The Problem With Religion…All Religions

All religions suffer from the same problem; some religions are more prone to this problem, but all religions are subject to the same problem. What is this problem?

The   problem I intend to discuss is almost invisible because, although it exists, and it is certainly real, it is at the same time [strangely] too Esoteric to recognize by use of our physical senses.  I am speaking about Spirituality.  Or specifically, the Energy of Spirituality, which is perhaps thought to be widely practiced… and yet, being invisible, intangible, and hidden from Man, it is easily [albeit unintentionally] set aside by Man to make room for the Ego of Man.

In fact, the historical war between good and evil is, in actuality, a war between ones Soul and ones MIND.  The term “ego” [which means “Within“– because it is hidden inside of Man] refers to the MIND of Man as it subtly serves to cause the whole of Mankind to believe we are  separate from God.

And that sets the stage for the essence of this little dissertation.  Which is this:  Those people who chose to follow a religion, do so because they are seeking God.  It is not strange therefore when we find people seeking God through following a particular religion… finding fault with other people who are also in pursuit of God following a different religion?

None of these people know what God is [otherwise they would not be following a religion in order to find God], and yet people are caught up in the delusional belief that they “know that” for which they seek!  What causes people to do this is Ego.  That is, the MINDs of these people enjoy exercising its “control” over them by feeding thoughts to their brains that make them believe that the religion of each person is the “superior” religion… and such “thinking” is pure Ego.

The tragedy of this common practice is that as soon as a person’s MIND causes a person to believe his or her religion [which is the name for what a person engages in as a means to SEARCH FOR GOD], that person has abandoned his or her search for God, and has taken the image of resentment and Delusional Thinking as his or her new god.  And this process is a “test” of ones faith, in that if ones “heart” is pure, then ones Ego is in check.  If ones Ego can override ones Heart [or ones level of Consciousness],  then one is not really ready to pursue God.

And yes, this bit of Truth is almost too easy to be true, and yet it is.  And this test is easy to self-administer.  Anyone who believes his or her religion is superior, is given over to Ego [and delusional thinking]. The point being a religion is not God, it is merely a path toward God.


Brother James


What Makes an Atheist an Atheist?

And… would you believe hardly anyone knows the answer?  Why would this be?

Who would imagine that what makes an Atheist an Atheist is the same thing that causes us to have two political parties.  And we have two political parties  because we have two basic and fundamentally different types of people on Earth?   And why did you not know this?  Or, if you sort-of knew this, how come you did not investigate the REASON for this?

The actual  QUESTION we need to ask ourselves is this   [Even though you may not be able to answer the question]…  at lest ask the QUESTION:  Do we have two basically different types of people on Earth, and if we do…  what is the reason for this?

I say this because until a person recognizes this polarity of people, a person does not stop  “thinking” long enough to recognize that he or she has just stumbled upon a very important phenomenon of Life.  The Reality of Life is not what we have been told it is!  And who mislead us, and why?

The human brain is not really capable of doing what a certain type of person has told us the brain can do!  For example, this certain type of person insists that we admire the philosopher… and yet,  generations of philosophers have sought the Truth, and as of this point in time…  what philosopher do you know who has found the Truth?

What if I said the following:  If you know what causes an Atheist to be an Atheist, then you would also KNOW why we have two political parties?  Does this suggestion make you curious, or frightened?  Do you  “think” you may know what I am getting at, or are you honest enough to admit that you do not know what I am talking about?


What did Christ mean in the Bible, when he said to his disciples:   To you it is given to know, but the masses can neither “see” nor “hear” that which you are awakening to?  Why do most people on Earth refer to Spiritual Energy as either an invisible “spirit energy,” or simply deny the existence of Spirituality entirely?  Why do some people accept God, and other people deny God?  What most people can see  provides them clear examples that  there are different types of people. But these examples fail to provide us the REASON for the differences in people?


So, in the next several paragraphs, I will attempt to explain a few things we in the West have not been told… by a certain class of human beings that escape notice because what makes them different is invisible to them, and it is also invisible to those of us who are not like them.

Welcome to the Reality of Life, 101.  The Whole Human Being [WHB] is composed of four simultaneously existing vibrational energy dimensions, only one of which is physical; which means three-fourths of ourselves are energy dimensions that our brains cannot perceive.

