Let me begin this unusual explanation with a rather long sentence, explaining in my own terms,  the “reason’ the Liberal [Intelack] personality seeks to “control” the use of guns by people.

The Liberal personality, or what I prefer to call the “Intelack individual,” is a Soul that lacks some degree of Conscience [Spiritual evolution], and this lack of Spirituality  increases the fear held within the MIND of such a person, and this increased [although delusional] fear exacerbates [makes worse] this persons normally non-conscious fear of  the “unknown,” which creates an exaggerated “need” to control his/her environment, and everything within it that threatens to expose this person to the  emotional MIND-level fear repressed within him/herself.

It is the MIND of this person [which  is not the brain, by the way], that causes this person to be so fixated on “controlling” guns, since guns represent to such a person something that is powerful….. just like the unrecognized fear deeply repressed within this person.

Technically, this is called “transference”.  The Intelack [Liberal] personality  is transferring his/her deeply repressed fear [of his/her own emotionality – representing power] to guns, and often to the people who use guns.

This fear is “hysterical,” that is, entirely without reasonable explanation, or non-sensical to the normal person who is not subject to the intense psychological fear of the Intelack.  But to a fellow  Intelack or Liberal who also suffers from a lack of Conscience, and whose MIND is also driven by this intense fear and “need” to control the environment, a fear of guns makes perfect sense.

So, once an effort to “control” guns is initiated, you immediately have other Intelack individuals who will begin an active campaign to band guns, since guns to them represent a dangerous “power” which they intensely fear would “expose” what they hold hidden within themselves.

You see, the fear of the Intelack is a fear of his/her own MIND-level emotionality, and the fearful power it represents to them is then projected outside of themselves to guns, or bicycles, or car seats without restraints, or making little children wear helmets when riding plastic tricycles indoors.

This projected fear of guns is entirely psychological with the Intelack [he/she is  not aware of the real reason he/she fear guns]. And the actual reason for such an intense desire to ban guns  is entirely non-conscious to such people.  Although their MINDs will feed rationalizing thoughts to their brains that their fear is really a desire to “help” people.

So, when dealing with  Intelack personalities, relative to what they fear,  no amount of reason, or explanation will persuade them to abandoned their hysterical fear.  But we must not allow the most hysterically fearful among us to dictate how we live our lives.

My concern with America has just been greatly awakened by President Obama telling the world yesterday that he intends to disarm America… “Because he fears Atomic Bombs”?  This to me is truly frightening. An Intelack with the power to actually seriously cripple America, and the insanity to do so.

God save America from its President.


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