Can Writing Capture Truth ?

Or, put another way… can Truth be confined by, or expressed in a word, or in words? Or do words merely point to the possible existence of Truth? And Truth itself subtly eludes the words we use to point to its existence?

Let us take the term “Soul” as an example.  Is it not somewhat amazing how many people believe they “know” what is meant by the term Soul?  And yet, how many people have every met a Soul?  Or seen a Soul?  Or know what the Soul is, for that matter?  There are many “abstract” terms that are used to support ones delusional belief that one knows what a Soul is. We say it is Spiritual, or it is an aspect of God [the term God is another term most people believe they know what it means], and scientists have even tried to weigh a person before death, and then immediately after death, so as to try and see if the Soul has any weight ?

I suppose by doing this they seek to measure that which they cannot “see”?

My point [which is very difficult to express in words] is this:  While one limits oneself to ones brain and thinking [which is an activity of the  physical dimension] one [and I will explain what I mean by  “one” in a moment] is unable to perceive or experience anything other than that which is physical.  Physical like that of ones brain, in other words.

You see, the whole of oneself consists of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical and capable of being perceived by ones brain and physical senses.  This means that three-fourths of ones “whole” are vibrational dimensions that are not physical, and therefore not capable of being perceived by ones brain or physical senses.

Everyone should be taught this, but unfortunately, a great many  people unknowingly fear what they cannot perceive by use of their brains and physical senses.  And this unknown fear prevents such people from allowing that anything of importance exists beyond that which their brains can experience.  And, the people who “think” this way are part of a “class” of people I refer to as the Intelack class of people. Research Intelack Here.

How do I know about the Intelack class people?  I was an Intelack  type person from age 3 to 43, and at age 43, I underwent  Gestalt Psychotherapy, and via a deep catharsis, I discovered  a conflict Within my MIND.  That is, a deeply repressed trauma that I experienced at age three, which my MIND repressed Within itself [which means I was fully unaware of its existence — until I re-discovered it by way of psychotherapy at age 43].  So, I “Know” about the MIND from a personal and experiential awareness that is a bit unusual.; and having spent 30+ years of my life studying the Esoteric [invisible] operations of the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man as an “Esochologist,” or someone who studies the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man via Intuition [Empathetic Understanding].

In addition, the 40 plus years spent in daily meditation [about 2 hours a day] added to my understanding of the Esoteric dimensions of myself, and thus others.  There are not many people who have an interest in studying the invisible dimensions of Man… Because to do so, one has to overcome ones inherent [delusional] fear of “losing control”.  That is, it is very difficult to let go of the habit of thinking long enough to experience oneself separate from ones thinking, or brain.

To overcome this natural fear of losing control of life [absolutely necessary if one seeks to be a competent Psychotherapist]  is the reason the field of Psychology  used to demand that people who were going to be licensed in Psychology had to undergo their own program of Psychotherapy.  Shortly after the field of Psychology accepted B.F. Skinner, and his behavioral science colleagues into the field of “psychology,” this requirement was dropped, so now most people licensed in “psychology” have no idea what the MIND is?

And the unknown fear of the Esoteric dimensions of Man has been institutionalized by BS&bp [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] since the early 1900’s.  Today there are very few “psychologists” who even know what the MIND is?  Sad, but just the way of life.  The unknown fear of the Intelack type personality has come to dominate the fields of “psychology,” education, science, government, and many in politics.

As a result of this, there are fewer and fewer people who maintain an openness to the Spiritual nature of Man, and are thereby capable of appreciating the fact that the Reality of Life [Truth] constitutes vibrational energy dimensions that cannot be seen, nor captured in writing.  The only way to “experience” the Truth is via ones faculty of Intuition, and this takes place on a level that is beyond the reach of ones brain and thinking.  And, in a nation dominated by the Intelack class personality, the darkness of denial of Reality is a growing problem.

Another way of saying this is that as Mankind turns from God [the ultimate in invisibility], the more Mankind depends upon the MIND [the MIND is dedicated to things of this physical plane], thus Mammon.  Now we know why the Bible warned us that we must focus on God not Mammon, if we were to retain the ability to resist evil.


Brother James



Regarding Celibacy …

To be celibate, one abstains from sexual activity. But can one be celibate in contravention of ones Fate Karma? And of course we need to know what I mean by Fate Karma, do we not?

In the religious texts throughout history, the topic and subject of celibacy is much discussed, and I believe, rarely considered in terms of a level of Reality the various religious texts too often ignore, avoid, or know nothing about.  Celibacy is the natural result of an elevating level of Consciousness, which means the natural “condition” of an Enlightened individual.

