONLY be taught  to people whose Souls are Enlightened enough to rise above the MIND. The ancient Greeks understood this, but since the early 1900s, this basic fact of life has been ignored by Intelack personalities [if interested, research here].

__________________ So, although we Souls came into this Creation as NSgy, which is Perfect Energy, we had no experience of anything other than Neutral. As soon as we Souls entered the “Created Creation,” our MINDs began to collect data via the Law of Karma, via a local administrator positioned within each MIND.

There are two type of Souls.  Those who wanted to leave God and experience something other than Perfect Harmony, Peace and Joy; and Souls that did not want to leave God at all.  Those Souls that did not want to leave God, but had to do so because God wanted all Souls to explore the Creation… to achieve Perfection, were “marked” and, if they wished to return Home, they could do so by “committing to life”.

“Committing to life” means committing to the cycle of birth and death, or what the Eastern mystics refer to as “awagawan,” or the coming and going in regions of matter. But allow me to quote Dr. Julian Johnson:  …”To gain the heavily kingdoms, to escape forever from the material worlds, the student must leave the walks of men and go where ethics have no meaning. He must transcend the field of ethics, for ethics has to do solely with human relationships.  In the regions of Light, where God is to be realized, there is no ethics, no right and no wrong – there is nothing but pure Love.”

Dr. Johnson is speaking in terms unfamiliar in the West, but what he writes has been Known to mystics since the beginning of time. Dr. Johnson goes on…”The idea is that when we become too closely bound up with matter, we descend to its level, much to our own injury”  Dr. Johnson is speaking of the ideal of “detachment” of course.  But detachment has nothing to do with the intellect, it has to do with ones Soul gaining mastery over ones MIND.  This is little discussed in America today.

The paradox is that although we Souls entered the Creation as Perfect Souls, in order to discover what “Perfect” means, we had to EXPERIENCE everything NSgy can be?  And to facilitate that discovery, God, in His genius, Created the Creation for all of us to discover who and what NSgy can be?


Brother James



What’s Wrong With Common Core?

What is wrong with Common Core? Well, let us get very honest… and very Real, and jump into an adult conversation regarding the Psychology of what lies behind Common Core?

A person who presented Common Core [but via a different label] was  Fredrick Engels, who presented  Dialectical Materialism,  which is Intellectualism for what became the basis for Marxist Communism.  Briefly, a denial of the Esoteric three-fourths of Man.

Common Core  is Marxist rhetoric in drag,  dressed up in enough Intellectualism to be hopefully acceptable to a nation that has lost its moral compass.  I maintain America has not lost its compass, but has merely misplaced it in a state of disbelief of what is going on in America today.

I speak of the Psychology of Common Core because it is the MOTIVATION behind CC that is [or should be] the interest of all Americans.   The question we must ask ourselves is this:  WHAT IS IT ABOUT CHILDREN THAT FRIGHTENS CERTAIN ADULTS?

And the answer to our question is this:   It is the enthusiastic spontaneity of young children and their natural creativity that is so frightening to certain adults.

These natural [and  I suggest to be encouraged] characteristics of children are not a part of the personality of a certain class of people.  This class of people are naturally drawn to, and feel at home with “Intellectualism”.  Let us post the dictionary definition of Intellectualism:

the exercise of the intellect at the expense of the emotions.
• Philosophy the theory that knowledge is wholly or mainly derived from pure reason; rationalism. [Dialectical Materialism].

“At the expense of the emotions”:  This means to normal people, a lack of emotionality in ones thinking, behavior, and thus, ways of viewing life. And this point is crucial to all human beings who believe in God, in that God is invisible and not “material”.  And let us stress here that the spontaneity of a child is pure emotionality.   The same is true for Creativity, imagination, honesty,  joy, and curiosity.

An example of Common Core [for those of us who are older] would be the German youth, in the 1930s,  taught my ‘rationalism” to report on their parents, if their parents held any negative thoughts regarding Hitler.  It was believed by certain German Intellectuals that children could be “taught” to ignore and deny the natural emotionality within themselves.

Denial of God, Spirituality, and the Esoteric three-fourths of Man are natural elements of Life to be eliminated by those people who push Common Core.  They do this due to a deep-seated Psychological [which means unknown to them] fear of that which they cannot control by physical means:  The spontaneity, creativity  and honesty of children, in other words.

Why should parents want their children to be punished for being normal, gifted, and filled with spontaneity and creativity?  Can you offer a plausible reason for doing so?

If not, then you need to join parents across the nation in an active  refusal of allowing this class of people pushing Common Core to impose Marxist Materialism on our children.


