About Being Black in America

That is, do you know who and what you are? Or, do you “think” you know who and what you are, but you are mistaken?
I won’t waste your time, or my time by trying to convince you that I know what I am writing about. You will either realize that what I am writing is true, or you won’t. And if you don’t, then you are not someone who must be part of a massive shift for people of color in America.

Who I am is not as important as what I know.  Oddly, this is true for all people, regardless of the color of their skin, their ethnicity, or in what kind of environment they were raised? In America, and in most of the world, people simply do not “know” who and what they are?  Nor do people know the reason they exist, and not knowing this basic Truth… is a disadvantage for 99% of all people on Earth.

And yet, the very nature of the Purpose of Life is that we who are alive on Earth must figure out the Purpose of Life?  But this is like going into a dark room, closing the door, and then being asked to describe everything in the room, when all one sees is darkness.  The most common factor shared by the most people is ignorance.  Ignorance of the Purpose of Life, and how one “fits’ into the Purpose of Life?  And if you do not believe me, then answer me this:  What is the Purpose of Life?

The only person likely to be able to answer my question would be someone who has spent a lifetime studying the ancient texts of Eastern mysticism including the writings of Saints and Masters of the last 4,500 years; or since the earliest known communication which is called Sanskrit.  And only if such a person has also been Graced with being Initiated into a Spiritual path by God.

If that is you, then please join me in an attempt to turn around an entire race of people who are heading in the wrong direction because too few are listening to those among them who have awakened to a higher Reality than what the brain alone can provide.

It is time for all Americans to speak honestly, openly, and truthfully about things of which too many are ignorant.  If you do not personally KNOW the reason you exist, then you are part of the problem… and you need to become part of the solution.


The hashtag #RealityvsRacism will be a place where all ppl who love God and love Truth can find others who seek Reality as the most direct way to find God.


Brother James

This is my website for research.


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