Can Writing Capture Truth ?

Or, put another way… can Truth be confined by, or expressed in a word, or in words? Or do words merely point to the possible existence of Truth? And Truth itself subtly eludes the words we use to point to its existence?

Let us take the term “Soul” as an example.  Is it not somewhat amazing how many people believe they “know” what is meant by the term Soul?  And yet, how many people have every met a Soul?  Or seen a Soul?  Or know what the Soul is, for that matter?  There are many “abstract” terms that are used to support ones delusional belief that one knows what a Soul is. We say it is Spiritual, or it is an aspect of God [the term God is another term most people believe they know what it means], and scientists have even tried to weigh a person before death, and then immediately after death, so as to try and see if the Soul has any weight ?

I suppose by doing this they seek to measure that which they cannot “see”?

My point [which is very difficult to express in words] is this:  While one limits oneself to ones brain and thinking [which is an activity of the  physical dimension] one [and I will explain what I mean by  “one” in a moment] is unable to perceive or experience anything other than that which is physical.  Physical like that of ones brain, in other words.

You see, the whole of oneself consists of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical and capable of being perceived by ones brain and physical senses.  This means that three-fourths of ones “whole” are vibrational dimensions that are not physical, and therefore not capable of being perceived by ones brain or physical senses.

Everyone should be taught this, but unfortunately, a great many  people unknowingly fear what they cannot perceive by use of their brains and physical senses.  And this unknown fear prevents such people from allowing that anything of importance exists beyond that which their brains can experience.  And, the people who “think” this way are part of a “class” of people I refer to as the Intelack class of people. Research Intelack Here.

How do I know about the Intelack class people?  I was an Intelack  type person from age 3 to 43, and at age 43, I underwent  Gestalt Psychotherapy, and via a deep catharsis, I discovered  a conflict Within my MIND.  That is, a deeply repressed trauma that I experienced at age three, which my MIND repressed Within itself [which means I was fully unaware of its existence — until I re-discovered it by way of psychotherapy at age 43].  So, I “Know” about the MIND from a personal and experiential awareness that is a bit unusual.; and having spent 30+ years of my life studying the Esoteric [invisible] operations of the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man as an “Esochologist,” or someone who studies the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man via Intuition [Empathetic Understanding].

In addition, the 40 plus years spent in daily meditation [about 2 hours a day] added to my understanding of the Esoteric dimensions of myself, and thus others.  There are not many people who have an interest in studying the invisible dimensions of Man… Because to do so, one has to overcome ones inherent [delusional] fear of “losing control”.  That is, it is very difficult to let go of the habit of thinking long enough to experience oneself separate from ones thinking, or brain.

To overcome this natural fear of losing control of life [absolutely necessary if one seeks to be a competent Psychotherapist]  is the reason the field of Psychology  used to demand that people who were going to be licensed in Psychology had to undergo their own program of Psychotherapy.  Shortly after the field of Psychology accepted B.F. Skinner, and his behavioral science colleagues into the field of “psychology,” this requirement was dropped, so now most people licensed in “psychology” have no idea what the MIND is?

And the unknown fear of the Esoteric dimensions of Man has been institutionalized by BS&bp [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] since the early 1900’s.  Today there are very few “psychologists” who even know what the MIND is?  Sad, but just the way of life.  The unknown fear of the Intelack type personality has come to dominate the fields of “psychology,” education, science, government, and many in politics.

As a result of this, there are fewer and fewer people who maintain an openness to the Spiritual nature of Man, and are thereby capable of appreciating the fact that the Reality of Life [Truth] constitutes vibrational energy dimensions that cannot be seen, nor captured in writing.  The only way to “experience” the Truth is via ones faculty of Intuition, and this takes place on a level that is beyond the reach of ones brain and thinking.  And, in a nation dominated by the Intelack class personality, the darkness of denial of Reality is a growing problem.

Another way of saying this is that as Mankind turns from God [the ultimate in invisibility], the more Mankind depends upon the MIND [the MIND is dedicated to things of this physical plane], thus Mammon.  Now we know why the Bible warned us that we must focus on God not Mammon, if we were to retain the ability to resist evil.


Brother James



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