The Real Cost of Lying

Most of us have been warned about lying since childhood. But have you ever been told the real reason for not lying?

The real reason is that to tell a lie [when one knows one is lying] is to deny the presence of God within oneself… pretending that God is not watching everything one thinks and does.

And, unfortunately, this is true, even if one has never been told about God, or that God exists Within oneself.  The term Within refers to the fact that inside of each human being is a number of automatic operations taking place that are all invisible.  Some people know about these, but cannot actually experience them; and most people are not aware of these invisible dimensions because they have not be taught these dimensions exist.

The “problem” is… these invisible dimension are Real, and they matter a great deal, and we are Responsible for them… even though we may not be aware of them.  Is this “unfair”?  Of course it is… But then, who every said that Life is fair?

The only people who believe that Reality is unfair are those people within whom their MINDs are more active in them than are their Souls.  I refer to such Souls as Intelack class people, or people whose Souls have not [as yet] acquired enough Consciousness to enable them to push back against the naturally evil desires of their MINDs.

Every Soul was assigned a personal MIND as the Soul entered the Creation.  If curious about this, I recommend this book:   The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson [HERE].

The reason for we Souls having a MIND is that our Souls are composed of NSgy, or Neutral Spiritual Energy, or the same Energy as that of God.  The MIND, part of which is Yang energy, and a part of which is Yin energy, [or duality],  enables the Soul to explore and experience the Creation, which was Created by God using a projected bit of Himself, or NSgy. The universal MIND is in charge of the entire Creation… that is, the name of the ruler of the Creation is known [in Hindi] as  Kal, and Kal works for God.

The purpose of the MIND Within Man, is to use Yin-Yang,or opposites to “teach” we Souls what NSgy can be?  And to learn more about this aspect, I recommend [THIS] and [THIS].

But, let me re-focus on the narrow point of lying. A lie requires one to intentionally turn ones face from God, and to use ones MIND in fabricating a lie.  This is a denial of God, and a sin, and it also creates a Karmic debt.  And the only way one “learns” about a Karmic debt, is to have what one did to another come back to one… just as one did to another.  This process is called the Law of Karma.  And, along with the Law of Reincarnation, these two Laws  represent the two Absolute Laws of Life… relative to our Earthly experience.

So, the Real Cost of Lying is that when one lies, one is climbing back down a Ladder of Life that one has already ascended.  One is going backwards in ones progress as a Soul, in other words.  And if you did not know this previously, you KNOW it now.

Sorry about that, but to Know is better than not Knowing.


Brother James


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