I will try and keep this note short, and as specific as possible, but to keep it short may be difficult.  The reason for the difficulty is that what I want to share [that is, the causal factor behind what I want to share] is invisible.   That is, by  ‘invisible’ I mean to say that the phenomenon I am about to discuss takes place Within a person and at levels the brain cannot perceive.  And this makes what I’m about to discuss  invisible to ones brain and physical senses.

Just in case the reader was not aware that Modern Mental Health ignores and tends to deny the Esoteric  [invisible] dimensions of Man [and the Esoteric dimensions of Man are the MIND  and Spiritual dimensions of Man], let me say they do.  And this means that Modern Mental Health, or “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] are not familiar with these dimensions of Man for two reasons [discussed shortly].    And, this matters because three-fourths of who and what we are as Whole human beings includes  these invisible dimensions of ourselves.

So, when I suggest that BS&bp ignores and thus denies these Esoteric, or invisible dimensions of Man, the reason they do so is [despite a general assumption by those trained in BS&bp that they no longer follow the thoughts of B.F. Skinner, (the father of Behaviorism), they do follow Skinner], but they are not aware of doing  so.  And,  they are unaware of doing so because, like Skinner, they are not “Enlightened” individuals.

And here is where we begin dancing on thin ice.   You see, no one likes to be told that he or she is unable to comprehend something.  And the more intellectual a person is, the more that person denies there is anything I might Know that he/she is unable to “know” with his/her brain.  The fact is, there are certain people who cannot grasp or comprehend the concept that it is possible for me to Know something they cannot Know.  My use of capital “K” for ‘Know’ indicates the existence of Esoteric or invisible phenomena [explained shortly].

Unknown to most people in America  is the REASON there are two different types of people on Earth.  And I have labeled these two different types of people:  Intelack and Enlightened.   I refer to one type as  Intelack , and I refer to the other type as Enlightened.

The Inte of Intellectualism + Lack of C’etc = Intelack. That is, the term Intelack refers to the person whose Soul has not [as yet] acquired a sufficient amount of C’etc to enable it to push back against the evil desires of the Lower Mind.  And yes, this means that the term Reincarnation refers to a fact of Life, not a theory.

The Intelack type personality refers to the Soul that is new or relatively new to the form of human being.  If the reader draws from this the inference of “transmigration” then the reader is correct. That is,  every living thing has a Soul.  And the Soul within every living thing is seeking to grow, mature, and to ultimately achieve the form of human being.   The mystics tell us that Man is the ultimate goal for every Soul.  There are people who, for some reason, find it hard to believe this?  But they are wrong.

In Note #2, I will continue with the topic of focusing on the  basic difference between the two types of  people on Earth.


Brother James, docjp

[James W. Patterson, Ph.D.]


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