Psychology of “Liberals”

If the modern Liberal was normal, the story of what’s wrong with the Liberal would not be  important.  The fact is, the “Liberal,” although not uncommon, is nonetheless deserving of special attention. Not the fact that a person is a Liberal, but what is deserving of our attention is the REASON a person has thoughts and actions we label as Liberal?

And, before we get too far into this short piece, allow me to share a couple little-known facts with the reader. One is that the label “Intelack” stands for people who are naturally Democrat, Liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Progressive, Nazi, and Maoist.  And the other fact is that what makes people different from one another is not what modern mental health thinks causes this difference, but rather, what makes people different is  a difference in the level of Consciousness Within  people.

And, you may ask, what do I mean by   “Consciousness”?   Well, I believe Consciousness is just another name for the level of Spiritual Evolution a person’s Soul possesses?  This assumes, of course you will accept the idea that the human being has a Soul?

Next you have to accept that the purpose of life is for each Soul to grow and mature over time?  If you can accept a Soul, and that each Soul is supposed to grow in knowledge through experience, then what I am about to say will not seem very strange.

Oh, one more thing.  We make a mistake when we look at the intelligence of a person and presume that an intelligent person is an Enlightened person. You have heard that many intelligent people know about things, but that they often lack “common sense”.  In addition,  quite often the higher the IQ is, the less in touch with ones emotions one is.  Well, the reason is that IQ is a measure one ones brain and thinking.  It is not a measure of ones level of Consciousness.

Were you aware that many sociopathic or psychopathic murderers were very intelligent, and yet had no emotionality at all?  The reason is that the brain is physical, and the MIND which feeds the brain its thoughts is not physical, nor is the MIND Spiritual.  Intuition and emotionality are both part of ones Spiritual dimension, and the Spiritual dimension is not capable of being perceived by ones brain.

So, the very intelligent Liberal can “act” like he/she cares about people, but such “caring” is an act.  The fact is, the Liberal is very much in touch with the brain and thinking, but not in touch with emotion, or Spirituality.

Finally, the worst thing about the Liberal personality is that he/she tends to be very self-centered. That is, how other people view the Liberal is very important to the Liberal.  And so, the Liberal politician, or public servant, or teacher, does things to make others dependent upon and to like the Liberal.

But the Liberal has a MIND that, being cut off from [and actually fearing his or her emotionality], often fears personal responsibility. So, to avoid taking personal responsibility the Liberal will lie, cheat and defraud. Lacking Conscience, this makes the Liberal very vulnerable to evil. And the Liberal has no idea everyone isn’t like him/herself.  Alas, it is not possible to point out the dishonesty of the Liberal since his/her MIND will block him/her from seeing evil behavior.

The only way for Enlightened people to protect themselves is to make sure the Liberal is never allowed to gain a position where he/she can begin to control others.  Like a seat in Congress, for example.  Being unable to tell right from wrong is a dangerous thing for a politician.  And we KNOW this to be certainty, do we not?



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