The Peculiar Nature of “Knowledge”

Let us begin this journey into the Reality of Life  by briefly discussing the difference between “information” and “Knowledge”. Information is that which the brain can perceive and know via education, while Knowledge is that which can ONLY  be found by searching Within Man, or by studying  the “invisible” dimensions operating as part of the whole of Man that cannot be  perceived by the brain or physical senses of Man.

And, of course, I am suggesting that there are elements operating inside of Man that the brain cannot perceive nor experience.  We refer to these normally invisible dimensions Within Man by the terms Esoteric, MIND,  Spiritual, or unknown.  Or if you are a certain breed of scientist, you would refer to these three-quarters of Man as “irrelevant”.

Modern mental health [or BS&bp], following the misguided offerings of the behavioral scientist B. F. Skinner, has deceived Americans since the early 1900’s into thinking that the Esoteric, or physically unavailable elements of Man are unimportant.  This view is based on a deep-seated and normally non-conscious fear of the “unknown” by a certain class of people.  I refer to such people as the Intelack class person.

The  Intelack  class person is simply  someone whose Soul is immature, and has not as yet accumulated enough experiential understanding, or CONS.   Early in the experiencing of life, in other words.  What makes discovering the  Intelack type person difficult  is that such people are often “compensated” for a lack of Knowledge [which is Spiritual in nature] by an overly active amount of Intellectualism [or a high level IQ].

The only way to access Knowledge [if ones Soul has accumulated such Knowledge], is by use of ones faculty of Intuition [which is a part of ones Apapsyche].  That is, Knowledge, like Truth, exists in a very subtle Energy dimension hidden Within Man that I refer to as the “Apapsyche” [or the Operational Energy of the Soul].

Knowledge can be “experienced” by use of ones Intuition, but  it cannot be known or studied by use of the brain, or thinking.  So, no amount of education, reading or writing can put one in touch with Knowledge.

Think of it this way:   The Soul of each person is perched upon a giant step ladder, and Knowledge exists behind a very high fence.  The ONLY way for one to awaken to the Knowledge stored Within ones Apapsyche is via ones faculty of Intuition.   Ones Soul must have already gone through the Karma required to “learn” certain lessons.  And these lessons are held Within ones Apapsyche as bits of Truth [Knowledge]. This places oneself upon the Ladder of Life on a certain rung.  And if one looks out from this rung, one can see Truth from the level of ones rung downward. This  is one part of the process of discovery.

The other part of the process of discovery is that  ones Intuition must be  exposed to the vibrational energy of some bit of Truth in the form of a “symbol,” external to oneself.  It is ones faculty of Intuition that will  enable one to “experience” this symbol, which will stimulate the same bit of Truth stored Within ones Apapsyche…. if one is “ready” to awaken to this new level of Truth?

This is experienced as a large Ah-Ha!  One suddenly awakens to a new perspective of Truth, and this enables one to KNOW things others cannot Know.  And one also finds that one is unable to convey to anyone else what one now KNOWs.  The only person one can relate to is someone who has also awakened to the exact same bit of Truth.  Then one finds all one has to say is a word or two, and the other person will say:  Yea, I Know exactly what you mean.

You see…. Awakening to bits of Truth [or Knowledge] is an experiential process, NOT AN INTELLECTUAL PROCESS.   And, if one is not Enlightened, one simply is unable to comprehend what an Enlightened person is saying.   There are many very intellectual people who become quite enraged when they are unable to comprehend what an Enlightened person is saying.  And the Intelack or unenlightened person often becomes anxious, and resorts to personal attacks if the Enlightened person does not agree with the less than honest information the Intelack person insists is true.

When the Democrat individual, in other words, insists the Enlightened person compromise with the Democrat, the Democrat is asking the Enlightened  person to deny what he or she KNOWS IS TRUE.  I believe the evil flooding the nation today is due to people like Senator Reid [one of the most evil Democrats that has ever been in the Senate],  and in his position spitefully punishing America for delusional grievances his MIND holds hidden Within itself.


Brother James


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