The exact distance one must travel to find “the” Truth depends upon how far one has traveled already? So, if you can provide this answer, I can provide you the rest of the answer.

Not sure how far you have traveled?   Don’t worry, hardly anyone can answer this question, and more importantly, hardly anyone asks this question?  What we must worry about is this:  How come we don’t know how far we have traveled toward finding the Truth?

Another very good question is where does one go to  find out how far one has traveled toward finding the Truth?  Have you ever seen an ad offering advice on how far you have traveled in your search for Truth?  But, perhaps you were not aware you were searching for Truth?

This is yet another problem regarding the Truth. The fact is, a great many people believe they have found the Truth, but when you listen to what they say the Truth is, you just seem to know somehow within yourself that what they  “think” the Truth is, is not really the Truth you were looking for.

So, where does that leave us?  Should we begin by asking ourselves if Truth even exists in an Absolute form?  I can help answer this question by stating unequivably that Truth does exist.   I Know this to be True.  And when I use the term Know [with a capital “K”], I wish to indicate that I Know this Intuitively], not intellectually.  And this raises another question, doesn’t it? Well, perhaps two questions:  One is what is Intuition, and the other question is can Truth be known intellectually?

Regarding the question of Intuition,  this is a question that deserves to be addressed, but not in this blog, which deals with finding Truth.  I will be addressing the question of Intuition in my next blog, entitled:  “What is Intuition?”  And regarding the question: Can Truth be known intellectually, the answer is no, it cannot be known by use of ones intellect.

So, that leaves us with the single question:  Where are you relative to your discovery of Truth? And, as soon as you tell me this, I can tell you how far you have yet to go to find Truth?


Brother James


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