Regarding the subject of Spirituality

In Academia it is normally assumed that the brain can study everything. Surprise, surprise!

Man is composed of four [4] simultaneously existing energy dimensions, only one of which can be perceived by the brain of Man.  This means that the two invisible dimensions of the MIND, and the Spiritual dimension CANNOT be perceived by the brain.  This means that the individual who is confined to his or her intellect is unable to perceive what my “abstract words” are referring to when I use them.  “Them” meaning Soul, MIND, Spirituality, Empathy, Intuition, Consciousness, and so forth.

To repeat in another way, let me simply say that if your Soul is not specifically evolved enough, you will be unable to use your  faculty of Intuition to empathetically experience the invisible dimensions of yourself.  And to be able to “think” about the abstract terms used to “point to” the existence  of non-physical phenomena is nice, but pointing at a map does not give one the experience of the actual place one is pointing at.  If one is capable of comprehending what I am saying?


Brother James