Two of these dimensions comprise the MIND of Man.  The Lower MIND is composed of the energy of the Astral region of Creation.  And each person has an Astral body, which is the body ones Soul awakens within at the time of death.  The Higher MIND is composed of the energy of the Causal region of Creation, and we also have a Causal body, but it is not activated until a person’s Soul has acquired a substantial amount of “Spiritual Evolution” [which has to do with the Law of Karma, and Reincarnation, both of which Christianity tends to deny].

A slight departure will allow me to share with the reader the fact that there are many different realities taking place simultaneously in the Creation, not just one.  Different stories being played out by different religions, each convinced that it is the “true” story;  But the Reality is that all stories eventually lead to one of two places:  Back to God, or not.

Imagine that all Souls are slowly ascending a giant step ladder, and let us call this the Ladder of Life.  The rung of this ladder upon which ones Soul is perched has been “earned” by ones Soul.  Earned by doing Karma [sowing], and [reaping] the same Karma which comes back to one as a complete surprise.  And how one “earns” the completion of some bit of Karma [and all Karma one does is recorded upon MINDLines Within ones MIND], is by Accepting some bit of Karma WITHOUT reacting to it [a most difficult thing to do].

Christianity can be interpreted in a number of ways.  And, it has been interpreted in at least two different ways relative to the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation.  There are major religions on Earth that absolutely believe in both Karma and Reincarnation.  And there is Christianity, which  was guided by [and interpreted by] many Popes over many centuries.

Each person, at least in America today [we cannot foresee how successful Obama will be in eliminating the Constitution?], can pursue any belief system he/she choses.  And this brings us to the two basic types of people on Earth.

One type I refer to as the Intelack type personality.  This person has a Soul that is limited in how many lifetimes it has lived, and thus, the Soul of the Intelack “lacks” Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, or my terms for the Virtues of Life.  I believe the Purpose of Life is for we Souls to acquire C’etc [or Consciousness] over many, many lifetimes.  And C’etc is entirely an INSIDE activity. Spiritual Evolution, in other words,  is a matter of acquiring C’etc over many lifetimes.  However, and strangely…

Even a Soul experiencing the human form for the very first time “could” be very intelligent, or possess a high IQ.  And the typical Intelack class personality is often quite bright, but seems to lack “common sense”.  If one applies the concept of Intelack to the Democrat politician, one suddenly realizes why he or she lacks “common sense”.  All Marxist oriented people are drawn to Marxism because it provides what the Intelack class person needs psychologically.

That is, the psychology of the Intelack class personality lacks C’etc [possessed by the mature Soul] which means he/she has a MIND that harbors a great many fears [which the MIND uses to cause the Intelack to engage in various explorations of evil].  And with an immature Soul, the desires of the MIND of the Intelack dominates his or her thoughts.

In contrast to the Intelack class personality, we have the Enlightened class personality, or those Souls that have  an inner NEED for Spirituality [associated with what is mentioned in the Bible as Souls whose names are listed in the Book of the Lamb — or mentioned in Eastern Mysticism  as Souls that did not want to leave God in the first place, so God placed a “mark” upon those Souls.   The Enlightened Soul has lived many lifetimes, and has engaged in MIND-directed pursuits of evil in these lifetimes.  And at the end of each lifetime, the Enlightened Soul  will spend time in some Hell, where the evil tendencies of his/her MIND will be reeducated to remove such negative desires.

All Souls that seek to return Home to God, and retain this desire in each lifetime, will continue to ascend up the Ladder of Life.  Those Souls that enjoy the Earth plane, and are not bothered with a longing for God, are also perched upon the Ladder of Life… but they are not working off the negative Karma as rapidly as the Enlightened Souls, and thus, the Intelack Souls tend to be operated by their MINDs, rather than their Souls.  The Intelack Soul would be driven by the MIND [which means drawn to fulfill the pleasures of the ego].  The Atheist often “thinks” that Man can maintain  a “good” life by will-power alone. Absent Conscience, the MIND of the Atheist is free to convince his/her brain that a great many things are true, which are false.

So, which type of Soul are you?   The political party a person is drawn toward is determined by where, on the Ladder of Life, that person’s Soul is perched?  The Intelack personality is unable to realize that he/she is different in any way.  In fact the ego [arrogance or narcissism of those confined to Intellectualism] will convince the Intelack that he/she is of the elite status of people on Earth.  These are the very bright Intelack people who rise in government to positions where they can “impose” their Marxist ideas upon millions of people, in the delusional belief that they are “helping” correct what nature fails to do.