For example, the question of celibacy does not even apply to people who are not following a Spiritual path.  Nor does the question of celibacy apply to health, safety, or overpopulation if a person is not interested in health, safety, or overpopulation.

And then we have the matter of who is responsible in a marriage for having- or not having sex? Is it the “duty” of a wife to be a sexual object for a husband, or is a man to be used to satisfy the lust of a female whose need for sexuality is motivated by a psychological need to “feel” of value… which has nothing to do with love?

Is the teen-ager whose hormones are active, who, being unable to discuss this natural phenomenon with others, is  given to believe something is wrong…  and in reaching out to “prove” he or she is OK… finds that using or being used by another sexually, seems to divert ones attention from ones fear, while at the same time providing one an experience that is often both  satisfying, and pleasant?  And during this emotional seeking for answers in ones life, one has precious little interest in celibacy or “prevention”.  Prevention being an intellectual activity that seems to be quite removed from ones emotions, and ones fears, and ones sense of being the only person around who is unsure of who and what one is?

And parents who are too young themselves, or too immature, or too busy, or too frightened to want emotional intimacy with their children…. are not the people their children are looking for to help them find the answers they need to discover?

You see, a truly Enlightened nation would insure that children begin to learn about the Reality of Life before the children are three years of age.  And the Reality of Life has precious little to do with sex.  And parents who are  aware and sensitive  would Know their children NEED answers for the invisible dimensions operating Within themselves soon after the children are born.

I am talking about basic and fundamental areas and elements of Psychology that all children need to have addressed as simply part of their natural maturational process of growing up. But in a society with a mental health system based on the Intellectualism of B.F. Skinner, whose fear of his own Psychology was intense…  that prevented him from seeking to understand his own Psychology, it is reasonable that a century later, modern mental health denies, ignores and pretends that THREE-QUARTERS of the whole of Man doesn’t exist.

So, it is unfortunate, and unavoidable that Americans would be virtually ignorant of the Reality of Life.  And this nation is also unaware of the Purpose of Life?  And  the nation is equally unaware of why Man exists?  And therefore , the nation is unaware of what sex is; why it exists; and how it is that many Enlightened individuals are celibate!

The sexual center is located just south of the navel center, in the general area of ones sexual organs.  It is just one Chakra [energy center] above the Coccyx.  Large warm blooded animals have levels of Consciousness above the Sexual chakra.  So, for those human beings whose attention is fixated upon the sexual Chakra [prostitutes, homosexuals, various sexual perverts, etc],  the location of your attention does not bode well for your Enlightenment in this lifetime.

As the Soul of a  human being rises in Consciousness [which can be researched HERE],  the Spirituality of the Soul increases, and one is thus more capable of resisting the low-level desires of the LOWER MIND.  So, those who are fixated on the sex Chakra are Souls that are new or newer to the form of human being.  And I mention this for those open to the notion of Reincarnation, not to try and convince anyone for whom this notion is a threat.

All human beings are living in two realities at the same time, however,  very few people are aware of this fact.  And the reason is that one reality is what we can see and think about, and this reality is what I refer to as the “illusion of life”.  And the other reality is what I refer to as the Reality of Life, and this multi-dimenioned Reality is invisible to ones brain and physical senses, and it is composed of the three Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man:  The Higher and Lowere parts of the MIND, and the Spiritual dimension.

So, celibacy is not something one can “chose” to be, or do.  It is something ones Soul has acquired over many lifetimes, and it comes naturally to all who reach a certain level on the Ladder of Life.  It is also naturally associated with the Spiritual Evolution of ones Soul.


Brother James


The Real Cost of Lying

Most of us have been warned about lying since childhood. But have you ever been told the real reason for not lying?

The real reason is that to tell a lie [when one knows one is lying] is to deny the presence of God within oneself… pretending that God is not watching everything one thinks and does.

And, unfortunately, this is true, even if one has never been told about God, or that God exists Within oneself.  The term Within refers to the fact that inside of each human being is a number of automatic operations taking place that are all invisible.  Some people know about these, but cannot actually experience them; and most people are not aware of these invisible dimensions because they have not be taught these dimensions exist.

The “problem” is… these invisible dimension are Real, and they matter a great deal, and we are Responsible for them… even though we may not be aware of them.  Is this “unfair”?  Of course it is… But then, who every said that Life is fair?

