In the following short paper, I will explain  the reason Liberal or Progressive type people [ who are part of a class of people I refer to as Intelack, explained in a moment],  tend to fair better than Conservatives in arguments, debates, and in politics.   To comprehend the message the reader needs to know two things.

1.  There are two basic types of people on earth, and neither type realizes the reason they are different.

2. One type is  Enlightened, and the other type is what I refer to as Intelack, and take some time to research this term by just clicking on it.

So, can I “prove” this difference?  Oddly enough, to the Enlightened type person, I can prove what I will be talking about.  That is the Enlightened individual will subtly “resonate” with and “see” the symptoms that, to the Intelack individual remain unseen.   Therefore,  I cannot prove any part of what I am saying to the Intelack type individual.

What the Enlightened individual Knows is “unknown” [and in fact unknowable to the Intelack], and this frightens the MIND of the  Intelack [remember the MIND is not the brain], and this fear [which is non-conscious]  “causes” a process within the MIND of the  Intelack that Fritz Perls [in his book:  In and Out the Garbage Pail], spoke of as “Scotoma,”, and I refer to this little-knob phenomena  as the “DM=SI” of the MIND.  It is the DM=SI of the MIND of the Intelack that prevents him/her from “seeing,” “hearing,”  or “experiencing” certain things.  What “things”? Well, things like Truth, Reality, or Spirituality, or the subtle manifestations of these non-physical dimensions that  requires  one to  use the faculty of Intuition; or Empathetic Understanding, or  [psychic insight] to awaken ones conscious awareness to these subtle bits of phenomena.

If interested in more research into the Esoteric phenomena of Man, the reader can pursue This.

So, am I saying that the Enlightened type of person can experience certain subtle realities of Life, while the Intelack type person cannot perceive these subtle dimensions of Life?  That is, and generally unknown in America,  there are certain levels of Truth that  are invisible, or inaccessible to the Intelack type individual?  And the Intelack individual has no way of knowing that he/she is lacking anything, or missing anything at all.

What enables the Enlightened type person to “see” and “hear,” [as Christ put it in the Bible], while  the Intelack can neither  “see” nor “hear,”  is what I symbolize as “C’etc“.  And C’etc can only be acquired by a Soul that has accumulated C’etc over many, many lifetimes.

And yes, this of course means both the Law of Karma, and Reincarnation are facts, not just theories.

Difficult for some to accept, or embrace, but after 30+ years of study, I know what I am talking about.

As “compensation” for a lack of C’etc, the Soul of the Intelack is given substantial Intellectualism, and this means intellectual skill of memory, and a lack of Conscience which allows the Intelack to use his/her intellectual skills to beat those who threaten the Intelack.  Indeed, with a Soul that “lacks” C’etc, the Intelack is a skillful liar, and his/her MIND does not allow the Intelack to realize he/she is lying.   Difficult to argue with someone who is absolutely convinced that he/she is right, and if you pursue questioning him/her, then the Intelack will quickly become personal, and will do anything to “win”.

The MIND of the Intelack intensely fears being wrong, or being forced to look at Truth.  And the current President of the United States of America is an Intelack, with little Conscience, and a deeply repressed hatred for America and Americans, due to  what he was told as a child: So his MIND believes the American CIA was involved in the death of his Marxist Muslim Father, who was fomenting  communist revolution in Africa.  This belief is delusional, but to his MIND [at a fully non-conscioius level] it is quite real.  And, if one views his irrational behavior from this point of view,  his decisions begin to make perfect sense.  He is [unknown to himself] doing everything he can to destroy America and “punish” Americans while at the same time seeking to favor  muslims as an attempt to cause his father to like him.  And these are  all psychological urgings of his MIND as he, not unlike a robot, stumbles ahead doing what his MIND tells him to do.  And his race is the only thing preventing America from protecting itself from his insane activities.

Without competent help, there is no way to interfere in this pathological goal his MIND has set fort him to destroy and punish America and Americans.  Unfortunately, he is well on his way to accomplishing his task, with the help of a great many Marxist-type personalities he has drawn around himself.


Brother James

Revised 3/9/2014


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