There are two factors that make giving citizenship to illegal immigrants a bad idea, and neither factor is considered by Democrats; and the question is: Why would Democrats do this?

While you read this blog, keep in mind two easily recognized things taking place in America.

1. More and more when one makes a telephone call, one is asked to press whether one wants to speak Mexican, or not?  2.  Ballots for voting are being printed in Mexican, there are more Mexican programs on TV, and the Mexican language is being printed on more and more things.

Ask yourself the question:  How is it the Mexican refuses to learn English, and why is it the Mexican insists on making wherever they live  into a copy of a Mexican village?  Why, in other words does the Mexican refuse to embrace the freedom  for personal growth that America offers its citizens?

Well, to provide answers, we must consider two things: 1. The nature of Cultural Catholicism, and 2. Institutionalized  Nationalism as an insidious means of enslavement.

A third question would be this:  How is it, with such an abundant store of natural resources, the vast majority of Mexicans are largely living in poverty?  The answer to this question is an old European concept of elitist dominance of populations by insuring  selective ignorance of the majority of the population by educating only the children of the elitist [controlling] families of a nation.  This is done by making education so expensive only the wealthy can afford education.  This same concept was applied  in the Souther states of America with the slaves, under the rationalization that since the Negro could not be educated, why even try?  And besides, the slave had no need for education since the slave only did what he or she was told to do.

Of course this concept is completely alien to the Bible, but… and this is not widely known… the Catholic Religion, beginning in the 2nd or 3rd centuries A.D.,  realized how effective selective teaching of “Catholicism” to the masses could be!  That is, if one takes an uneducated person, and teaches that person precisely what one wants that person to learn, and threatens to ex-communicate [or send that person to Hell] if that person tries to learn anything else, well, that selective education  produces a person who is “psychologically”  controlled by both selective education and fear.

As this Institutionalized Catholicism proved successful, it was added to [and the ruling class was brought into line by simply adding an intense Nationalism to the curriculum of forced indoctrination of the masses.  That is, the selectively educated people were taught  to believe that ones own nation is superior to, and better than other nations.

In this way, the Catholic church placed itself in the leadership role of the nation, and with a wink and a nod, the ruling class left the Catholic church in charge of the masses, while the ruling class focused entirely upon fulfilling the natural greed and envy of the MIND.

The DESIGN for this “Cultural Catholicism” combined with “Institutional Nationalism” began with the Pope and Charlemagne in the year 800 A.D.  Charlemagne was crowned the Emperor of Europe by the Pope in 800 A. D.  And this quid pro quo arrangement ruled for a long time. Today, it is being revived by the present Pope [who speaks of a one-world government], and someone [the identity of whom is not as yet known] who will become the leader of the one-world government, who the Bible speaks of as the “AntiChrist,” and the “AntiChrist” will be served by the “False Prophet,” or Pope.  You can read about this in Revelation in the Bible.

My point is that the larger picture [prophesied in the Bible, and by other prophets]  WILL take place [only modified by the action or re-action of people on Earth… that is, whether people accept the growth of evil [evil acts or actions], or whether people push back against the evil of a certain class of people whose lack of Conscience makes them vulnerable to the course of evil in the world, and thus easily used by Satan [or the fallen angel, if you prefer?].

President Obama is [unknown to himself] evil.  And he has drawn to himself, and put in positions of governing America a great many “Czars” who are Intelack class people [research here], or people whose Souls  lack adequate Spiritual Evolution with which to “see” and thus resist the evil flooding the world today.

It is unrealistic to expect people who have never known anything other than being enslaved by Institutionalized Nationalism, and selectively designed education designed to  make them slaves of a ruling elite… to suddenly embrace the Freedom of America.  The fact is, the type of person who is drawn to the ceaseless need to “Control” everything in life… is the natural Democrat [or Intelack] type individual.  And such people are unable to perceive the importance of what I am writing in this blog because the MINDs of such  people [and quite unknown to them] causes them to fear Truth, Honesty, Reality and Spirituality, and this is because their Souls  lack sufficient Spiritual Evolution with which they could push back against the negative desires of their MINDs.   And yes, this is also not well known.


Brother James



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