Brother James

Preparing for what’s Coming…

If you are aware of what is referred to as the “End Times,”  then you are well ahead of most people. What you may not fully realize is that the phrase “End Times” refers to much more than what  we can see and think about.  We only “see” the “symptoms” of the End Times as they manifest in physical events.  We do not “see” what is causing those events to take place, because the CAUSAL FACTORS are invisible.

There is a cause and effect process in play, but most people are only aware of the event part of the process, and they entirely overlook the “causal” part of the process.

The nature of this physical plane is for people to become so involved in the physical or intellectual details of “life” that they  tend to forget to ask questions like: Who am I? Why am I here? And is there a Purpose to life?  These questions are crucial, and yet, they are rarely asked [due to fear of appearing foolish].  Therefore, these questions are seldom answered.  And science likes it this way because science can’t answer these questions.

The fact is, the answers to such questions requires one to pursue the invisible in Life.  And those capable of pursuing the invisible in life [psychics, Saints, prophets, and Enlightened people], are routinely castigated by those who are unable to do so [scientists, and people who are confined to use of their brains for understanding the illusion of life, or the Intelack class personality].  Research Intelack here.

Did I mention there is an illusion of life and a Reality of Life?  Well, the illusion of life is what we can see and think about using our brains.  And the Reality of Life must be Intuited via ones faculty of Intuition,  since the Reality of Life is invisible to the brain and physical senses.

That which determines whether or not a person is able to make use of his/her Intuition is the level of maturation of his/her Soul.  Or described differently, where on the Ladder of Life, ones Soul is perched?   And, it is the rare individual who realizes that we Souls are involved in a process of maturation? And dare we mention the notion of Reincarnation? Perhaps that is going a bit too far?

In America, we have a tradition of Christianity [which is a valid story, but fails to point out the fact it’s story  parallels that of Reality],  and therefore, Christianity differs in some respects with Reality.  In other words, the End Times is a fact in both Christianity and Reality, but what Christians [and Jews] experience is somewhat different from what other religions [or Spiritual paths] experience?  You must read your own religion or Spiritual Path for specific details…

___________ Be that as it may be… the disposition of we Souls is based on a higher truth than allegory,  speculation, or religious interpretation.   The basic Law of Karma rules over all Souls, and it is the Law of Karma that determines the disposition of all Souls in the End Times. Even the Christians must pay heed to the admonition of the Bible if they hope to do well in the End Times  in which we currently find ourselves.

What many people fail to do is to take the admonitions in the Bible [or other scriptures] seriously.  That is, people tend to “think” the admonitions are “suggestions”.  They are not suggestions, they are COMMANDS.  And one either is in line with these commands, or one is engaging in evil.  No exceptions in this, I’m afraid.

Evil is almost like air on the Earth, and almost as invisible. The sad fact is, one cannot “see” evil until one has [in some previous lifetime] engaged in some specific bit of evil and then suffered the re-education of Hell for that bit of evil.  This “process” certainly teaches ones Soul about a particular evil, but this KNOWLEDGE is for ones own Soul.  And it is not always applicable to other forms of evil, so that one must engage in another type of evil, and then suffer the re-education process to build the CONSCIENCE necessary to resist that bit of evil in future lifetimes.  The Consciousness spoken of in philosophy is, I believe, a collection of the Virtues of Life. I refer to these as CDKA&EU: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, and for short, I use the  symbol “C’etc” [research here] .  This maturation process by which one’s Soul learns these Virtues is very slow, and very painful. But once “learned,”  the “lesson”  is not forgotten.  It is not possible to become Enlightened and not have made many trips to various Hells  over many lifetimes.

We are not taught in America today to pay proper respect to Enlightened people, and this is a loss for all of us.  The only way to become Enlightened is to have spent time in the re-educational process of the many Hells on the Astral region of Creation. So, when an Enlightened person speaks, we should listen.  Well, the wise do listen.

The intellect is a fun thing… but it knows nothing of one’s Soul, nor is one’s MIND [attached to one’s Soul]  likely to encourage one to avoid the desires of the MIND.  Only “experience” can teach one to be wary of the MIND and its desires of Greed, Envy and its need to control everything.

I would offer this advice to all:  If you are unsure whether something is evil or not, assume it is evil and avoid it.  No “goodie” in life is worth taking a chance on going to Hell, and missing the Resurrection in this End Time…. because one may have to wait a very long time for the next End Times to come around. Many thousands of years, in fact.


Brother James

Intoduction to: An Autobiography of an Extraordinary Unknown People

This is the Introduction to my Autobiography, and it may be interesting to some?


