Please allow me to try and explain how reasonable people are confused by, and frustrated with President Obama.

What causes reasonably intelligent people to be frustrated with  the actions, behavior, and strange dissociations of Obama are easy for me to explain… but my explanations are difficult for people to comprehend.  And the reason my explanations are so  difficult to comprehend is that modern mental health has mislead, misinformed, and misdirected  the American people for almost a century.  And this subtle misdirecting of the public has favored one type of person over another type of person: But both this misdirection of people and the fact we have two very different types of people in America has not been mentioned at all.

The reason for this misdirection [misinformation]  is that one of the types of people in America has no idea that they are denying, blocking,  ignoring and actually incapable of perceiving a  level of Truth that exists… and this type of people [which I refer to as the  Intelack class personality]  is not capable of experiencing this level of Truth.

The other class person [those who are frustrated with Obama] I refer to as the Enlightened type people.  Or people whose Souls have acquired a higher level of Consciousness.

Now, be honest with me, and with yourself… were you aware that an entire class of people on earth are incapable of perceiving certain elements of life?  Or put another way, were you aware that a certain class of people  are actually afraid of a natural part of life that they are incapable of experiencing?  This is a simple fact of life,  however, because hardly anyone has been taught this simple fact of life,  virtually no one in America is aware that it exists.

In the early 1900’s, the field of Psychology was approached by B.F. Skinner, and his colleagues, all of whom were “behavioral scientists”. Skinner and his scientist colleagues spent their time studying animal behavior, and then intellectually speculating on what might be causing the animals to act like they do?  Skinner and his scientist colleagues had something  in common.  Each of them was  completely ignorant of Psychology.  That is, none of them had studied Psychology, and therefore, none of them knew [nor did they care] that the the prefix of Psychology was the Greek term “psyche,” and “psyche” is defined as “Self, Soul, and Mind”. And Self, Soul and Mind refer to the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of Man. These dimensions are the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man, neither of which can be studied by the Intelack class personality.

So, the study of Psychology is the study of the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man, and how these operate?  And this Esoteric study has a history of over 2,000 years.  But, and quite unknown to a certain class of people on Earth, the Esoteric study of Man cannot be studied by the Intelack class individual.  And this fact was “sort-of” known by those in Psychology, but it was not really known by them.  In other words, those who were naturally drawn to and excited by the Esoteric study of Man… did not appreciate that they were Enlightened type people?  Nor did they realize that there was an Intelack class of people who were incapable of studying Psychology.

What naturally took place [which people did not concern themselves with] is that certain people just lost interest in Psychology, or they did not do well, and rather than have to be told to leave the field, their MINDs protected them from the humiliation of not performing well by feeding thoughts to their brains that caused them to think:  “Well, I wasn’t really interested in   Psychology after all”.

Unfortunately, the field of Psychology had not itself matured to the point where they understood this ability of the MIND [what I refer to as the DM=SI of the MIND], that causes people to think certain thoughts. Fritz Perls hinted at this phenomenon by use of the term “Scotoma,” which he said was well-known in mental health.  He spoke of this in his book: “In and Out the Garbage Pail”.  Perls said this phenomenon was capable of causing a person to not “see” or “hear” certain things.  I believe Perls was just being kind to the profession.  My experience of the field today suggests that hardly anyone knows  what the MIND is, where it is, or how it operates?  And modern mental health has denied and ignored the MIND since the early 1900’s. Well, shortly after  the field of Psychology allowed Skinner and his fellow behaviorists to call themselves “psychologists”.

Today, not one in a thousand in mental health know what the MIND is?

_____________ And, if you do not know what the MIND is, and how it operates, how can you know whether or not a person is speaking truthfully, or if his or her MIND is directing his or her thoughts and pronouncements in an attempt to mask that person’s fears?

______________ Virtually everything Obama says is monitored by and directed by his MIND in order to PROTECT him from saying anything that would expose what his MIND holds hidden within itself: Deeply repressed traumata from childhood, in other words.

And it is what the MIND of Obama holds hidden within itself that prevents him from relating to life in a normal way.  He resembles a sociopath because he is so cut off from his emotions [since that is where the repressed traumata is stored].  And his repressed fears also prevent him from being honest. Being an intellectual, Obama has “learned” to string patterned thoughts together in large enough circles that most people become confused, and their own MINDs cause them to think that they are just not smart enough to understand what Obama is saying.  But anyone who is more Enlightened than Intelack will readily “hear” the BS that Obama naturally speaks.

These same deeply repressed misperceptions taken-on in early childhood by Obama also cause him to fear being responsible, and honest [if it means admitting he is wrong].  So much of his day is taken up with his MIND vetting everything he says to insure he is not exposing what he fears within himself.  This is why he so enjoys his golf and playing important in front of celebrities. He truly enjoys dishonest people, or people who are just as afraid, and filled with hatred  as himself.

So, if you are frustrated with Obama and his thoughts and behaviors, you will have to just get used to it, because it is not possible for Obama to change. NOT POSSIBLE is the point too many fail to realize… which places  America in great peril.


Brother James



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