The subtle telltale of the Intelack is that he/she will always believe that life is unfair, unjust, and not equal.  The Intelack sees nothing wrong in taking the wealth of some, and giving it to those who they perceive as poor.  Being ignorant of the Law of Karma [and Spirituality] the Intelack has no way of recognizing  that Life has a Purpose,  or that each Soul is precisely being taken care of  PERFECTLY.


Brother James


What is a Sociopath?

In this little blog, let us attempt to answer three questions regarding the Sociopath?  Let’s see if I can help the reader answer these questions, and in doing so, discover who many in America voted for as President — Not just once, but twice.

Our topic today is  the  Sociopathic personality. And our questions are these:  1. What is a Sociopath? 2. What causes a person to be a Sociopath? And, 3.  Is there a cure for the Sociopath in this lifetime?  The super short course of answers are:

1.  A Sociopath is a person who lacks access to his or her emotions.

2.  The “causal factor” behind the Sociopath is his or her MIND and Fate Karma.

3.  It is most unlikely the Sociopath can be cured in his or her current lifetime.

If these answers do not quite do it for you, perhaps a more lengthy explanation of these answers  might be helpful?

The reason so few Americans recognize the Sociopathic personality is that modern mental health, or “BS&bp” [research Here],  has systematically denied three-quarters of the whole human being for about a century.  In other words, BS&bp [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] has mislead Americans into thinking that the three-fourths of Man that the brain cannot perceive… are unimportant.  These “unimportant” aspects of Man are the two aspects of the MIND [Lower and Higher dimensions of the MIND] and the Spiritual dimension of Man:  Of course these are not only “important, they are crucial elements in the study and  understanding of Man…. And yet,  they are also thought to be unimportant by a certain type of people… because, to this “type’ of person  [specifically the Intelack type person], the Esoteric three-quarters of Man  CANNOT BE KNOWN, and so, their MINDs convince them that I am simply nuts, and what they are caused to think is correct.

Perhaps this is your first introduction to the fact that some people on Earth are not able to experience certain things?  And this inability to “see” or “hear” [as mentioned in the Bible] has  absolutely nothing to do with ones IQ, intellect, education, reading, training, or how “smart” one is!  If it seems to you quite impossible that a person could possess an IQ of 125, and not be able to experience  what I KNOW of the MIND, the reason you “think” this is that this is what you have been taught to believe.  And what you think is wrong.

You see, Man has an intellect… and, Man also has Consciousness, and Consciousness has noting to do with the brain, thinking, education,  IQ, or intellect.

You see, and again unknown to BS&bp, the MIND uses what I refer to as the DM=SI [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity] to feed Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the  brain.  This D-Think is converted from MIND-level thoughts into brain-level thinking by a special part of ones Spiritual dimension [if interested, research Here].  Being changed to brain-level thinking,  ones brain believes the D-Think is just its regular thinking.   So the person engaged in Delusional Thinking has no idea that he/she is being manipulated by his/her MIND into thinking that his/her thoughts are true.

And, it is not possible to dissuade the Intelack individual that what he/she believes is not true.  In fact, if placed in a corner, the MIND of the  Intelack can cause him/her to become quite violent, if necessary to help him/her avoid being exposed to what he/she is not “ready” to awaken to. That is,  some Truth he/she is not “ready” to “see” or “hear,” in other words.

All human beings are limited to that which ones Soul has accumulated by way of Spiritual Evolution. And this is entirely an INSIDE process.  It is entirely invisible, in other words.

What causes the Sociopath to be a Sociopath is the same thing that causes the Intelack to not “see” or “hear” certain things.  This operation of the MIND of the Sociopath is only part of the process, however.  The Sociopath, in order to do the mean, cruel, violent and sometimes deadly things the Sociopath does, must be absent certain elements of what I refer to as C’etc [pronounced “C_etcetera”].  C’etc stands for Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.   Or, my terms for the Virtues of Life.

So, for a person to be a Sociopath, that person’s MIND must not be burdened with C’etc, otherwise, the C’etc would override the evil desires of the MIND of the Sociopath.  Lacking C’etc is a prime requisite of the Sociopath and the psychopath as well.  And, it is very important for everyone to realize that the condition of being a Sociopath does not mean one “acts like a maniac”.  Many Sociopaths who were deviously clever murderers, when finally discovered, caused those who knew them to deny the charges could be true.

