The “mystical” message of Alveda King & Glenn Beck

My question is this:  Is it possible to comprehend what Martin Luther King taught… by intellectual means?  As opposed to the use of Intuition and possessing access to the Spirituality Within oneself, which is neither physical, nor discernible by physical means?

In other words, was the “lesson” of Martin Luther King about race, or equality, or prejudice… or was it about Man denying Truth?

I believe what is most often missed in the message of Dr. King is the fact he was attempting to speak to the ‘heart” of Man, and not to the brain of Man. But, because it is natural for mankind to use the brain and thinking, rather than the faculty of Intuition… since a minority of people have access to the faculty of Intuition… most people “think” that they understood what Dr. King was attempting to convey to Man.

“Equal rights” is mentioned in the Constitution because some of those  who wrote the  Constitution possessed Intuition, or an ability to access the Spirituality active Within themselves.  These individuals Intuitively Knew that the Souls of all people are the same, that is, all Souls are of God, and that the Spirituality of all Souls is the same Spirituality as that of God, since all Souls are aspects of God.

And, Knowing this, these individuals also Knew that even while each Soul is composed of the Spirituality of God, the evolution of each Soul is unique to each Soul.   That is, on which rung of  the Ladder of Life [an analogy to explain how we Souls grow and mature] a Soul is perched… depends upon how much “Consciousness” that particular Soul has acquired?  And the last sentence is a crucial element in my discussion, although the concept I am sharing  is virtually unknown to most people in America.

Common in much of Christianity is the notion that the Soul only has one lifetime in which to explore and experience the entire Creation.  This notion is the result of a misinterpretation of the Bible:

Hebrews 9:27.  And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after than comes the judgement.

This statement in the Bible refers to two elements of Life, not just to the judgement relative to Revelation and the judgement prior to the reign of Christ for a thousand years.  What is not well known in the teaching of Christianity is the fact that every time a person dies, the Soul of that person goes before a judge, and the MIND attached to that Soul  is judged, and depending upon the goodness or evil performed by that MIND, that Soul with MIND attached goes to either some Hell, for re-education of the MIND, or to some Heaven for rest and relaxation… while the next lifetime of that Soul is prepared.  This process is called by mystics Reincarnation.

The fact that about half the world lives their lives based on the Law of Karma and Reincarnation should  give mankind some reason to question the notion of “one life to live,” but this one-life to live notion persists in the West.

The fact of Reincarnation makes the idea of racism silly beyond words, since we Souls, over numerous  lifetimes, have experienced many different races and ethnic backgrounds.  But many human beings today do not possess access to Intuition — especially in the closing stages of the Iron Age of Man [the time in which we find ourselves, and the time preceding the new Golden Age of Man that will be ruled over by the Second coming of Christ for a thousand years], and I have just combined the scriptures of East and West.

I do not imagine my suggesting the East and West speak of aspects of the same thing as being accepted in the West, or in America… but I state it because it is true.  There is one God, and many religions.  The fact that people do not recognize that these religions are like the rungs of a ladder, and that they all ultimately lead to an awakening to Spirituality Within Man, is the short-coming of Man, and this is as it must be apparently.

My point is that Dr. King was able to “see” [as Christ put it] beyond the physical, to a more Enlightened period [perhaps a glimpse of the reign of Christ for a thousand years?], where mankind would be awakened to the Spirituality Within Man, and  would then “see” the sameness of  each Soul, residing Within the various bodies which we wear while in the  illusion of life, and these Enlightened Souls would be able to “see” what Dr. King could “see”.

In other words, what Dr. King envisioned was a time when an Enlightened Man would exist on Earth, and this would be a glorious day, indeed.  And if people could withdraw their attentions Within themselves, and touch the Spirituality existing Within themselves, they might “see” this… but the time for doing this is short.  We are in the ‘end times’ now, and time has been accelerating for quite some time.  And each human being will be judged in the next seven years, and only those who have retained their love of God will be included in the reign of Christ.


Brother James

Aug 7, 2014