The Problem With Religion…All Religions

All religions suffer from the same problem; some religions are more prone to this problem, but all religions are subject to the same problem. What is this problem?

The   problem I intend to discuss is almost invisible because, although it exists, and it is certainly real, it is at the same time [strangely] too Esoteric to recognize by use of our physical senses.  I am speaking about Spirituality.  Or specifically, the Energy of Spirituality, which is perhaps thought to be widely practiced… and yet, being invisible, intangible, and hidden from Man, it is easily [albeit unintentionally] set aside by Man to make room for the Ego of Man.

In fact, the historical war between good and evil is, in actuality, a war between ones Soul and ones MIND.  The term “ego” [which means “Within“– because it is hidden inside of Man] refers to the MIND of Man as it subtly serves to cause the whole of Mankind to believe we are  separate from God.

And that sets the stage for the essence of this little dissertation.  Which is this:  Those people who chose to follow a religion, do so because they are seeking God.  It is not strange therefore when we find people seeking God through following a particular religion… finding fault with other people who are also in pursuit of God following a different religion?

None of these people know what God is [otherwise they would not be following a religion in order to find God], and yet people are caught up in the delusional belief that they “know that” for which they seek!  What causes people to do this is Ego.  That is, the MINDs of these people enjoy exercising its “control” over them by feeding thoughts to their brains that make them believe that the religion of each person is the “superior” religion… and such “thinking” is pure Ego.

The tragedy of this common practice is that as soon as a person’s MIND causes a person to believe his or her religion [which is the name for what a person engages in as a means to SEARCH FOR GOD], that person has abandoned his or her search for God, and has taken the image of resentment and Delusional Thinking as his or her new god.  And this process is a “test” of ones faith, in that if ones “heart” is pure, then ones Ego is in check.  If ones Ego can override ones Heart [or ones level of Consciousness],  then one is not really ready to pursue God.

And yes, this bit of Truth is almost too easy to be true, and yet it is.  And this test is easy to self-administer.  Anyone who believes his or her religion is superior, is given over to Ego [and delusional thinking]. The point being a religion is not God, it is merely a path toward God.


Brother James


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