Note to Conservatives… Note # 2

OK, now you know that  Intelack  means [a  Soul that is lacking C’etc, or the Virtues we Souls are slowly acquiring over many, many lifetimes by completing Karma].   A special and vey mystical process within Man I refer to as “Esotransmutation”  converts “completed Karma” into C’etc  [or into the Virtues we Souls are seeking to develop  as part of our  Spiritual Evolution], which, as it is acquired, provides  each Soul  a certain level of Wisdom, or Enlightenment.

No doubt the strangest thing I have discovered over the last 40+ years is that  the Soul of Man is Perfect.  But, the term “Perfect” refers to the Source ‘behind’  everything,  NOT to everything that Source can be?  So, although the Energy of the Soul is Perfect, what that Perfect Energy can be, do and experience is UNKNOWN to the Soul that is new to the human form [the Intelack type Soul] in other words.  So… to discover and experience everything the  Perfect  Energy of Spirituality can be and do is what we Souls are in Creation to discover by experience.  This then is the Purpose of Life.

That is, the purpose of Life  for we Souls  is to slowly experience everything Life has to offer.  And this would also include a great deal of negativity, or evil.  Which is, by the way, the reason there are Hells.   Ancient mystics have taught for generations that there are multiple Hells to re-educate the MIND that is attached to each Soul, and these Hells are very effective.  So effective in fact that sometimes a phobia occurs regarding certain re-education processes, and our MINDs carry this  phobia into our next lifetime;  and now we know that a phobia is the left-over re-education process of Hell.

Let us return just a bit to the Whole Human Being, or WHB.  The “whole” of Man consists of [from inside out] a Core of Spirituality, which is called the Soul.  Next  is a very subtle body of energy we are told is the Higher MIND, and this represents the Causal region of Creation.  Next is the Astral body, and this is the body within which we awaken at the time of our physical death.   All the Hells and Heavens are located on the Astral region of Creation, and at the time of death, ones Soul, in its Astral body, travels to the place in  the Astral region where the Hells and Heavens exist.  It is at this time that a Soul  goes  before a “judge” and together, the judge and ones Soul go over how well one did working through the Fate Karma ones Soul designed for its just competed lifetime?

At the conclusion of this evaluation, ones Soul then designs a new Fate Karma for its next lifetime.  Into this design will go any unfinished business ones Soul might want to conclude;  any new vocation ones Soul wants to explore, or some skill or talent one might want to explore, and this is the time that ones Soul can also design a life of poverty, or a life of service.   Mystics tell us that in order to have a life of wealth, ones Soul must “earn” it, and this is earned by many lifetimes of poverty,  service to others, plus lifetimes of generosity.  So, the Intelack notion that the rich need to have their wealth confiscated and re-distributed to the poor is the idea of a Soul that is new to, and ignorant of, the Purpose and practice of Life.

The last of the four simultaneously existing dimensions of the WHB is the physical dimension.  And at the time of birth, ones MIND creates programing for a new personality, psychology, and brain, and this programing is a combination of past MIND-level memory; certain active emotions taken-on from ones mother [and father if present at ones birth];  and every part of ones new self is formed to correctly “fit” the Fate Karma ones Soul designed at the close of ones previous lifetime.  Thankfully, each of us is confined to the Fate Karma we designed, otherwise we would really have a chaotic mess.

If this interferes with your belief that you have “free will,” I’m sorry. But, surely life is hectic enough?  Personally, I’m glad  I don’t have to worry about my future.  It is already taken care of, so all I have to do is engage in it the best way I can.  Curbing ones “reactions” to the reaping of ones previous Karma is much easier if one did not create it in this lifetime. But for some, even though all Karma one encounters is the return of ones own previous actions, many people blame those returning ones own Karma to oneself.  And blaming, or resenting the messenger of ones Karma is not the way to Accept what is due one.

In fact, when one resents some bit of Karma that is ALWAYS due one, one just creates a new round of Karma that must come back to oneself again.  Better luck next time.  It is not at all easy to “complete” Karma.  This is one reason we need so many lifetimes to achieve the Purpose of Life.  To imagine a person could explore and discover everything Life has to offer in one lifetime… makes no sense at all.  How could a Soul be content with, or even face other Souls in Heaven, when the only experience of life that Soul had was seven months of life in the womb before being aborted?

Unless and until one can Accept some bit of Karma as due oneself, that Karma cannot be completed.  And only completed Karma creates C’etc, and only C’etc is stored as Knowledge within ones Apapsyche.

How many of you knew all this?  If you were aware of any of this, then there is a good chance you are somewhat Enlightened, and this means you are a Conservative.  The person who is referred to as a Conservative today is a Soul that has acquired some level of C’etc, because the Conservative is naturally resistant to interfering in the Karmic obligations of others;   naturally opposed to government imposing restrictions on life; and naturally open to the necessity of people holding different beliefs… since we are all unique in our path through life.

The only Conservative who would align him/herself with a Democrat, Liberal, Socialist, Progressive, Communist, Marxist, or Intelack,  is a fence-sitter  Conservative.  That is, a Soul that is  just beginning to acquire Enlightenment.  Many Republican intellectuals fall into this category.  Nice person perhaps, but not someone who should be allowed a position of Trust, or a position of power.  The natural evil desires of the MIND [Greed, Envy and an insatiable desire to “control” life] are just too difficult to resist for people who lack C’etc.

So, as long as the Intelack stays out of politics, and is watched constantly, he/she can remain on Earth to “learn” how to be a human being.  But an Intelack should never be allowed to gain a position where he/she can exercise “control” over others.  If this happens, we get people like Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Chavez, and our current President.


Brother James [docjp]

[James W. Patterson, Ph.D.]


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