A Key Factor Glenn Beck Misses

In watching “And It Begins,” put together by Glenn Beck and his team, I was interested in how the various forms of government discussed were developed, and in this discussion, which spoke about how the American format was different from others, I was struck that what was missing is something very few scholars and historians realize exists… and therefore, few people discuss what they do not know.

I wold not presume to imagine that I am a historian, at least in any field other than that of Psychology.   But I do Know some things that other people do not know, and over the last 30+ years, I have discovered that not everyone is capable of discovering what I am about to share with the reader.

That is, were you aware that the Energy of Spirituality exists as the Soul Within Man?  Or did you know that a personal MIND was attached to every  Soul as each Soul entered the Creation at the time that all Souls entered the Creation?  Or that, even though a personal MIND was attached to each Soul as it entered the Creation, the MIND attached to each Soul is unable to perceive the Spiritual Energy of the Soul to which it is attached?  And the reason for this is fascinating: The Energy of Spirituality is invisible;  it is a projection from God; and it is composed of what I refer to as “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” or NSgy [1].

At the end of this blog, I will present a number of URLs that will provide the reader with substantial information regarding the new and mostly unfamiliar terms, symbols and concepts presented in this little blog.  The term “Within” [in bold and italic] will refer to phenomena that exists as part of the whole of Man, but exists in dimensions of Man that are invisible to the brain and physical senses of Man.

How come the above is not widely known?  Because modern mental health, which began in the early 1900’s, [2], with the delusional offerings of B.F. Skinner, and his ideas, which he called “Behaviorism” [which many people at the time found  much easier to study] than the whole of Man as presented in the Psychology of the ancient Greeks, developed some 2,000 years ago — which centered upon and revolved around  the term “psyche,” which the Greeks defined as “Self, Soul, and Mind” [or the Esoteric, or invisible dimensions of Man].   The term  Psyche served as their  prefix for Psychology, which makes it clear that the  ancient Greeks intended the term Psychology to refer to the study [and practice] of discovering the  Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of Man.

Skinner was a personality type I refer to as Intelack [3], and Intelack combines both the Malady of Intellectualism [Inte], and that of “lack,” as in… lack of “C’etc”.  In other words, someone who suffers from the Malady of Intellectualism, and also suffers from a lack of C’etc [which stands for the Virtues of Life that all Souls are slowly accumulating by completing Karma over many, many lifetimes].  C’etc is pronounced [C_etcetera], and this symbol stands for Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding].[4]

So, an Intelack class personality is someone whose Soul has not [as yet] acquired sufficient C’etc with which to push back against the negative desires of the MIND that is attached to that person’s Soul.  Of course this person has no idea that he/she lacks anything at all.  Indeed, the natural belief of the Intelack is that he/she is superior to most people.  And lacking much Conscience, and limited in Knowledge, the Intelack simply cannot perceive of that which he/she lacks.

And let me hasten to remind the reader that the Intelack can be  mistaken to be someone who is very bright, perhaps gifted, and even “enlightened”.  The problem is, the Intelack has insufficient Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding to realize that his/her superiority is delusional information fed to the Left-Hemisphere of his/her brain by his/her MIND.  In other words… it is routinely possible for the Intelack to acquire positions of great responsibility, and yet, that person [if that position deals with people at all],  is entirely unprepared to deal with people, except to try and CONTROL everything and everyone he or she has to deal with.  In other words, the absolute worst person to be elected to the role of politician is an Intelack.

The Intelack lacks Spiritual Evolution, or Enlightenment, and thus, the Intelack  has a MIND  that holds a great many fears, and these fears  cause the Intelack to “project” his/her fears upon others.  So, the Intelack politician “believes” everyone is afraid of asserting his or her emotionality.  The typical Democrat is an Intelack, and thus, the Democrat believes that people must be helped to do virtually everything.  And being filled with fear, and especially a fear of the invisible [Spirituality, Truth, Reality, or ones own Soul], the Liberal/Democrat, or Intelack fears a great many things.  And this means such people resist religion, God, and all things that would imply power:  Military, police, guns, freedom, and free-enterprise.

So, surprisingly, what causes conflicts in American government is when the Enlightened people have carved out a nation, the Intelack people were busy infesting themselves into education, politics, engineering, and government.  Over the last century, the Intelack has been busy turning America into a Marxist indoctrinated population who slowly began to think of themselves as “needing” government to be OK.  The enslavement of Americans was not by force, but by too much success.  Too much “good life,” and too little though for who gave all of this to America?  We have relegated God to less than part time in American life.

And Man must focus continually to exist.  Where one focuses is important.  The more we focus on our friends, families, and the things of this Earth, the less we focus on God.  And when one is not focused on God, one is automatically focused on evil, or that which is not God.

To return to the America of Love and Peace, each Soul must begin focusing on God as if he was with us all the time… which he is.

[1]  NSgy http://about-psychology.com/NSgy.html

[2]  BS&bp Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology” Here.

13]  Intelack is defined Here.

[4]  C’etc is explained Here. 



Brother James



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