The really successful Sociopaths have been able to fool millions of people.  Especially in the beginning of their careers.   Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro, are just four of many Sociopaths in history who were “successful” in manipulating millions of people.  The pain and suffering of people they manipulated was eventually discovered to be  substantial. The current President of the United States of America, to my knowledge, is the most deviously clever Sociopath in history. Even after five years of constant dismantling of the Constitution of the United States of America, he is still defended and admired by half of the people in America.

The psychology of President Obama is unusual only in the intensity of the fears his MIND holds hidden within itself regarding his need to avoid all forms of responsibility.  And there are many people who are drawn to his Marxist views, who have a psychological “need” to take care of his fear of responsibility by assuming actionable acts of criminality for which his great intelligence lies in covering those who serve him via blocking the law, via  his greatest ally in his evil desires to destroy America; the Attorneys General Eric Holder.  And to keep his house in order, he has his devoted Chief of Staff, Valerie Jarrett.

Obviously it is the nexus of the end of the Iron Age of Man, and the darkness and evil of this Age that somewhat masks the extraordinary evil of Obama, but the Devil must be given his due.  I have never known such a successful reign of evil as that which is currently being put upon America,  the military, and Israel.


Brother James


The Peculiar Nature of “Knowledge”

Let us begin this journey into the Reality of Life  by briefly discussing the difference between “information” and “Knowledge”. Information is that which the brain can perceive and know via education, while Knowledge is that which can ONLY  be found by searching Within Man, or by studying  the “invisible” dimensions operating as part of the whole of Man that cannot be  perceived by the brain or physical senses of Man.

And, of course, I am suggesting that there are elements operating inside of Man that the brain cannot perceive nor experience.  We refer to these normally invisible dimensions Within Man by the terms Esoteric, MIND,  Spiritual, or unknown.  Or if you are a certain breed of scientist, you would refer to these three-quarters of Man as “irrelevant”.

Modern mental health [or BS&bp], following the misguided offerings of the behavioral scientist B. F. Skinner, has deceived Americans since the early 1900’s into thinking that the Esoteric, or physically unavailable elements of Man are unimportant.  This view is based on a deep-seated and normally non-conscious fear of the “unknown” by a certain class of people.  I refer to such people as the Intelack class person.

The  Intelack  class person is simply  someone whose Soul is immature, and has not as yet accumulated enough experiential understanding, or CONS.   Early in the experiencing of life, in other words.  What makes discovering the  Intelack type person difficult  is that such people are often “compensated” for a lack of Knowledge [which is Spiritual in nature] by an overly active amount of Intellectualism [or a high level IQ].

The only way to access Knowledge [if ones Soul has accumulated such Knowledge], is by use of ones faculty of Intuition [which is a part of ones Apapsyche].  That is, Knowledge, like Truth, exists in a very subtle Energy dimension hidden Within Man that I refer to as the “Apapsyche” [or the Operational Energy of the Soul].

Knowledge can be “experienced” by use of ones Intuition, but  it cannot be known or studied by use of the brain, or thinking.  So, no amount of education, reading or writing can put one in touch with Knowledge.

Think of it this way:   The Soul of each person is perched upon a giant step ladder, and Knowledge exists behind a very high fence.  The ONLY way for one to awaken to the Knowledge stored Within ones Apapsyche is via ones faculty of Intuition.   Ones Soul must have already gone through the Karma required to “learn” certain lessons.  And these lessons are held Within ones Apapsyche as bits of Truth [Knowledge]. This places oneself upon the Ladder of Life on a certain rung.  And if one looks out from this rung, one can see Truth from the level of ones rung downward. This  is one part of the process of discovery.

The other part of the process of discovery is that  ones Intuition must be  exposed to the vibrational energy of some bit of Truth in the form of a “symbol,” external to oneself.  It is ones faculty of Intuition that will  enable one to “experience” this symbol, which will stimulate the same bit of Truth stored Within ones Apapsyche…. if one is “ready” to awaken to this new level of Truth?

This is experienced as a large Ah-Ha!  One suddenly awakens to a new perspective of Truth, and this enables one to KNOW things others cannot Know.  And one also finds that one is unable to convey to anyone else what one now KNOWs.  The only person one can relate to is someone who has also awakened to the exact same bit of Truth.  Then one finds all one has to say is a word or two, and the other person will say:  Yea, I Know exactly what you mean.

