Greetings:  And what I’m about to share with readers is perhaps so different, so unknown, that many of you will not believe what I will  be sharing.

But first, let me share  a few lines about myself.  I am a semi-retired psychotherapist whose private practice specialized in  working with clients who had failed to receive the proper help from multiple mental health resources . My clientele  included adults and children.  I was successful because I discovered, even before I completed my Masters program in Counseling /Psychotherapy, what causes people to experience “conflicts” in their lives .  I discovered this as a consequence of my own Gestalt psychotherapy session in the second year of my Masters program…. But not as a consequence of my training, which was  standard “behavioral science,” following the mistaken notions of B.F. Skinner, as adopted in the early 1900s.

My credentials,  for those who operate from the brain and thinking are:  AA, BA, MA, MS, Ph.D., and various teaching credentials granted by California years ago.  And none of these indicate whether or not I am capable of teaching people how to access the Knowledge they have within themselves.   What I face, and what we all face as a nation when it comes to the “concept” of education   is a lack of understanding  regarding the fundamentals of learning.

My last year teaching at the university level, I taught an experimental class in which I sought to help students discover the origin of creativity.  I had not taught the class before, nor was I aware of such a class ever being taught before.  I just seemed to “know” that I needed  to experience doing the class.

Well, as it turned out, half the students successfully discovered how to tap into Knowledge they possessed within themselves.  The other students in the class were psychologically unprepared to benefit from the structure and form of class.   What made the class frightening for half the students was the “unknown” aspects of the class.  And by unknown, I simply mean some people are confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and to thinking, and if they have to use their imagination and face elements that others have not already faced and placed in written form they can see and think about,  they experience a sense of panic, and they become anxious. This type person is an Intelack type personality.

You see, there are two basic types of children.  One type is Right-brain oriented [which means more Enlightened], than the other type which is Left-brain oriented, and fears having to face exploring questions or activities that are beyond the grasp of the brain and thinking.  Unfortunately, education can be taught as a strictly intellectual process [which means confined to the brain and thinking] which excludes Intuition, Creativity, spontaneity, and imagination.

Modern Education has been taken-over by the Intelack type personality who [quite unknown to him/herself] fears the unknown of life, or the Esoteric dimensions of Man and of Life.  The Intelack  believes he/she can intellectually deal with the whole of Life by intellectual means alone.  This denial of the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Life is what causes the Intelack  personality to dislike religion, or Spirituality, and to believe that because God cannot be physically proven, then quite likely God does not exist. Intuition, or Enlightened access to the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man are simply ignored  and not even taught in education today.

The problem in education is a math problem. The brain can perceive one-fourth of the Whole of Man, and cannot perceive three-fourths of Man.  To teach young people to ignore three-fourths of  Reality and to focus entirely on a quarter of Reality  just doesn’t make sense to me.  How about you?

Previous to my pursuit of Psychology, I was a teacher for a dozen years, including instruction from elementary to university. In my last year teaching in a university, I discovered that I did not want to  teach young people  about Art, I wanted to help them discover   what  it is  within them that causes then to stifle  Creativity and prevents them from discovering Knowledge they already possess Within  themselves?  You see, unknown to most people [at least those who do not study the Whole of Man]  they fail to realize that three-fourths of ones “Whole” is not theoretical… these three non-physical dimensions of oneself are very real, and if ignored, we suffer problems: Illnesses of various kinds as well as psychological conflict.

The Whole Human Being comprises four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical.   And, the only part of Man that is Real, in an Absolute sense is the Spiritual dimension of Man.  So, when we ignore the Spiritual in Man, we ignore the only part of Man that is Real. And, these non-physical dimensions of Man can only be Known by Intuition.

Creativity, imagination, and Knowledge all reside Within Man, and the Intelack believes they exist outside of Man.  And herein lies our problem with Education today.  The problem with education today is not what is being taught so much as it is who is teaching our children? How does it make any sense that creativity is being taught by people who [unknown to themselves] fear the Creative process?

The Intelack type people who are pushing Common Core do so because to them it promises they will never be confronted with a child that is curious,  Enlightened,  Creative,  spontaneous, or gifted. Common Core wants children to become sticks of wood for the state.

I have coined the term Intuengnosis [Intuen-nosis], and this new term refers to the fact that Man can be taught how to enhance the faculty of Intuition, and by doing so increase access to the Esoteric dimensions that reside Within Man that… simply cannot be perceived by the brain or thinking.

Let me know how you feel about what I have written.


Brother James

[James W. Patterson, Ph.D.]


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