What Makes O Tick?

For instance, were you aware that both his mother and father were Marxist oriented individuals? His Father was a Communist, and his mother was a Socialist. This means they both shared a denial of God, and a belief that Life is unfair, and that the role of the “Liberal” is to correct what nature has messed up.

I will speak shortly about how a lack of Conscience impacts a person’s view of life, and how being operated by ones MIND distorts ones view of life.
As a small child, O [for Obama], was tutored by Frank Marshal Davis, a well-known Communist. And O has also said that he naturally gravitated to students and teachers who were Communists throughout his schooling.
Not commonly known in the West, and in America, is the fact that the personality of the person who is naturally drawn to Marxism, or Communism, has a Soul that lacks what I refer to as “C’etc” [pronounced ‘C_etcetera’ ], which means a lack of [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding], or my names for the “Virtues of Life”. The ultimate accumulation of which results in Wisdom or Enlightenment.

We Souls are slowly acquiring C’etc simply by living life and engaging in the Law of Karma — and the Law of Karma is not well known nor understood in the West, or in America.
The short way to explain the Law of Karma is this: “As you sow, so shall you reap”.

That is, every thought and action one engages in will come back to one, and this is the Law of Karma, and every living thing is subject to this law, with no exceptions. If interested, one can research Karma here. And the reader can research C’etc here [and this site discusses the subject of Consciousness, which is the key to understanding a person’s psychology].


There are two basic types of people on Earth. One type I refer to as Enlightened, which means someone with an elevated level of C’etc. The other type of person is what I refer to as the Intelack class personality, and the Intelack class personality has a diminished level of C’etc. Or put another way, the Intelack class personality has a Soul that is new to the form of human being.

A most fascinating [and virtually unknown reality] is that there are a great many Intelack type people on Earth, or a type of people who possess a high level of Intellectualism, and yet these people possess very little common sense. Perhaps you are aware of such people? The reason for this is that a person’s brain and thinking ability have nothing to do with a person’s level of C’etc, or level of Consciousness. Consciousness is Spiritual in nature, and a person’s brain and thinking is part of the physical body, or physical dimension.

So, it is quite possible that America could elect an Intelack type personality to the Presidency of the nation, especially when such a person was the first black person to run for such a high office. And without proper vetting, the people would not realize that this person possesses a high intellectual ability, and very little C’etc, or Consciousness, or common sense.

The problem that has resulted in America doing this is that the person serving as President is also the Commander in Chief, with extraordinary responsibilities… and power. This is not the first time this has happened in the world.  It occurred in Germany, in the 1930s, and via a revolution, it occurred in Russia in 1917.  But we are speaking of an election in America in 2008, where the nation was giddy in anticipation of electing a relatively unknown black man  to the most powerful position in the world; and few Americans were aware of what 40+ years of Progressive education had done to the nation.  So, in 2008, America elected its first black President, unaware that they were electing a person who [unknown to himself] hated America and held within his MIND a deeply repressed desire to punish Americans for the death of his Muslim-Communist father, who he believed was killed by the CIA, while his father was in Africa.  In 2008, with the financial support of George Soros, America elected an Intelack class personality with a severe lack of C’etc, which means a  lack of Consciousness .

In addition, without proper checking of the background of the first black president, the nation would not know that the father of O was a Marxist Muslim who abandoned O at the age of 3. And this left a deep sense of being “wrong” [within the MIND of O].  That is, a misperception taken on by the MIND of O that his father left him because he was not as important as the Communism his father left him to pursue in Africa.  This psychological scar is what drives  O today to try and “prove” himself to his father… and to punish America for being the “colonial nation” his father hated.  This scar took the form of  a phobic fear of being “wrong,” which means an intense fear of making  decisions.

In the White House today is a surrogate “mother” named Valerie Jarrett, and she makes the decisions that O fears to make. Of course this phobic fear and his dependence upon Jarrett is fully non-conscious to O.

In addiiton, both the mother and father of O had Intelack class personalities, which means they were lacking emotionality [and this means they feared their own emotions] and O was raised to deny [and thus fear] his emotions as well. So, today, O is very much like a sociopath when it comes to emotionality. And what is referred to as his aloofness, or detachment is actually referring to his inability to possess empathy or awareness of what others are feeling.

There simply is no level of self-love in O, and thus, his outward behavior [often referred to as narcissistic] is actually a mask for a very deficient sense of self-worth. So, when he refers to the United States as being aggressive or insensitive, he is projecting his own inadequacies upon the nation.  His apology tour after election was O acting out his belief that America was what his Marxist Muslim father said it was.  A Colonial power that needed to be punished.

Unfortunately, O, who was taught by Davis to hate Democracy and Free Enterprise, had this same hatred reinforced by his mother, who reminded him of how much his father hated America, and called America a colonialist nation. From his own writing, O suggests that America and Great Britain were complicit in the murder of his Marxist Muslim father who was killed in Africa while instigating revolution.

And finally, O spent 20 years listening to hate America from Reverend Wright, and this endless barrage of hate, resentment, and Intelack class distortion of reality surely took its toll on the MIND of O.

So, today, when America desperately needs the very best President possible, it has a frighted child, fixated on a desire to make America pay for the death of his father; a child who is desperate to “prove” himself to his father by seeking to make America into the Communist-Muslim state his father dreamed of fomenting in Africa.

I fear that, unless America wakes up… it will soon be lost forever.


Brother James


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