The only people who believe that Reality is unfair are those people within whom their MINDs are more active in them than are their Souls.  I refer to such Souls as Intelack class people, or people whose Souls have not [as yet] acquired enough Consciousness to enable them to push back against the naturally evil desires of their MINDs.

Every Soul was assigned a personal MIND as the Soul entered the Creation.  If curious about this, I recommend this book:   The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson [HERE].

The reason for we Souls having a MIND is that our Souls are composed of NSgy, or Neutral Spiritual Energy, or the same Energy as that of God.  The MIND, part of which is Yang energy, and a part of which is Yin energy, [or duality],  enables the Soul to explore and experience the Creation, which was Created by God using a projected bit of Himself, or NSgy. The universal MIND is in charge of the entire Creation… that is, the name of the ruler of the Creation is known [in Hindi] as  Kal, and Kal works for God.

The purpose of the MIND Within Man, is to use Yin-Yang,or opposites to “teach” we Souls what NSgy can be?  And to learn more about this aspect, I recommend [THIS] and [THIS].

But, let me re-focus on the narrow point of lying. A lie requires one to intentionally turn ones face from God, and to use ones MIND in fabricating a lie.  This is a denial of God, and a sin, and it also creates a Karmic debt.  And the only way one “learns” about a Karmic debt, is to have what one did to another come back to one… just as one did to another.  This process is called the Law of Karma.  And, along with the Law of Reincarnation, these two Laws  represent the two Absolute Laws of Life… relative to our Earthly experience.

So, the Real Cost of Lying is that when one lies, one is climbing back down a Ladder of Life that one has already ascended.  One is going backwards in ones progress as a Soul, in other words.  And if you did not know this previously, you KNOW it now.

Sorry about that, but to Know is better than not Knowing.


Brother James

A Brief Look at Islam for non-Muslems

“Mohammed was born in the Christian era of 570. He was a poor shepherd boy. He was imaginative, enterprising and deeply religious. He married a rich widow named Kadejah. That marriage gave him prestige, and when his wife became his first disciple, his real work began and rapidly gained in momentum.” Quote from: The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnsom.

In many respects, Islam is not dissimilar to the Old Testament of the Bible.  That is, the Old Testament was written for a population that was uneducated, largely nomadic, and given to idol worship.  Unfortunately, The Christ Jesus brought a new vision to the scriptures, written by prophets anticipating the Messiah.  Christ taught Love, Forgiveness, and that a person needed to be Initiated in the Spirit, not just baptized by water.

By contrast,  Mohammed began to teach against the prevailing idol worship, without preparation of those to whom he spoke. Dr. Johnson writes: “There is one God, Allah the Merciful,” was the first public declaration by Mohammed”.  As a consequence, Mohammed, and his best friend and disciple, Abu Bekr, were  driven from their  home in Mecca, and made a new home in Medina.  This is called the Hejira, or Hijrah, and it occurred in 622 A.D.

Gaining a considerable following in Medina, the ascending prophet returned to Mecca at the head of an army.  Mohammed then convinced his former enemies that he was the true prophet, and they must now give up idol worship and follow him.  And Dr. Johnson writes: “Then followed eleven years of vigorous propaganda. All Arabia came under the sway of the new prophet. Then one day at an inopportune moment, Mohammed died.

As is true in all cases where the Spiritual adept of a religion dies, the followers of that leader are well-meaning, but they lack the level of Spiritual Evolution possessed by the original founder of the religion.  And so, the subtle and invisible Spirituality of the movement begins to give way to the MIND of Man.   The “movement” continues, but the Spirituality of the movement subtly gives way to the desires of Man.

It takes considerable time [literally generations] for masses of people to give up their idol worship, and if the people remain largely uneducated, ritual and other physical elements of a religion will subtly begin to overwhelm the Spirituality of a religion.  The physical aspects of Islam [restrictions, strict dress codes, and evil abuse of people] being an example of my point.

Although Mohammed might have taken his religion in a more loving and peaceful direction, he died. And the mass of the people he served were not Spiritually evolved, but came from generations of nomadic, warlike, people whose lack of education embraced ritual and superstition more easily than the invisible features of Spirituality.

The barbaric and inhumane actions of some followers of Islam today are encouraged by people with power, whose MINDs are filled with a need for power and control over the masses.  The delusional thoughts of such people envision some great future world domination.  Such thought is prompted by insecure people, with personality conflicts, whose MINDs pursue an opportunity to get revenge against enemies imagined by their illness. Their use of violence  is dedicated to domination, not service, love, or anything Spiritual.