You see…. Awakening to bits of Truth [or Knowledge] is an experiential process, NOT AN INTELLECTUAL PROCESS.   And, if one is not Enlightened, one simply is unable to comprehend what an Enlightened person is saying.   There are many very intellectual people who become quite enraged when they are unable to comprehend what an Enlightened person is saying.  And the Intelack or unenlightened person often becomes anxious, and resorts to personal attacks if the Enlightened person does not agree with the less than honest information the Intelack person insists is true.

When the Democrat individual, in other words, insists the Enlightened person compromise with the Democrat, the Democrat is asking the Enlightened  person to deny what he or she KNOWS IS TRUE.  I believe the evil flooding the nation today is due to people like Senator Reid [one of the most evil Democrats that has ever been in the Senate],  and in his position spitefully punishing America for delusional grievances his MIND holds hidden Within itself.


Brother James

Islam vs Freedom of Religion in America

Most Americans of every age have been raised to allow and respect different religions; principally because our Constitution promotes freedom for individuals.

However.. it has become apparent to some of us in the nation, that our respect for the freedom of religion in America is being used against America  by some Muslim fundamentalists  who, due to a misguided sense of self-importance… mistakenly believe that the nation’s freedom of religion does not apply to them.  And this lack of respect for freedom, and the Constitution presents Americans with a decision we need to make as soon as possible.

I believe the “problem”we are now seeing and hearing about has always been present,  but it was not nation-wide news until  the numbers of Muslims in America reached a certain density, and the nature of ISIS became center stage in the world.

The peculiar nature of Islam is that it is most attractive to the least evolved Souls.  And, what do I mean by “least evolved Souls”?   Not especially known in much of the world is the fact that every Soul is slowly growing and maturing, from Within him or her self.  And this takes place over many, many lifetimes.  Of course I am speaking of Reincarnation, and Reincarnation is denied by much of Christianity.  So, the ignorance of the fact of Reincarnation by many people contributes to the difficulty people have in dealing with  the religion of Islam.  Not realizing the Reality of Reincarnation contributes to a great many other problems as well, but those problems  are not the topic of this blog.

Islam, and the intolerance of Islam is the topic of this blog.  And specific to the religion of Islam, the very reason the religion of Islam is so intolerant [restrictive, punitive, fearful and controlling] is that those who are attracted to this religion are people whose Souls are new [or relatively new] to the form of human being.  That is, the people who are attracted to Islam are people whose Souls are not Spiritually evolved [they lack experiential growth].

You see,  each Soul that  entered the Creation, when the Creation was first established by God,  had to  accept a MIND that was  “attached” to each Soul — this MIND provided each Soul with an ability to experience the duality of Creation; and we might think of one aspect of Creation as being the historic battle between good vs evil [or right and wrong].  The MIND provides a great many other benefits as well.   Not the least of which is the MIND is the personal account of the Law of Karma within each person, and it is  ones MIND that [secretly] keeps an account of every thought and action one takes, and ones MIND is personal, and it remains attached to ones Soul throughout the exploration of Creation by ones Soul.

It is also the role and duty of ones MIND to insure that every Soul is treated with ABSOLUTE fairness, justice, and equality in the Creation.  So, the Liberal/Democrat/Socialist [Intelack] notion that it is the human being that must impose “fairness” on Mankind… is the notion of a Soul that is immature [or not very evolved, in other words].  No exceptions in this, by the way.

So, the fact is… each Soul resides on some rung of the Ladder of Life, and how the person with such a Soul operates in life on Earth depends entirely upon the rung of the Ladder of Life upon which that Soul is perched?  Those people who are drawn to Islam have MINDs that dominate their Souls, and their MINDs have not [as yet] worked through a great many fears that dominate their  MINDs, and so…. they are driven by these fears, which are common to the rung of the Ladder of Life upon which their Souls reside.  Only time [literally lifetimes] and actual experiential awareness of going through their fears  will allow the Souls of such people to become Enlightened as their Souls  ascend the Ladder of Life.

So, the question is this:  Will America pass a law simply stating that the “peculiar habits or beliefs of any religion are to be confined to that religion, and these beliefs, customs, and ritualistic practices SHALL NOT be imposed upon citizens or  religions within the United Stated of America…?

