There are a great many things we human beings cannot know about the Esoteric dimensions of Life.  And I find it particularly sad that when we can discover some things of great importance to Mankind, there is a great deal of resistance to such discovery. Should we not ask “how come” there is such resistance?

Specifically I am thinking about the Law of Karma that the genius of God designed to operate the Creation, and the Reincarnation that allows the Law of Karma to operate for every Soul.

The natural desire of the MIND of Man is evil [and this tendency toward evil subtly drives many people on Earth], well, everyone except those who are Enlightened. Question is, how does one become Enlightened? [Addressed momentarily].

If this blog resonates with you, then you are Enlightened.  If it does not not resonate with you, then you are most likely an Intelack type personality. And that’s quite OK, but it does mean that you should not be allowed to hold any position that will enable you to impact the lives of others, because you are assigned such a position, unknown to yourself, you will  make the lives of people  miserable.

You see, the Intelack type personality is not capable of comprehending the negative  consequences of their actions [which their MINDs convince them are all intended to establish a more equitable distribution of phenomena among people].  I am saying, in other words, that the lack of  Consciousness  in the Intelack personality is the REASON the Intelack type personality NATURALLY pursues and supports actions that harm Mankind.

The Democrat, or Liberal in politics is an Intelack personality, and no-one  can tell another person is an Intelack  by simply looking at that  person.  All of us must [if we are educated  to the “symptoms” of the Intelack] listen to the Intelack to discover whether or not a person is an Intelack ?

Lacking in Spiritual Evolution, or the Virtues of Life,  the Intelack “believes” that the delusional notions of Marxism are applicable to the illusion of life, and having no awareness of the Reality of Life… That is, the Spiritual dimension  of Life, the Intelack cannot “see” the  repeated failures of marxism in history.

This failure to ‘see” was described by Fritz Perls as “Scotoma,” or blind spot.  I refer to this phenomenon as the DM=SI of the MIND, and it is especially active in Souls that lack C’etc.

So, if a person has no awareness of the Law of  Karma, or Reincarnation, and does not realize all Souls have not evolved equally, and mistakenly believe a lack of common sense can be explained by I.Q.,  is a person who is easily fooled by the deviously clever Intelack personality. And further, a person so uninformed has no business representing people whose Enlightenment enables them to “see” very clearly the Intelack personality.

Ignorance, in other words, is the enemy we Americans seem unwilling to fight with Truth, and with the Constitution of the United States of America.  The only answer I can come up with is the mistaken Christian notion that it is God’s duty to fight evil, and not that of every Soul on Earth.  Clearly this notion is wrong.


Brother James


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