Not all who follow Islam today are tyrants, but if those who possess some level of Spirituality do not speak out about the evil others in their religion are committing, they make a mockery of what Mohammed intended.

To love God is the work of every Soul that exists.  To do other than seek love is to deny God. To seek evil is the work of evil, and anyone who believes otherwise is delusional, and headed for Hell.

The address for “The Path of the Masters” can be found here:


Brother James

If You Hate Someone Due to Race…

Do you realize that if you hate someone just because of that person’s race… this means you are not aware of Reincarnation?
Reincarnation, and Transmigration as well, are both facts of life. Not well known in the West, or in America, but both do exist and along with the Law of Karma, these three represent the Absolute laws of Life.
So, if you find yourself a particular race in this lifetime, there is a reason for this, and this reason has to do with some things you NEED to learn.

Anyone who has a self-view of oneself as ones race, or ones economic status, is someone who is pretty shallow.  That is, not very mature, and quite likely prejudiced in other things other than just race.

I say this because, due to Reincarnation, every Soul that has been a human being more than once [and yes, there are some Souls who are experiencing this life as his/her first incarnation as a human being], has  been at least one, or more, different races.  The ONLY thing about any of us that is Real in an Absolute sense is ones Soul.  And, until ones Soul acquires enough Consciousness [ or C’etc],  one may be subject to control by ones MIND… in which case one is more likely prejudiced, and also more likely to be an Intelack class personality.


Brother James


Please allow me to try and explain how reasonable people are confused by, and frustrated with President Obama.

What causes reasonably intelligent people to be frustrated with  the actions, behavior, and strange dissociations of Obama are easy for me to explain… but my explanations are difficult for people to comprehend.  And the reason my explanations are so  difficult to comprehend is that modern mental health has mislead, misinformed, and misdirected  the American people for almost a century.  And this subtle misdirecting of the public has favored one type of person over another type of person: But both this misdirection of people and the fact we have two very different types of people in America has not been mentioned at all.

The reason for this misdirection [misinformation]  is that one of the types of people in America has no idea that they are denying, blocking,  ignoring and actually incapable of perceiving a  level of Truth that exists… and this type of people [which I refer to as the  Intelack class personality]  is not capable of experiencing this level of Truth.

The other class person [those who are frustrated with Obama] I refer to as the Enlightened type people.  Or people whose Souls have acquired a higher level of Consciousness.

Now, be honest with me, and with yourself… were you aware that an entire class of people on earth are incapable of perceiving certain elements of life?  Or put another way, were you aware that a certain class of people  are actually afraid of a natural part of life that they are incapable of experiencing?  This is a simple fact of life,  however, because hardly anyone has been taught this simple fact of life,  virtually no one in America is aware that it exists.

In the early 1900’s, the field of Psychology was approached by B.F. Skinner, and his colleagues, all of whom were “behavioral scientists”. Skinner and his scientist colleagues spent their time studying animal behavior, and then intellectually speculating on what might be causing the animals to act like they do?  Skinner and his scientist colleagues had something  in common.  Each of them was  completely ignorant of Psychology.  That is, none of them had studied Psychology, and therefore, none of them knew [nor did they care] that the the prefix of Psychology was the Greek term “psyche,” and “psyche” is defined as “Self, Soul, and Mind”. And Self, Soul and Mind refer to the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of Man. These dimensions are the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man, neither of which can be studied by the Intelack class personality.

So, the study of Psychology is the study of the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man, and how these operate?  And this Esoteric study has a history of over 2,000 years.  But, and quite unknown to a certain class of people on Earth, the Esoteric study of Man cannot be studied by the Intelack class individual.  And this fact was “sort-of” known by those in Psychology, but it was not really known by them.  In other words, those who were naturally drawn to and excited by the Esoteric study of Man… did not appreciate that they were Enlightened type people?  Nor did they realize that there was an Intelack class of people who were incapable of studying Psychology.

What naturally took place [which people did not concern themselves with] is that certain people just lost interest in Psychology, or they did not do well, and rather than have to be told to leave the field, their MINDs protected them from the humiliation of not performing well by feeding thoughts to their brains that caused them to think:  “Well, I wasn’t really interested in   Psychology after all”.