And this is a perfectly “just” law since the practice of Spirituality has absolutely nothing to do with the physical plane.  Spirituality is between ones Soul and God, and it has nothing to do with Mammon at all.


Brother James


Misguided Democrats & Illegal Immigrants

There are two factors that make giving citizenship to illegal immigrants a bad idea, and neither factor is considered by Democrats; and the question is: Why would Democrats do this?

While you read this blog, keep in mind two easily recognized things taking place in America.

1. More and more when one makes a telephone call, one is asked to press whether one wants to speak Mexican, or not?  2.  Ballots for voting are being printed in Mexican, there are more Mexican programs on TV, and the Mexican language is being printed on more and more things.

Ask yourself the question:  How is it the Mexican refuses to learn English, and why is it the Mexican insists on making wherever they live  into a copy of a Mexican village?  Why, in other words does the Mexican refuse to embrace the freedom  for personal growth that America offers its citizens?

Well, to provide answers, we must consider two things: 1. The nature of Cultural Catholicism, and 2. Institutionalized  Nationalism as an insidious means of enslavement.

A third question would be this:  How is it, with such an abundant store of natural resources, the vast majority of Mexicans are largely living in poverty?  The answer to this question is an old European concept of elitist dominance of populations by insuring  selective ignorance of the majority of the population by educating only the children of the elitist [controlling] families of a nation.  This is done by making education so expensive only the wealthy can afford education.  This same concept was applied  in the Souther states of America with the slaves, under the rationalization that since the Negro could not be educated, why even try?  And besides, the slave had no need for education since the slave only did what he or she was told to do.

Of course this concept is completely alien to the Bible, but… and this is not widely known… the Catholic Religion, beginning in the 2nd or 3rd centuries A.D.,  realized how effective selective teaching of “Catholicism” to the masses could be!  That is, if one takes an uneducated person, and teaches that person precisely what one wants that person to learn, and threatens to ex-communicate [or send that person to Hell] if that person tries to learn anything else, well, that selective education  produces a person who is “psychologically”  controlled by both selective education and fear.

As this Institutionalized Catholicism proved successful, it was added to [and the ruling class was brought into line by simply adding an intense Nationalism to the curriculum of forced indoctrination of the masses.  That is, the selectively educated people were taught  to believe that ones own nation is superior to, and better than other nations.

In this way, the Catholic church placed itself in the leadership role of the nation, and with a wink and a nod, the ruling class left the Catholic church in charge of the masses, while the ruling class focused entirely upon fulfilling the natural greed and envy of the MIND.

The DESIGN for this “Cultural Catholicism” combined with “Institutional Nationalism” began with the Pope and Charlemagne in the year 800 A.D.  Charlemagne was crowned the Emperor of Europe by the Pope in 800 A. D.  And this quid pro quo arrangement ruled for a long time. Today, it is being revived by the present Pope [who speaks of a one-world government], and someone [the identity of whom is not as yet known] who will become the leader of the one-world government, who the Bible speaks of as the “AntiChrist,” and the “AntiChrist” will be served by the “False Prophet,” or Pope.  You can read about this in Revelation in the Bible.

My point is that the larger picture [prophesied in the Bible, and by other prophets]  WILL take place [only modified by the action or re-action of people on Earth… that is, whether people accept the growth of evil [evil acts or actions], or whether people push back against the evil of a certain class of people whose lack of Conscience makes them vulnerable to the course of evil in the world, and thus easily used by Satan [or the fallen angel, if you prefer?].

President Obama is [unknown to himself] evil.  And he has drawn to himself, and put in positions of governing America a great many “Czars” who are Intelack class people [research here], or people whose Souls  lack adequate Spiritual Evolution with which to “see” and thus resist the evil flooding the world today.

It is unrealistic to expect people who have never known anything other than being enslaved by Institutionalized Nationalism, and selectively designed education designed to  make them slaves of a ruling elite… to suddenly embrace the Freedom of America.  The fact is, the type of person who is drawn to the ceaseless need to “Control” everything in life… is the natural Democrat [or Intelack] type individual.  And such people are unable to perceive the importance of what I am writing in this blog because the MINDs of such  people [and quite unknown to them] causes them to fear Truth, Honesty, Reality and Spirituality, and this is because their Souls  lack sufficient Spiritual Evolution with which they could push back against the negative desires of their MINDs.   And yes, this is also not well known.


