In this short presentation, I will attempt to expose a bit of Truth that is mostly unknown on Earth.  This bit of Truth [capital “T” Truth] refers to a phenomena that actually exists, however,  it exists in a dimension that is not physical, and  is therefore “invisible” to the brain and physical senses.

I am in fact saying that the brain is not capable of perceiving this bit of Truth, no matter the level of ones intellect, IQ, education, age, profession, or social status.  Further more, no one can acquire this bit of Truth by any physical means whatsoever.

I mean, how can one “think” about that which the brain cannot perceive? If you know a way to think yourself to the experience of the unknown, in other words, I would be most anxious to hear about how this is done [and do not tell me you can do it using abstract words… this is a common delusional notion that is popular, but quite mistaken].

For example, do not waste our time trying to convince me you know what you are talking about when you use the abstract term “Soul”.  If you have not actually seen a Soul, then you have no idea what you mean by use of the term “Soul”. Many “think” they know what the Soul is, but they are only deluding themselves.  Let us not get stuck in that intellectual trap.

So, I am sorry to say, the long sought after “truth” that has eluded the world’s greatest philosophers, will continue to do so, perpetually.  And this also means that the acquisition of this bit of Truth, of which I speak, is only possible to acquire by one means alone.  And that means is called “meditation”.

Meditation is best defined as a prolonged process of intentional  withdrawal of ones conscious awareness [what I refer to as the Attn Aspect of ones Apapsyche] from the physical body [and things  external to oneself],  as one seeks to fix ones Attn Aspect  “Within” oneself.  The term “Within” in my work always refers to mystical phenomena that exist Within Man, but the mystical phenomena are invisible to the brain of Man, and to the MIND of Man as well [even though the MIND itself is invisible].

I use the phrase “Conscious Awareness,”  or ‘C-Awar,’ to refer to that which Rene Descartes searched for;  in his search for that aspect of Man that is aware of being.  He settled for “I Think, therefore I am”.  Philosophers were greatly impressed by this juggling act, but although he satisfied himself, he failed to find the proper answer.  And we must not blame Descartes for  his error since he as searching.


Veiled in the most esoteric and abstract forms of language, regardless what language one might be reading, speaking or hearing, are references to the state of Enlightenment a human being can acquire.  If one will study carefully the terms used to refer to the Esoteric phenomena of Man, one will find that all of these terms point to what they stand for, and yet none of these terms CONVEY what they are said to stand for.  And the reason is this:  Truth cannot manifest on this physical plane.

Isn’t this interesting? Soul, MIND, God, Spiritual, Spirit, Truth, non or unconscious, Esoteric, unknown, and so forth all suggest the existence of phenomena, and yet none of the many abstract terms  CONVEY the phenomena for which they serve as pointers. The Spiritual dimension must remain as it is, and to access it one must travel to it, since it cannot be KNOWN by any source that is not Spiritual Energy.


If you follow me thus far, then let us just agree that anyone who could actually “experience” the energy of one or more of these abstract terms would be unusual!  And, indeed, it is the unusual human being I wish to address.  The Enlightened human being is a special person, but if we maintain the delusional notion that the Soul only has one life to live… How can we possibly explain how one Soul is Enlightened, and other Souls are not Enlightened?

Are we to believe that we Souls are thrown upon the Earth, like dice, and how each person winds up is capricious, accidental, and arbitrary?

If one believes this, then survival of the fittest is an appropriate agenda for us to use as a governmental instrument.  I don’t believe you can have it both ways.  Those people who are confined to Intellectualism, or to use of the brain to comprehend life, resist and deny God, and  due to a lack of Enlightenment, they also deny the Law of Karma and Reincarnation.

On the other hand, we do have Enlightened people on Earth.  Not many, and they remain quiet and keep to themselves for the most part… simply as a means of self-preservation.  There is nothing quite so frightening to the Intelack class person [those Souls that are not very advanced] than someone who is Enlightened [or someone who knows things the Intelack cannot possibly experience].

So, the Enlightened class individual “learns” to not only mask and deny his or her Enlightenment,  he or she actually sets it aside to play the role of Intelack class personality.

So, when I post something on Tweeter that an Intelack class personality does not comprehend [is not ready to awaken to from Within him/herself] I often  receive replies to my posts that are rude, often vulgar, and always prompted by fear [which is unknown to the person replying].  The Intelack fears what his/her MIND cannot perceive, and this naturally prompts such people to attempt to threaten me with what they believe is a superior  Intellectualism.  You see, they can’t possibly comprehend that I have no fear of their Intellectualism, primarily because I know the reason for it, and I also know its severe limitations.  In addition, I KNOW the bits of Truth I am sharing with others are True… and not speculation nor conjecture.

Intelack class personalities normally speak out against Spirituality, Truth, and they  attempt to intellectually overwhelm Enlightened people.  But the normal Enlightened individual can “see” and “hear”  deception and evil, but they usually do not react, and the Intelack class people then reinforce their delusional belief they are superior, or elite.

In my responses to the bait of Intelack people, I seek to be as kind and courteous as I can be… while softly insisting they recognize the Truth.

We Souls, and that means all Souls, are slowly growing and maturing over countless lifetimes [slowly acquiring enlightenment, in other words].  And if one needs to not believe this, that is perfectly OK. Christianity is a bit over 2,000 years old.  The mystical research I pursue is over 4,500 years old, and although not well known in the West, it tends to fill in a great many gaps in the various religions.  There are many plays going on simultaneously on Earth, and they are all part of the larger picture of Life.

Religions come and go, as do nations.  But the Truth, God, and we Souls keep on incarnating into Life and we die, only to be born again.



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