Do you realize that if you hate someone just because of that person’s race… this means you are not aware of Reincarnation?
Reincarnation, and Transmigration as well, are both facts of life. Not well known in the West, or in America, but both do exist and along with the Law of Karma, these three represent the Absolute laws of Life.
So, if you find yourself a particular race in this lifetime, there is a reason for this, and this reason has to do with some things you NEED to learn.

Anyone who has a self-view of oneself as ones race, or ones economic status, is someone who is pretty shallow.  That is, not very mature, and quite likely prejudiced in other things other than just race.

I say this because, due to Reincarnation, every Soul that has been a human being more than once [and yes, there are some Souls who are experiencing this life as his/her first incarnation as a human being], has  been at least one, or more, different races.  The ONLY thing about any of us that is Real in an Absolute sense is ones Soul.  And, until ones Soul acquires enough Consciousness [ or C’etc],  one may be subject to control by ones MIND… in which case one is more likely prejudiced, and also more likely to be an Intelack class personality.


Brother James


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