Most Americans of every age have been raised to allow and respect different religions; principally because our Constitution promotes freedom for individuals.

However.. it has become apparent to some of us in the nation, that our respect for the freedom of religion in America is being used against America  by some Muslim fundamentalists  who, due to a misguided sense of self-importance… mistakenly believe that the nation’s freedom of religion does not apply to them.  And this lack of respect for freedom, and the Constitution presents Americans with a decision we need to make as soon as possible.

I believe the “problem”we are now seeing and hearing about has always been present,  but it was not nation-wide news until  the numbers of Muslims in America reached a certain density, and the nature of ISIS became center stage in the world.

The peculiar nature of Islam is that it is most attractive to the least evolved Souls.  And, what do I mean by “least evolved Souls”?   Not especially known in much of the world is the fact that every Soul is slowly growing and maturing, from Within him or her self.  And this takes place over many, many lifetimes.  Of course I am speaking of Reincarnation, and Reincarnation is denied by much of Christianity.  So, the ignorance of the fact of Reincarnation by many people contributes to the difficulty people have in dealing with  the religion of Islam.  Not realizing the Reality of Reincarnation contributes to a great many other problems as well, but those problems  are not the topic of this blog.

Islam, and the intolerance of Islam is the topic of this blog.  And specific to the religion of Islam, the very reason the religion of Islam is so intolerant [restrictive, punitive, fearful and controlling] is that those who are attracted to this religion are people whose Souls are new [or relatively new] to the form of human being.  That is, the people who are attracted to Islam are people whose Souls are not Spiritually evolved [they lack experiential growth].

You see,  each Soul that  entered the Creation, when the Creation was first established by God,  had to  accept a MIND that was  “attached” to each Soul — this MIND provided each Soul with an ability to experience the duality of Creation; and we might think of one aspect of Creation as being the historic battle between good vs evil [or right and wrong].  The MIND provides a great many other benefits as well.   Not the least of which is the MIND is the personal account of the Law of Karma within each person, and it is  ones MIND that [secretly] keeps an account of every thought and action one takes, and ones MIND is personal, and it remains attached to ones Soul throughout the exploration of Creation by ones Soul.

It is also the role and duty of ones MIND to insure that every Soul is treated with ABSOLUTE fairness, justice, and equality in the Creation.  So, the Liberal/Democrat/Socialist [Intelack] notion that it is the human being that must impose “fairness” on Mankind… is the notion of a Soul that is immature [or not very evolved, in other words].  No exceptions in this, by the way.

So, the fact is… each Soul resides on some rung of the Ladder of Life, and how the person with such a Soul operates in life on Earth depends entirely upon the rung of the Ladder of Life upon which that Soul is perched?  Those people who are drawn to Islam have MINDs that dominate their Souls, and their MINDs have not [as yet] worked through a great many fears that dominate their  MINDs, and so…. they are driven by these fears, which are common to the rung of the Ladder of Life upon which their Souls reside.  Only time [literally lifetimes] and actual experiential awareness of going through their fears  will allow the Souls of such people to become Enlightened as their Souls  ascend the Ladder of Life.

So, the question is this:  Will America pass a law simply stating that the “peculiar habits or beliefs of any religion are to be confined to that religion, and these beliefs, customs, and ritualistic practices SHALL NOT be imposed upon citizens or  religions within the United Stated of America…?

And this is a perfectly “just” law since the practice of Spirituality has absolutely nothing to do with the physical plane.  Spirituality is between ones Soul and God, and it has nothing to do with Mammon at all.


Brother James



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