What is a Sociopath?

In this little blog, let us attempt to answer three questions regarding the Sociopath?  Let’s see if I can help the reader answer these questions, and in doing so, discover who many in America voted for as President — Not just once, but twice.

Our topic today is  the  Sociopathic personality. And our questions are these:  1. What is a Sociopath? 2. What causes a person to be a Sociopath? And, 3.  Is there a cure for the Sociopath in this lifetime?  The super short course of answers are:

1.  A Sociopath is a person who lacks access to his or her emotions.

2.  The “causal factor” behind the Sociopath is his or her MIND and Fate Karma.

3.  It is most unlikely the Sociopath can be cured in his or her current lifetime.

If these answers do not quite do it for you, perhaps a more lengthy explanation of these answers  might be helpful?

The reason so few Americans recognize the Sociopathic personality is that modern mental health, or “BS&bp” [research Here],  has systematically denied three-quarters of the whole human being for about a century.  In other words, BS&bp [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] has mislead Americans into thinking that the three-fourths of Man that the brain cannot perceive… are unimportant.  These “unimportant” aspects of Man are the two aspects of the MIND [Lower and Higher dimensions of the MIND] and the Spiritual dimension of Man:  Of course these are not only “important, they are crucial elements in the study and  understanding of Man…. And yet,  they are also thought to be unimportant by a certain type of people… because, to this “type’ of person  [specifically the Intelack type person], the Esoteric three-quarters of Man  CANNOT BE KNOWN, and so, their MINDs convince them that I am simply nuts, and what they are caused to think is correct.

Perhaps this is your first introduction to the fact that some people on Earth are not able to experience certain things?  And this inability to “see” or “hear” [as mentioned in the Bible] has  absolutely nothing to do with ones IQ, intellect, education, reading, training, or how “smart” one is!  If it seems to you quite impossible that a person could possess an IQ of 125, and not be able to experience  what I KNOW of the MIND, the reason you “think” this is that this is what you have been taught to believe.  And what you think is wrong.

You see, Man has an intellect… and, Man also has Consciousness, and Consciousness has noting to do with the brain, thinking, education,  IQ, or intellect.

You see, and again unknown to BS&bp, the MIND uses what I refer to as the DM=SI [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity] to feed Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the  brain.  This D-Think is converted from MIND-level thoughts into brain-level thinking by a special part of ones Spiritual dimension [if interested, research Here].  Being changed to brain-level thinking,  ones brain believes the D-Think is just its regular thinking.   So the person engaged in Delusional Thinking has no idea that he/she is being manipulated by his/her MIND into thinking that his/her thoughts are true.

And, it is not possible to dissuade the Intelack individual that what he/she believes is not true.  In fact, if placed in a corner, the MIND of the  Intelack can cause him/her to become quite violent, if necessary to help him/her avoid being exposed to what he/she is not “ready” to awaken to. That is,  some Truth he/she is not “ready” to “see” or “hear,” in other words.

All human beings are limited to that which ones Soul has accumulated by way of Spiritual Evolution. And this is entirely an INSIDE process.  It is entirely invisible, in other words.

What causes the Sociopath to be a Sociopath is the same thing that causes the Intelack to not “see” or “hear” certain things.  This operation of the MIND of the Sociopath is only part of the process, however.  The Sociopath, in order to do the mean, cruel, violent and sometimes deadly things the Sociopath does, must be absent certain elements of what I refer to as C’etc [pronounced “C_etcetera”].  C’etc stands for Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.   Or, my terms for the Virtues of Life.

So, for a person to be a Sociopath, that person’s MIND must not be burdened with C’etc, otherwise, the C’etc would override the evil desires of the MIND of the Sociopath.  Lacking C’etc is a prime requisite of the Sociopath and the psychopath as well.  And, it is very important for everyone to realize that the condition of being a Sociopath does not mean one “acts like a maniac”.  Many Sociopaths who were deviously clever murderers, when finally discovered, caused those who knew them to deny the charges could be true.

The really successful Sociopaths have been able to fool millions of people.  Especially in the beginning of their careers.   Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro, are just four of many Sociopaths in history who were “successful” in manipulating millions of people.  The pain and suffering of people they manipulated was eventually discovered to be  substantial. The current President of the United States of America, to my knowledge, is the most deviously clever Sociopath in history. Even after five years of constant dismantling of the Constitution of the United States of America, he is still defended and admired by half of the people in America.

The psychology of President Obama is unusual only in the intensity of the fears his MIND holds hidden within itself regarding his need to avoid all forms of responsibility.  And there are many people who are drawn to his Marxist views, who have a psychological “need” to take care of his fear of responsibility by assuming actionable acts of criminality for which his great intelligence lies in covering those who serve him via blocking the law, via  his greatest ally in his evil desires to destroy America; the Attorneys General Eric Holder.  And to keep his house in order, he has his devoted Chief of Staff, Valerie Jarrett.

Obviously it is the nexus of the end of the Iron Age of Man, and the darkness and evil of this Age that somewhat masks the extraordinary evil of Obama, but the Devil must be given his due.  I have never known such a successful reign of evil as that which is currently being put upon America,  the military, and Israel.


Brother James



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