It is said, often in jest, that each person has his or her 15 minutes of fame. And it does often appear this way. At least certain people seem to be admired and famous for a while, then the glamor wears thin as the short attention spans of people find a new person to admire.
Most human beings are fickle, shallow, and more frightened that hardly anyone realizes.
And… the universal problem is that virtually no one realizes that what he or she fears is the “unknown” in life. And what is the “unknown” everyone fears? Amazingly, what we fear is who and what we really are! That is, what everyone with sight can see is that which is looking back at oneself in the mirror. And what we see in the mirror comprises one-fourth of who and what we are [1/4 of oneself is visible].
In other words, the whole human being consists of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical, tangible and thus, visible to us. The other three are: Two dimensions of the MIND [Lower and Higher dimensions of the MIND], and ones Spiritual dimension, all three of these are invisible.
Or thought to be invisible by those to whom these Esoteric [or invisible dimensions] are not capable of being [experienced]. And this means that in the illusion of life [as opposed to the Reality of Life], most people “think” that what they can see and think about is all there is to life.
But the “life” most people think is real, is in fact composed of phenomena that are all created, and none of which is permanent, or Real in an absolute sense. I refer to what the brain can see and think about as the “illusion of life,” and nothing in the illusion of life is real in an Absolute sense.
_________ Which is why no one can take anything to which one is attached on this Earth into Heaven. The actual, tangible things must be left behind, and ones attachments to these things [which are emotional attachments] are stored Within ones MIND, and they serve as weights that keep ones Soul tied to the cycle of birth and death. As long as a person remains attached to the things of mammon, one is not “ready” to leave the cycle of birth and death — although, what I am saying as regards the cycle of “birth and death” is not part of Christian scriptures as presently interpreted. And the Christian “story” is just one of many religious stories relating to and followed by the various cultures on Earth.
The ultimate Reality is nothing but Spirituality, and only those Souls that have achieved Perfection [have been able to rise above the MIND] enter the Spiritual dimension. So, there are three general areas in which everything is taking place.
1. The physical dimension, or the illusion of life, which is as far as the curiosity of the Intelack individual goes,
2. The Astral/Causal regions [where the Heavens and Hells exist], and every Soul spends time between births, and
3. The Spiritual dimension where only that which is Perfect “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” can exist. NSgy is the primordial Energy of existence, which is the Energy of God, and we Souls. The only Energy in the Spiritual dimension is absolutely pure Energy. Reality, as an Absolute, in other words.
So, the Esoteric energies of the MIND [the Causal and Astral regions of Creation] are unknown to those people who are not as yet Enlightened, or whose Souls have not as yet been able to rise above their attached MINDs.
Relatively unknown in the West is the fact that when we Souls first entered the Creation, each Soul had to take on a MIND, and it was the role of the MIND to facilitate the exploration and experiencing of Creation by every Soul… if a Soul desired to “commit to life”.
The Bible creates the story of the Garden of Eden, the snake, and the tree of knowledge to provide an analogy for the Soul having to take on a personal MIND.
The Eastern mystics explain the event in a somewhat different way, and the mystical story began prior to the development of the Sanskrit language, which dates to around 4,500 years ago.
The mystics explain that since the Soul is composed of pure Spiritual Energy, it could know neither good nor evil on its own. So, the MIND was Created by God to provide the Soul the ability to experience both good and evil.
And the individual MIND that is attached to each Soul remains with that Soul throughout its exploration of Creation. Another fairly important point to the “whole” story is that some Souls did not want to leave God, and some Souls wanted to leave God and explore on their own.
So, according to the mystics, what God did was to “mark” those Souls that did not want to leave God, and anytime these Souls wanted to begin their journey back Home, they could do so by committing to “life,” which means the cycle of birth and death, overseen by the Law of Karma, and incorporated into Reincarnation.
This commitment to “life” was open to the unmarked Souls as well, and so, we have both types of Souls on Earth today. And in the last year, I have differentiated these two types of Souls by referring to one class as the Intelack class of Souls, and the other class as the Enlightened class of Souls.
And, there are numberless Souls on the Causal and Astral regions of Creation who are quite content living on these regions, and they may remain there for as long as they desire.
So, on Earth we have those Souls who were marked by God [in the Bible these Souls are referred to as having their names written in the book of the lamb], and we have Souls that have no particular desire to return to God. I hesitate to suggest these Souls might be referred to as “sons of Satan” in the Bible… But I am unsure on this point?
In any case, those Souls who are engaged in attempting to work their way back to God, I refer to as Enlightened Souls. And those Souls whose primary goal is to explore and experience everything the Creation has to offer, I refer to these Souls as Intelack class Souls. Or Souls whose primary reason for being on Earth is to “play” and enjoy the full range of what’s possible. Needless to say, perhaps, the Intelack class Soul is operated by the MIND, and the primary desires of the MIND are Greed, Envy, and an insatiable desire to control everyone and everything.
So, interwoven into this autobiography are the two different types of Souls on Earth, as I have experienced these during the last 79 years of my life. And I will attempt to provide the reader with a psychological perspective of each type as one or the other type enters the book as people I have known, worked with, studied with, loved, married, and had difficulty with.
Generally speaking, I will describe an event, and the people in the event, and then I will briefly describe the [more important invisible] dynamics at work Within people that cause them to think as they do, and to act as they do [when applicable].
The term Within, in bold and italics, refers to phenomena taking place inside of people that the brain cannot perceive. But unlike what many people do… I do not like to ignore the whole of Life. So, in this book we address both the seen and the unseen; the known and the unknown.
Again, my only “fame,” if indeed it is ever noticed by a large number of people, will be noticed long after I am gone. The only way in which I am unusual, gifted, talented, or extraordinary is how much I know about the MIND and how it operates as part of the Psychology of Man. I labeled this study “Esochology” some years ago.
And Knowing a great deal about that which others fear is hardly something people will applaud, nor be much interested in. So, after 30+ years, I am used to remaining quiet, even with my family.
I offer bits and pieces on Twitter, and I write my books [which do not sell] because this is the only way I can contribute to the welfare of mankind. So, if you are reading this, you are unusual, and most likely an Enlightened individual: Congratulations!