Brother James


Regarding the Mark of the Beast…

One of the most controversial elements of the book of Revelation in the Bible is the matter of the Mark of the Beast, or what is suggested that  the AntiChrist will force on mankind.  Well, I believe I have a couple insights to share in this regard that occurred to me yesterday evening.

I  am interested in this,  like many others,  and over the last several months, I have been following the work of Irvin Baxter, and his “End Times” ministry.  You can easily Google Irvin Baxter, and this will give you access to many of his videos, and his work.

In this blog, I want to briefly discuss the AntiChrist, and offer what I believe are some interesting questions regarding  certain connections regarding the “Mark of the Beast” that I have heard mentioned, but not emphasized.  For instance, have you, in your study of the ‘end times,’ or the Mark of the Beast,  ever stopped to consider that the “beast,” the ‘old deceiver,’ the AntiChrist, and ‘dragon’ [or source of evil]  are all referring to the same thing?  So, is the dragon and Satan both referring to “evil,” and they are simply different terms for evil?

Another question is this:  Is Evil essentially the negative pole of Creation, the positive pole of which is Good ?  So that the “energy source” for Satan, the AntiChrist, the dragon, the False Prophet, the “beast” and the ‘old deceiver’ all have the same “source”?  And what is not mentioned is that it is God that provides this negative “source” of energy…. to power the duality of the Creation?  And the reason for this?  Without a Yin and Yang, or a duality, or a good and evil within  Creation, how would we Souls learn the difference between the two?

Let us never forget that God is one Energy, not two or more… and yet, what part of the multiplicity of Creation  is not God?  So, is it not reasonable to say that the entire Creation is sustained by God, but no single part of Creation “is” the whole of God?  I believe that God is Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  And NSgy is an Absolute Energy, and NSgy is the only Reality there is, which is God.  So, everything of Creation was, in fact Created by God as a projected Creation.

And… the ONLY element of Creation that is Real in an Absolute sense is God, who is not part of the Creation, and yet it cannot exist without the constant support of God.

In other words, if we take the entire structure of, and purpose for… the “End Times,” we wind up with the possible ending of an age-old battle between Good [God] and evil [Satan, or the evil Angel who wanted to compete with God].  And no,  this is not clearly, or  precisely stated in the Bible, but the references are there for us to use… or not?

Revelation 13:1, …and saw a beast rise up out of the sea… Rev 13:4 And they worshipped the dragon which  gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast: who is able to make war with him?

Rev 13:5. And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

As Irvin Baxter points out, 42 months = 3.5 years, or “times, time and half a time”.

And now a most important part of Chapter 13.  13:6. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the lamb

Have you perhaps read this passage and not taken note of :  whose names are not written in the book of life ?  This clearly states that the “sons of God,” whose names are written in the book of life will not worship the AntiChrist [or beast], and they will not take the “Mark of the Beast”.

Now a crucial question:  Is the mark physical, or is it “taken” Within a person?  What I mean by Within is this… There are two realities going on with each person. However, only really Enlightened people are aware of the Spiritual reality Within themselves.   And if one is Enlightened, does this then mean that ones “name” is written in the book of life of the lamb? And since ones name is written in the book of life [ones Soul has “earned” ones status of Spirituality by having retained ones love of God], and therefore…  one  will not let go of ones Spirituality to embrace the offerings of the “Beast”.  In other words, that which determines whether or not one will  follow Satan is determined by the evolution of ones Soul, or the level of ones Consciousness?

This would mean that the “chosen” of the “Lamb” of God are those Souls that have remained true to God, over many lifetimes, not just this lifetime?

And this is an important point the Bible is making.  And this point, although subtle, also makes clear that those whose names are in the “book” will not deny God for any part of the allurement of the AntiChrist.  And many in the book will suffer and some will die.  And these are those who Christ, on his return, will draw to himself as he returns in the “Resurrection”.

If Baxter is correct, and I believe he is, then as soon as Israel and the Palestinian Authority sign a “temporary” Peace Agreement, the final seven years until Armageddon begins.  And this means 3.5 years until the AntiChrist is revealed as the Desolation of Abomination, at which time the Jews in the West Bank must run for their lives.

I will point out some further points regarding the book of Revelation, and parts of other books that relate to the end times in the near future.


Brother James