To be celibate, one abstains from sexual activity. But can one be celibate in contravention of ones Fate Karma? And of course we need to know what I mean by Fate Karma, do we not?

In the religious texts throughout history, the topic and subject of celibacy is much discussed, and I believe, rarely considered in terms of a level of Reality the various religious texts too often ignore, avoid, or know nothing about.  Celibacy is the natural result of an elevating level of Consciousness, which means the natural “condition” of an Enlightened individual.

For example, the question of celibacy does not even apply to people who are not following a Spiritual path.  Nor does the question of celibacy apply to health, safety, or overpopulation if a person is not interested in health, safety, or overpopulation.

And then we have the matter of who is responsible in a marriage for having- or not having sex? Is it the “duty” of a wife to be a sexual object for a husband, or is a man to be used to satisfy the lust of a female whose need for sexuality is motivated by a psychological need to “feel” of value… which has nothing to do with love?

Is the teen-ager whose hormones are active, who, being unable to discuss this natural phenomenon with others, is  given to believe something is wrong…  and in reaching out to “prove” he or she is OK… finds that using or being used by another sexually, seems to divert ones attention from ones fear, while at the same time providing one an experience that is often both  satisfying, and pleasant?  And during this emotional seeking for answers in ones life, one has precious little interest in celibacy or “prevention”.  Prevention being an intellectual activity that seems to be quite removed from ones emotions, and ones fears, and ones sense of being the only person around who is unsure of who and what one is?

And parents who are too young themselves, or too immature, or too busy, or too frightened to want emotional intimacy with their children…. are not the people their children are looking for to help them find the answers they need to discover?

You see, a truly Enlightened nation would insure that children begin to learn about the Reality of Life before the children are three years of age.  And the Reality of Life has precious little to do with sex.  And parents who are  aware and sensitive  would Know their children NEED answers for the invisible dimensions operating Within themselves soon after the children are born.

I am talking about basic and fundamental areas and elements of Psychology that all children need to have addressed as simply part of their natural maturational process of growing up. But in a society with a mental health system based on the Intellectualism of B.F. Skinner, whose fear of his own Psychology was intense…  that prevented him from seeking to understand his own Psychology, it is reasonable that a century later, modern mental health denies, ignores and pretends that THREE-QUARTERS of the whole of Man doesn’t exist.

So, it is unfortunate, and unavoidable that Americans would be virtually ignorant of the Reality of Life.  And this nation is also unaware of the Purpose of Life?  And  the nation is equally unaware of why Man exists?  And therefore , the nation is unaware of what sex is; why it exists; and how it is that many Enlightened individuals are celibate!

The sexual center is located just south of the navel center, in the general area of ones sexual organs.  It is just one Chakra [energy center] above the Coccyx.  Large warm blooded animals have levels of Consciousness above the Sexual chakra.  So, for those human beings whose attention is fixated upon the sexual Chakra [prostitutes, homosexuals, various sexual perverts, etc],  the location of your attention does not bode well for your Enlightenment in this lifetime.

As the Soul of a  human being rises in Consciousness [which can be researched HERE],  the Spirituality of the Soul increases, and one is thus more capable of resisting the low-level desires of the LOWER MIND.  So, those who are fixated on the sex Chakra are Souls that are new or newer to the form of human being.  And I mention this for those open to the notion of Reincarnation, not to try and convince anyone for whom this notion is a threat.

All human beings are living in two realities at the same time, however,  very few people are aware of this fact.  And the reason is that one reality is what we can see and think about, and this reality is what I refer to as the “illusion of life”.  And the other reality is what I refer to as the Reality of Life, and this multi-dimenioned Reality is invisible to ones brain and physical senses, and it is composed of the three Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man:  The Higher and Lowere parts of the MIND, and the Spiritual dimension.

So, celibacy is not something one can “chose” to be, or do.  It is something ones Soul has acquired over many lifetimes, and it comes naturally to all who reach a certain level on the Ladder of Life.  It is also naturally associated with the Spiritual Evolution of ones Soul.


Brother James



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