Brother James


What does Matthew mean, in the Bible, when he says: Matthew 7:1,”Judge not,  that you not be judged.” Which I learned many years ago as:  “Judge not, least ye be judged.”

And before I jump into trying to explain what Matthew meant, how about John, 7:24, where John says: “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” I believe John was suggesting something very important, if we can but comprehend what he was referring to by “right judgement”?

It seems clear to me that all the admonitions in the Bible about “not judging,” are primarily based on the premise that one should not “judge” until one is prepared to do so in a way that is not hypocritical.  That is,  judging another for some error when you  are guilty of things equally sinful… in the sight of others.

I believe the admonition of not judging is just another way of trying to implore each of us to be primarily concerned with one’s own Salvation [and spend time in cleaning ones own MIND] rather than spending ones time focusing outside oneself on people and the evil they do.  Life on this Earth is filled with “temptations” for the senses, and for ones intellect [or brain and thinking about the things of this physical plane].

The practice of ‘meditation‘ is not really stressed in much of Christianity today, in fact some types of Christianity denounce meditation as evil, and I am unable to explain how such an idea would be promoted?  Meditation, from an Eastern mystical point of view is merely seeking to rise above ones’s MIND, and to focus ones attention on one’s  Spirituality.  A basic study of the MIND explains this, but the MIND is not studied in education or mental health today.

In case you have not noticed this yourself, the habit of the MIND is to focus one’s attention on people, places and things outside of oneself.  And making judgements  about people certainly serves the MIND, as it keeps ones attention focused outside oneself.

So, the best way to not be “filled with judgment” is to not judge others.  Unless one can learn what John advised in 7:14,  “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”  And I believe what John meant was to simply realize that when a person is involved in some act of evil, recognize the evil, and be thankful that you are not a part of that evil. Focus Within, in other words. Praising God that you are not involved in such evil yourself.  And cling to thanking God for protecting you from evil.

I personally find it very helpful to differentiate the outside [mammon] from my inside Spirituality.   It is helpful if one has a saying of some kind that helps focus one Within oneself.  At least take a moment to close one’s eyes, and say a word of thankfulness for the Grace of God that helps us resist evil.


The “issue” of Non-conscious fears…

If much of ones fear is repressed, that is, held within ones MIND and hidden from ones conscious awareness [which they are], how does one overcome a fear one does not know one has?  And let me begin by sharing some  sage advice from a very knowledgeable person:

“Let us understand this crucial question.  How to destroy evil desires?  It can never be done by negation.  And yet negation is the method employed by 99 percent of the human race, by parents, by teachers, by reformers, by the courts.  They all forbid things…” Dr. Julian Johnson, from his book:  The Path of the Masters,  here.

Once a person is able to “learn” that there are two basically different types of people on Earth, and that one type [the Intelack type]

Short of experiencing the subtle and invisible energy that creates a particular fear, I know of no other way to erase, remove, or eliminate a deeply repressed fear.


What Did Christ Mean by “Love thy neighbor as thyself”?

Have you ever wondered what Christ meant by this statement? I have wondered about it for many years. Just recently, I believe I have figured out what Christ meant… And I would like to share a somewhat unusual interpretation of this often quoted saying.

