“Mohammed was born in the Christian era of 570. He was a poor shepherd boy. He was imaginative, enterprising and deeply religious. He married a rich widow named Kadejah. That marriage gave him prestige, and when his wife became his first disciple, his real work began and rapidly gained in momentum.” Quote from: The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnsom.

In many respects, Islam is not dissimilar to the Old Testament of the Bible.  That is, the Old Testament was written for a population that was uneducated, largely nomadic, and given to idol worship.  Unfortunately, The Christ Jesus brought a new vision to the scriptures, written by prophets anticipating the Messiah.  Christ taught Love, Forgiveness, and that a person needed to be Initiated in the Spirit, not just baptized by water.

By contrast,  Mohammed began to teach against the prevailing idol worship, without preparation of those to whom he spoke. Dr. Johnson writes: “There is one God, Allah the Merciful,” was the first public declaration by Mohammed”.  As a consequence, Mohammed, and his best friend and disciple, Abu Bekr, were  driven from their  home in Mecca, and made a new home in Medina.  This is called the Hejira, or Hijrah, and it occurred in 622 A.D.

Gaining a considerable following in Medina, the ascending prophet returned to Mecca at the head of an army.  Mohammed then convinced his former enemies that he was the true prophet, and they must now give up idol worship and follow him.  And Dr. Johnson writes: “Then followed eleven years of vigorous propaganda. All Arabia came under the sway of the new prophet. Then one day at an inopportune moment, Mohammed died.

As is true in all cases where the Spiritual adept of a religion dies, the followers of that leader are well-meaning, but they lack the level of Spiritual Evolution possessed by the original founder of the religion.  And so, the subtle and invisible Spirituality of the movement begins to give way to the MIND of Man.   The “movement” continues, but the Spirituality of the movement subtly gives way to the desires of Man.

It takes considerable time [literally generations] for masses of people to give up their idol worship, and if the people remain largely uneducated, ritual and other physical elements of a religion will subtly begin to overwhelm the Spirituality of a religion.  The physical aspects of Islam [restrictions, strict dress codes, and evil abuse of people] being an example of my point.

Although Mohammed might have taken his religion in a more loving and peaceful direction, he died. And the mass of the people he served were not Spiritually evolved, but came from generations of nomadic, warlike, people whose lack of education embraced ritual and superstition more easily than the invisible features of Spirituality.

The barbaric and inhumane actions of some followers of Islam today are encouraged by people with power, whose MINDs are filled with a need for power and control over the masses.  The delusional thoughts of such people envision some great future world domination.  Such thought is prompted by insecure people, with personality conflicts, whose MINDs pursue an opportunity to get revenge against enemies imagined by their illness. Their use of violence  is dedicated to domination, not service, love, or anything Spiritual.

Not all who follow Islam today are tyrants, but if those who possess some level of Spirituality do not speak out about the evil others in their religion are committing, they make a mockery of what Mohammed intended.

To love God is the work of every Soul that exists.  To do other than seek love is to deny God. To seek evil is the work of evil, and anyone who believes otherwise is delusional, and headed for Hell.

The address for “The Path of the Masters” can be found here:


Brother James


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