What Makes an Atheist an Atheist?

And… would you believe hardly anyone knows the answer?  Why would this be?

Who would imagine that what makes an Atheist an Atheist is the same thing that causes us to have two political parties.  And we have two political parties  because we have two basic and fundamentally different types of people on Earth?   And why did you not know this?  Or, if you sort-of knew this, how come you did not investigate the REASON for this?

The actual  QUESTION we need to ask ourselves is this   [Even though you may not be able to answer the question]…  at lest ask the QUESTION:  Do we have two basically different types of people on Earth, and if we do…  what is the reason for this?

I say this because until a person recognizes this polarity of people, a person does not stop  “thinking” long enough to recognize that he or she has just stumbled upon a very important phenomenon of Life.  The Reality of Life is not what we have been told it is!  And who mislead us, and why?

The human brain is not really capable of doing what a certain type of person has told us the brain can do!  For example, this certain type of person insists that we admire the philosopher… and yet,  generations of philosophers have sought the Truth, and as of this point in time…  what philosopher do you know who has found the Truth?

What if I said the following:  If you know what causes an Atheist to be an Atheist, then you would also KNOW why we have two political parties?  Does this suggestion make you curious, or frightened?  Do you  “think” you may know what I am getting at, or are you honest enough to admit that you do not know what I am talking about?


What did Christ mean in the Bible, when he said to his disciples:   To you it is given to know, but the masses can neither “see” nor “hear” that which you are awakening to?  Why do most people on Earth refer to Spiritual Energy as either an invisible “spirit energy,” or simply deny the existence of Spirituality entirely?  Why do some people accept God, and other people deny God?  What most people can see  provides them clear examples that  there are different types of people. But these examples fail to provide us the REASON for the differences in people?


So, in the next several paragraphs, I will attempt to explain a few things we in the West have not been told… by a certain class of human beings that escape notice because what makes them different is invisible to them, and it is also invisible to those of us who are not like them.

Welcome to the Reality of Life, 101.  The Whole Human Being [WHB] is composed of four simultaneously existing vibrational energy dimensions, only one of which is physical; which means three-fourths of ourselves are energy dimensions that our brains cannot perceive.

Two of these dimensions comprise the MIND of Man.  The Lower MIND is composed of the energy of the Astral region of Creation.  And each person has an Astral body, which is the body ones Soul awakens within at the time of death.  The Higher MIND is composed of the energy of the Causal region of Creation, and we also have a Causal body, but it is not activated until a person’s Soul has acquired a substantial amount of “Spiritual Evolution” [which has to do with the Law of Karma, and Reincarnation, both of which Christianity tends to deny].

A slight departure will allow me to share with the reader the fact that there are many different realities taking place simultaneously in the Creation, not just one.  Different stories being played out by different religions, each convinced that it is the “true” story;  But the Reality is that all stories eventually lead to one of two places:  Back to God, or not.

Imagine that all Souls are slowly ascending a giant step ladder, and let us call this the Ladder of Life.  The rung of this ladder upon which ones Soul is perched has been “earned” by ones Soul.  Earned by doing Karma [sowing], and [reaping] the same Karma which comes back to one as a complete surprise.  And how one “earns” the completion of some bit of Karma [and all Karma one does is recorded upon MINDLines Within ones MIND], is by Accepting some bit of Karma WITHOUT reacting to it [a most difficult thing to do].

Christianity can be interpreted in a number of ways.  And, it has been interpreted in at least two different ways relative to the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation.  There are major religions on Earth that absolutely believe in both Karma and Reincarnation.  And there is Christianity, which  was guided by [and interpreted by] many Popes over many centuries.

Each person, at least in America today [we cannot foresee how successful Obama will be in eliminating the Constitution?], can pursue any belief system he/she choses.  And this brings us to the two basic types of people on Earth.

One type I refer to as the Intelack type personality.  This person has a Soul that is limited in how many lifetimes it has lived, and thus, the Soul of the Intelack “lacks” Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, or my terms for the Virtues of Life.  I believe the Purpose of Life is for we Souls to acquire C’etc [or Consciousness] over many, many lifetimes.  And C’etc is entirely an INSIDE activity. Spiritual Evolution, in other words,  is a matter of acquiring C’etc over many lifetimes.  However, and strangely…

Even a Soul experiencing the human form for the very first time “could” be very intelligent, or possess a high IQ.  And the typical Intelack class personality is often quite bright, but seems to lack “common sense”.  If one applies the concept of Intelack to the Democrat politician, one suddenly realizes why he or she lacks “common sense”.  All Marxist oriented people are drawn to Marxism because it provides what the Intelack class person needs psychologically.

That is, the psychology of the Intelack class personality lacks C’etc [possessed by the mature Soul] which means he/she has a MIND that harbors a great many fears [which the MIND uses to cause the Intelack to engage in various explorations of evil].  And with an immature Soul, the desires of the MIND of the Intelack dominates his or her thoughts.

In contrast to the Intelack class personality, we have the Enlightened class personality, or those Souls that have  an inner NEED for Spirituality [associated with what is mentioned in the Bible as Souls whose names are listed in the Book of the Lamb — or mentioned in Eastern Mysticism  as Souls that did not want to leave God in the first place, so God placed a “mark” upon those Souls.   The Enlightened Soul has lived many lifetimes, and has engaged in MIND-directed pursuits of evil in these lifetimes.  And at the end of each lifetime, the Enlightened Soul  will spend time in some Hell, where the evil tendencies of his/her MIND will be reeducated to remove such negative desires.

All Souls that seek to return Home to God, and retain this desire in each lifetime, will continue to ascend up the Ladder of Life.  Those Souls that enjoy the Earth plane, and are not bothered with a longing for God, are also perched upon the Ladder of Life… but they are not working off the negative Karma as rapidly as the Enlightened Souls, and thus, the Intelack Souls tend to be operated by their MINDs, rather than their Souls.  The Intelack Soul would be driven by the MIND [which means drawn to fulfill the pleasures of the ego].  The Atheist often “thinks” that Man can maintain  a “good” life by will-power alone. Absent Conscience, the MIND of the Atheist is free to convince his/her brain that a great many things are true, which are false.

So, which type of Soul are you?   The political party a person is drawn toward is determined by where, on the Ladder of Life, that person’s Soul is perched?  The Intelack personality is unable to realize that he/she is different in any way.  In fact the ego [arrogance or narcissism of those confined to Intellectualism] will convince the Intelack that he/she is of the elite status of people on Earth.  These are the very bright Intelack people who rise in government to positions where they can “impose” their Marxist ideas upon millions of people, in the delusional belief that they are “helping” correct what nature fails to do.

The subtle telltale of the Intelack is that he/she will always believe that life is unfair, unjust, and not equal.  The Intelack sees nothing wrong in taking the wealth of some, and giving it to those who they perceive as poor.  Being ignorant of the Law of Karma [and Spirituality] the Intelack has no way of recognizing  that Life has a Purpose,  or that each Soul is precisely being taken care of  PERFECTLY.


Brother James



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