It’s What a “Liberal” Lacks that’s Important

What you are about to read… will be surprising, and perhaps even a bit depressing… if you are a “Liberal”?

And let us clarify and change the term “Liberal” to that of Intelack, so that we can be perfectly clear as to what we are talking about.

The term liberal used to mean someone open to and supportive of creativity, change, and Man seeking to grow and expand.  But in recent decades, the term “Liberal” has been used to refer to a person who fears guns, believes that the wealthy need to have their wealth taken and re-distributed to the poor, and someone who hates Capitalism and the  restrictions the Constitution places on government.

Well, I have discovered over the last 30+ years that the attributes we refer to as “liberal” are found in a class of people I refer to by the term  “Intelack”.  And the Intelack is a label for one of two basic types of people on Earth — and more about this in a moment.

The term Intelack combines the prefix “Inte” of  Intellectualism, with the word “lack,” as in… a lack of Conscience.   And to read more about the term Intelack, click here.  The definition of Intellectualism states that someone exhibiting Intellectualism  is notable by an  absence of emotion [or emotionality].  What the dictionary does not state is that the condition of Intellectualism is a form of “compensation” for  a lack of what I refer to as “C’etc” [pronounced ‘C_etcetera’].  And the “C” stands for Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, or my terms for the Virtues of Life we Souls are slowly acquiring over many, many lifetimes.

Now, what I just stated may be controversial for some… in that it states as fact  both the Law of Karma [instrumental in acquiring C’etc], and that of Reincarnation — or the fact that we Souls have as many lifetimes as we need to achieve Perfection.  And this in no way interferes with what Christians believe, other than the “one life to live” idea, which I believe is a misinterpretation of scripture.

What is true is that each life one lives is the ONLY life one lives as that particular person.  In ones next lifetime, ones Soul  has a different body, a different personality, and a different psychology.  And, of course, ones MIND was attached to ones Soul when ones Soul first entered the Creation.  So, each of us retains the same MIND lifetime after lifetime.

And allow me to introduce the concept of the “Ladder of Life,” which is an analogy for us to imagine all Souls as being perched upon the various rungs of this Ladder of Life… each according to how much C’etc ones Soul has acquired?  And this introduces us to the second class of Souls on Earth.  The Souls perched upon the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life are the Intelack class of Sous, and the Souls perched upon the higher rungs of the Ladder of Life are Enlightened Souls.

As a Soul, in other words, accumulates C’etc, it naturally ascends the Ladder of Life, and as it acquires C’etc, it increases the amount of C’etc it has, and when a Soul has acquired a sufficient amount of C’etc, it is able to push back against and resist the desires of the MIND that is attached to it.

And, the desires of the MIND are Greed, Envy, and an insatiable desire to Control everyone and everything… to try and prevent being exposed to what the Intelack Soul is not “ready” to be exposed to.  And what is that, you might wonder?

Strangely, it is Truth and Spirituality.  To learn everything there is to learn and experience on Earth… we Souls  begin by experiencing the negativity that can ONLY be experienced on Earth.  This means that Souls early in their experience of life on Earth must be unaware of certain bits of Truth that, should they become aware of these, they would not do the negative things they NEED to do to grow and mature.

So,  the Intelack Soul is merely a Soul that is new, or newer to the form of human being. The Soul with MIND attached, at the time of death, goes before a judge located on the Astral region of Creation,  where it can evaluate how well it did working through the Fate Karma it designed for its last lifetime?  After this evaluation, it designs a new Fate Karma for its next lifetime, and it then goes to some Heaven for rest, or to some Hell where its MIND will be re-educated to not engage in certain evil deeds ever  again. When the next lifetime is arranged, the Soul reincarnates.

So, what does the Intelack [Liberal] lack?  The Intelack lacks C’etc, which is to say: A Sufficient amount of Conscicousness to be Enlightened.


Brother James



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