Unfortunately, the field of Psychology had not itself matured to the point where they understood this ability of the MIND [what I refer to as the DM=SI of the MIND], that causes people to think certain thoughts. Fritz Perls hinted at this phenomenon by use of the term “Scotoma,” which he said was well-known in mental health.  He spoke of this in his book: “In and Out the Garbage Pail”.  Perls said this phenomenon was capable of causing a person to not “see” or “hear” certain things.  I believe Perls was just being kind to the profession.  My experience of the field today suggests that hardly anyone knows  what the MIND is, where it is, or how it operates?  And modern mental health has denied and ignored the MIND since the early 1900’s. Well, shortly after  the field of Psychology allowed Skinner and his fellow behaviorists to call themselves “psychologists”.

Today, not one in a thousand in mental health know what the MIND is?

_____________ And, if you do not know what the MIND is, and how it operates, how can you know whether or not a person is speaking truthfully, or if his or her MIND is directing his or her thoughts and pronouncements in an attempt to mask that person’s fears?

______________ Virtually everything Obama says is monitored by and directed by his MIND in order to PROTECT him from saying anything that would expose what his MIND holds hidden within itself: Deeply repressed traumata from childhood, in other words.

And it is what the MIND of Obama holds hidden within itself that prevents him from relating to life in a normal way.  He resembles a sociopath because he is so cut off from his emotions [since that is where the repressed traumata is stored].  And his repressed fears also prevent him from being honest. Being an intellectual, Obama has “learned” to string patterned thoughts together in large enough circles that most people become confused, and their own MINDs cause them to think that they are just not smart enough to understand what Obama is saying.  But anyone who is more Enlightened than Intelack will readily “hear” the BS that Obama naturally speaks.

These same deeply repressed misperceptions taken-on in early childhood by Obama also cause him to fear being responsible, and honest [if it means admitting he is wrong].  So much of his day is taken up with his MIND vetting everything he says to insure he is not exposing what he fears within himself.  This is why he so enjoys his golf and playing important in front of celebrities. He truly enjoys dishonest people, or people who are just as afraid, and filled with hatred  as himself.

So, if you are frustrated with Obama and his thoughts and behaviors, you will have to just get used to it, because it is not possible for Obama to change. NOT POSSIBLE is the point too many fail to realize… which places  America in great peril.


Brother James


A Mystical Question About Revelation 20&21

In Revelation 20:3, it states… And cast him [Satan] into the bottom-less pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.
In Revelation 20:7, it states, And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed of of his prison.
Rev 8: And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, God and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sands of the sea.
…….. Note that after the thousand year reign of Christ, there still appears to be people on Earth.  And they appear to not be part of the reign of Christ? And one presumes these people were  not destroyed in the battle of Armageddon?
Rev 9: And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.

…… And “fire came down from heaven, and devoured them.  Is this speaking of a meteor shower which destroys the Earth?

Rev 10: And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.
Rev 11: And I saw a great while throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

…..”the earth and the heaven fled away;”  Is this John’s way of depicting a dissolution, of which he was probably unaware, and which is known in Eastern mysticism?

Rev 12: And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

…..”and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in  the books, according to their works,”  and is this an account by John of the workings of the Law of Karma, which operates on the Astral plane of Creation? And is this an account of a “special judgement” of Souls?

Rev 13: And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.
Rev 14: And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.
Rev 15: And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Is the “lake of fire” a euphemism for eliminated?  If so, this is a unique indication of Souls being destroyed.  And, in Rev 21:1, it states the first heaven and the first earth were passed away [does this include those who were cast into the lake of fire?
Rev 21: 1, And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

……”were passed away;” What does this mean?  And could it correspond to the Eastern Mystic account of a mini  “dissolution,” where the physical Universe is ended and all Souls are pulled up to the bottom of the Astral region of Creation, and it remains dark for a period of time equal to the time there was light?  At which time the physical Universe begins again?


Revelation 21:2,  States: And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

Rev 21:3,  And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

….. Might this be a new Golden Age, which the mystics believe follows the Iron Age, in which we currently find ourselves? And each Age lasts a very long period of time, perhaps a million years?


Rev 21:4,  And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain:  for the former things are passed away.


It seems clear to me that Revelation is a mix of current, past, and future events.  It is also a mixture of the earth plane, the Astral region, and John speaks of “coming from God out of heaven,” and to me this means different vibrational realities, and this concept is not part of the rhetoric of Christianity. Nor most religions, for that matter.  Although it is basic understanding of Eastern mysticism, which traces its records back to Sanskrit, dating back 4,500 years.

I ask these questions not to argue with, and certainly not to diminish the book of Revelation in any way; but I ask these questions, and make my comments as a way of seeking to better comprehend what the Bible is seeking to convey to Mankind?


Brother James