No doubt, at least from my point of view, the greatest difficulty in trying to educate black youth is not black youth themselves, well, not exactly.   The difficulty is caused by  a host of natural elements of life that can be recognized,  but what we recognize  are usually ignored [because they are “symptoms” of  invisible factors that interfere in what we all do], but since we are not “educated” in the recognition of these factors, we observe the symptoms and tend to blame each other for things we “imagine”  might be causing the symptoms we see.

You see, modern mental health, or “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”], unlike the Psychology given to the world by the ancient Greeks, ignores the Esoteric dimensions of Man entirely, and as a consequence, parents [unknowingly] cause the MINDs of young  children to take-on a great many negative misperceptions. Parents of some races impact children more than other races due to their history and external events.

Did you notice I mentioned the natural elements that we  can see and think about are caused by factors that are “invisible”?   If these factors are invisible, how then do I know they exist?  And my answer is this:  By a process of elimination over time  is part of the answer.  And the other part of the answer is Empathetic Understanding [and this is the “secret” of what is needed to successfully educate black youth].

What is Empathetic Understanding?  This phrase is an aspect of Intuition.  What is Intuition?  Intuition  is a natural factor of every human being that is routinely denied, ignored, and even feared by many in the field of education today.  If you were  aware of what almost every religion seeks to engender in each person [but is actually unable to do so], you would know what Intuition is?  Let me list a link  that explains the term “Apapsyche,” Here, in short, the term Apapsyche stands for [the Operational Energy of the Soul]. And an aspect of ones Apapsyche is what we call  “Intuition”.

Intuition is what provides one “insight,” or access to bits of truth that ones Soul has accumulated over lifetimes.  And the term “lifetimes” may be a stopper for some people.  That is,  being unfamiliar with the concept of multiple lifetimes of the Soul,  a reader might balk at being introduced to this concept, all of a sudden, so to speak.

To wit, are we going to have a problem with this concept?  I do realize that many Christians have been taught that Man only has one lifetime in which to explore and experience everything involved in the Purpose of Life.  This is impossible to do in one lifetime, of course, but if the reader is attached to the belief that he/she only has one life in which to achieve Perfection, well then, the reader might as well put this paper down.

I say this because a crucial element of properly educating black children is to tell them the Truth, and not expect them to find their way in a life that makes very little sense to them, and is horribly distorted by people with little information, and a great deal of fear.  And I apologize for not mentioning earlier that I am a stickler for honesty, and I abhor fear or dishonesty.  I abhor fear because it is a denial of God.  And I abhor dishonesty for the same reason.

Racism is an awful thing, and a terrible waste of time and energy.  It is a waste because if a person is a black person in this lifetime, the most likely reason is that he/she abused or mistreated black people in his/her last lifetime.  And I say this because this is the natural operation of the Law of Karma.  As you sow, so shall you reap. Absolutely beautiful in its simple clearness.  Perfect because it was designed by God.

Far too many black children know nothing about the Law of Karma, or Reincarnation.  And being ignorant of these basic facts of life, they grow up being told dishonest things, and their MINDs take-on all sorts of misperceptions regarding themselves.  And people like Reverend Wright, who preaches hatred, is mirrored by a President that instead of being a positive role model for black youth, has turned out to be the most corrupt, divisive  President America has ever had.

And, if a black child has been mistakenly taught by parents to take pride in his or her race, then to see a President of their race being so disrespectful of the law, of the office of President, and of being pictured as only having parties, rubbing elbows with celebrities, playing golf, and riding around the world in his private 747, while being the most corrupt President in history, they must be confused, or they must believe they are chumps for trying to be honest.

Every black child is a Perfect Soul, and the Soul has no race whatsoever.  This is the Truth, but how many black children are taught the Truth? All human beings are Perfect Souls, but this Perfection is Spiritual, not physical.  We must go thorough our various lifetimes, doing the best we can as we work through what we designed for ourselves to work through?  And to be burdened in early childhood with all kinds of mistaken beliefs, prejudices, hatreds, and untruths is too heavy a burden for any child to carry.

Those black youths that live through adolescence and become noted  sports figures, or rap stars, or musicians are to be congratulated. But ask any of those people if education is not a wonderful thing to possess?  And, I suspect they would all say:  “Yes, definitely get your education.”

Success in life that has not been “earned,” and comes easily is often seen to destroy a person rather than make the person happy.

To desire to be a gangster on the street, or a pimp [abusing and misusing young girls], or a drug dealer ruining the lives of other children, is a miserable future for anyone.  But there are some Souls that came into this lifetime to experience these very  vocations.  This is hard for some to accept, but it is true nonetheless.  The sooner such Souls find their way to death, the sooner their Souls will given a Hell specifically to address the errors of their MINDs. But, we are concerned with the living, and with black children who are caught in lives lacking truth, honesty, and the proper [Spirituality-based] education.

Our concern, time, and resources should be focused primarily  on those young black people who are trying their best to rise above the evil they see all around themselves.  I taught young black children in Junior High School, and I learned a great deal about the communities in which these children lived.  I only lived a few miles further East myself.   This was in 1964-68, and I’m sure things have gotten much worse over time.

But what was true then, is still true.  A neighborhood reflects the lowest common denominator that is allowed to live in the neighborhood.  No one is safe if mean and cruel people are allowed to intimidate and abuse the residents of the neighborhood.  But when the people living in the neighborhood “believe” they are victims, it is extremely difficult to not participate in being victimized.

This is the reason I state that there is an  ABSOLUTE need for Truth and honesty to be  taught to parents, if they are to help  themselves rise above what they have mistakenly assumed [as victims] to be their lot in life?  The parents must believe and find to be true… what they try to teach their children.  To expect children to succeed in school, while performing like victims for their parents at home is a plan for failure.

Now black parents [much to their credit] do attend church, and seek Spiritual  truth.  But in America, and in other parts of the world, the Truth about the whole of Spirituality as it relates to Man is not taught.  And what is taught is largely intellectual, or emotional. What is missing in the teaching of Christianity [which is mostly intellectual] is the Spirituality that lies beyond the confusion of the MIND.

And yes, what I am suggesting flies in the face of habit, and deeply ingrained beliefs regarding religion.  But the question is simple.  Are blacks to remain victims, or shall they embrace a higher truth about themselves, and Mankind in general,  that is  known by millions of people in the East ?  I changed from my childhood to a very different adult at age 40.  Of course I had the help of a very fine Gestalt psychotherapist.  But, my “session” was just one session.  And what  I experienced can be experienced by almost anyone.  All it takes is the proper instruction that is based on Truth.  And this can begin as a small group, and in a week or so, fantastic changes can occur. And the Truth awakened within a few will  grow rapidly because it is based on the same Truth that resonates with both Reality and the  Spirituality within every living person.

All it takes are a few brave people who realize something is amiss.  With Truth and honesty as the curriculum, people automatically grow into who they were meant to be.  I suggest we try it.  Who knows,  it might work.


Brother James


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