“Love they neighbor as thy Self”. Let us begin by realizing that there are two “abstract terms” in this statement.  By “abstract” I mean terms that are used by us quite often, and most often when using these terms, we fail to appreciate these terms do not have anything on this physical plane we can experience to “know” what these terms mean?

The two terms are “Love,” and “Self”.  It is said that God is Love.  Does this mean that the Spirituality of God is Love?  If by Love you interpret Spirituality to mean Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, then yes, I believe God is Love.  Love, in other words, is unconditional Acceptance, or a complete lack of judgement.  And the term that means Acceptance is “Neutral,” or being Neutral [without judgement].

How does this relate to the statement “Love they neighbor as thy Self”? Let us work backwards and begin by exploring the last word first. The term Self comes from the Greek, and is part of the term “psyche,” which is interpreted as Self, Soul and Mind.  And the term ‘psyche’ refers to the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man.

So, the first question  to us is this:  Do you know what your Self is, so that you can Love it? Because, if we look carefully at the statement of Christ, he said to Love they neighbor as they Self, and if you do not know what your Self is, how can you Love it?

You see, I believe the statement of Christ was not as much about the neighbor, as it was about one’s Self.  In other words, If you can Love your Self [this means you must Know what your Self is], only then  can you Love [or even see] the ‘Self”  within your neighbor as well.

When you look into a mirror, are you looking at your Self, or at your physical image being reflected back at you? And yes, I am making a distinction between your physical person, and your Esoteric  Self.  You see, when Rene Descartes, the philosopher said:  “I think, therefore I am,” he was attempting to capture that which allowed him awareness of himself.

The error Descartes made was in not realizing his brain was not part of his Self, but was actually a part of his physical body, which represented only one-fourth of the whole of himself. And this same ‘error’ is made daily by millions of people around the world as they mistakenly believe that their physical bodies are who they are. The physical dimension of Man is just that:  The physical body is part of this Earth.  Earth, or physical phenomena in other words.

The Spiritual dimension is entirely composed of an Energy that is part of the primordial Energy of existence, in my opinion of course.  We Souls are composed of this Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, because we Souls are projections of God; or aspects of God.

As each Soul entered the Creation, it was obliged to take-on a personal MIND, which is attached to ones Soul, however, ones MIND is unable to perceive NSgy, and one’s MIND believes that it is the top of Creation.  And ones MIND [until ones Soul becomes Enlightened] operates ones brain, but ones brain is unaware that it is being operated by the MIND.  And the desires of the MIND are many, but among them are greed, envy, and an insatiable desire to control everyone and everything.  This need to control [or focus on the outside of oneself] is the MIND preventing each of us  from discovering that it is a servant, not our master.  As long as it remains unknown, it remains in charge.

The mystics tell us the MIND is avery good servant, but a horrible master.  So, unless one discovers that one has a MIND, and that ones MIND is more prone to mischief than good, one remains subject to or vulnerable to the negative desires of one’s MIND.

So, when Christ said: “Love thy neighbor as thy Self”.  He did not mean to forget or overlook the evil of ones neighbor,  he meant to use the negative attributes of ones neighbor to  re-MIND oneself  who one actually is… so that you do not replicate the evil of thine own MIND.  Instead, reach within yourself and seek the goodness of ones own Soul, which is filled with the Love of God.  Not for thy neighbor’s sake, but one ones own sake.

The result of which is hopefully focusing on the Spiritual Self, or Soul within oneself, and not on the negative desires of one’s MIND, which will automatically cause one’s brain to overlook, minimize and rationalize the evil thoughts and deeds of ones neighbor. Christ meant to “see” the Soul of thy neighbor… being undermined by thy neighbor’s MIND.

The Spiritual secret of Life is that there is an illusion of life AND a Reality of Life.  And both the MIND of Man, and the brain of Man support the illusion of life, and are unable to experience the Reality of Life.  Do not “forgive” evil in others, but take intense notice of their evil to awaken to the evil of your own MIND;  and see that you do not allow your own MIND to use your Self-Love in the pursuit of evil… which only creates negative Karma which are the weights which keep all Souls blind to Truth.

The battle of good [your Soul, Self] and evil [your MIND] is constant, and every thought must be examined to try and identify the insidious evil inherent in ones MIND. The journey to Enlightenment is a very difficult road, filled with opportunities to error, or falter, or be deluded by Mammon.  Or not use the evil of thy neighbor to awaken oneself to the danger of such action. Spiritual Truth is an Absolute… and it cannot manifest in an environment in which evil exists.


Brother James