How the Field of “psychology” has failed America

What I will be addressing in this blog is of crucial importance to every single person on Earth… And yet, very few people in the West will be aware of what I will be sharing in this blog.  And the reason for this is not a matter of IQ, or the inability of people to learn [at least these factors are not the cause of people not being aware], the reason so few people are aware is that what I’m about to discuss is simply not taught.  It is not taught by education because education takes its cue from psychology, and the people in psychology are not teaching what I will be sharing.   Why?  Because what I will be sharing takes place at levels the brain cannot perceive.  As a consequence, the American people are not being taught as much as they NEED to Know to effectively engage in the battle between good and evil.   And the battle of good and evil is a natural part of life on Earth, and it is a key to the Purpose of Life. And ignorance of the Purpose of Life results in people engaging in more evil than is either necessary, or good of them.

But to understand the Purpose of Life, one has to be open to aspects of Reality that are in conflict with the present teaching of Christianity.  And this presents us with a dilemma. Many readers will prefer to maintain their mistaken beliefs regarding the Reality of Spirituality, in order to maintain their mistaken beliefs regarding Christianity.  So, this decision is left to each reader.  I might add this however, there is nothing in this blog that alters or changes the teaching of the Bible.  The only thing this blog does is correct the misinterpretation of the Bible regarding the Purpose of Life, which many scholars of scripture believe was tampered with by the early Popes from the 5th to the 15th centuries.

In other words, this blog is not written by a false prophet, but by someone who has discovered what the original teachings of Christ were, and how knowing these original teachings makes a substantial difference in how we understand the Purpose of Life today.

There are two different types of people on Earth, and although most people are aware  of the “symptoms” caused by these two different types, hardly anyone is aware of what causes people to be one type or another?  And to teach people about this basic difference in people, I must lay out a higher reality than what the religion of Christianity  teaches today.  This is the dilemma already alluded to.  In other words, to fulfill the Purpose of Life, each Soul is given as many lifetimes as needed.  And this certainly cannot be accomplished if Man only has one lifetime in which to explore and experience the Creation?

Scholars of Christianity are divided in what they believe regarding what the Popes did with the Bible during the 5th to the 15th centuries.  Some believe that references to the Law of Karma and Reincarnation were removed from the scriptures during these centuries.  I agree with this group. And I say this because I have studied Eastern mysticism for over 40 years, and for me it is obvious that these two basic elements of life were removed from the Bible.

I appreciate that the Intelack type person [Intelack described shortly] would naturally believe that neither the Law of Karma nor that of Reincarnation exist.  And the reader will understand this by reading further.

People are not taught  the reason for the two different types of people because what causes the two different types is invisible.  That is, what causes  these two different types of people is hidden Within people.  And modern mental health, or what I refer to as “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] began in the early 1900’s as a delusional notion by B.F. Skinner, who was trained in behavioral science, which is an oxymoron; and Skinner was an Intelack.  I best explain what an Intelack is…

__________ When I use the term Within [in bold and italic type] I will be referring to aspects of Man that  exist and operate inside of every human being, however, the brain and physical senses cannot perceive the subtle vibrational energies of these Esoteric [invisible] operations.

You see, science tends to draw to itself one of the two types of people on Earth.  And the type of people that science [education, engineering, philosophy and the political arena as well] draw  are people I refer to as the Intelack type individuals.

Many in the field of science are quite content believing that the only part of life that matters is that part they can see, poke, measure, and touch [physical phenomena, in other words].  The type of person who is quite OK with ignoring the three-fourths of Man that are not physical, tangible and thus obvious… is the type of personality I refer to as the Intelack class individual.  The term Intelack combines the terms “Intellectualism,” and the term “lack“.  Inte + lack = Intelack.  And the Intelack type person is someone whose Soul lacks what I refer to as “C’etc” [pronounced C_etcetera].  The symbol C’etc stands for what I have labeled the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  When fully acquired, these would provide a Soul Wisdom.

The term “Enlightenment” refers to the person whose Soul has acquired a full compliment of C’etc.  And indeed, the second type of person on Earth is the Enlightened individual.  So, one type of person has a Soul that has not [as yet] accumulated much C’etc, and this person is the Intelack.  The second type of person has a Soul that has accumulated a substantial amount of C’etc , and the Soul of this person can push back against his/her  MIND, and can therefore resist the natural ‘evil’ desires of the MIND.

This is no doubt an excellent point to explain that the  battle between good and evil is a battle between the Soul and the MIND [the MIND  was attached to the Soul when each Soul entered the Creation… when the Creation began].  And the Soul of the Intelack lacks C’etc, thus the Intelack  is more vulnerable to the evil desires of his/her MIND.

And, this explains the two different types of people on Earth.  The Intelack class person, and the Enlightened class person.  What makes comprehending this difference somewhat difficult is that to truly comprehend this difference, one must do so via ones faculty of Intuition.  And ONLY the Enlightened individual has “earned” access to his/her faculty of Intuition. So, like it or not, the Intelack class person simply cannot “see” nor “hear” [as Christ explained in the Bible] those elements of the Reality of Life that the Enlightened individual can both see and hear.  Or put another way… Only that person who has acquired some level of Spirit can “see” and “hear” Truth, or Spiritual Truth.

The Absolute nature of this Reality is not something the Intelack class person can “see” nor “hear,” and thus,  the Intelack simply denies the existence of the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Life.  This then is the conflict we all experience between the whole of Mankind. The Conservative cannot understand why the Democrat cannot “see” nor “hear” what the Conservative is saying?  And the Democrat thinks the Conservative is being cruel, mean or selfish… when the Conservative fights for freedom while the Democrat [to to lack of C’etc] fears everything, and demands more and more government to take “control” over Man.

The problem is… this conflict CANNOT [as Beck wishes] be resolved by talking. The more Enlightened people simply must insist on TEACHING children about REALITY, and the FACT that some people are simply Intelack, and thus, they must never be allowed to gain positions of control over the lives of others.

One can recognize an Intelack by simply listening to a person.  The Intelack will naturally believe life is unfair, unjust, and unequal.  The Intelack naturally believes that the rich need to have their wealth taken and redistributed to the poor. The Intelack knows nothing of the Law of Karma, or that it is God’s way of insuring ABSOLUTE fairness in Life.  The Intelack must be recognized, tolerated, and even enjoyed, but do not allow an Intelack access to power.


Brother James


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