The Atheist and God…

The Atheist, or the person who refers to him/herself as an Atheist, is a person for whom the “experience” of Spiritual Energy has not as yet occurred.  In order for a human being to awaken to the experience of Spirituality [God], from within oneself,  that person must possess a Soul that has acquired a sufficient amount of what I refer to as Consciousness, or CDKA&EU [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding]: or C’etc, and these are merely my labels for the Virtues of Life that all Souls are slowly accumulating over many, many lifetimes.

And yes, this of course means that both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation are facts of Life.  No one has to accept these facts, but every person will eventually accept these facts, as each person ascends the Ladder of Life sufficiently that one begins to “experience” bits of higher truths, which some refer to as a “rising Consciousness”.

When a certain accumulation of these Virtues occurs [the symbol “C’etc” is my symbol for the Virtues of Life],  the Soul that has accumulated this certain level of Consciousness [or C’etc for short], will have one or more Ah-ha moments in which that person awakens to the “fact” that there is a God.  And since this experience is an experience of an element of Truth [literally, an experience of the Reality of Life], this experience has nothing at all to do with ones brain, or ones intellect.  And a Soul that experiences this Truth “Knows” that it has touched Truth, and nothing of this physical plane can shake this experience of Truth, or Knowledge of Reality.

So, one subtly awakens to the fact that one possesses a Soul, and ones Soul  is  Spiritual, and at that moment, one also awakens to the fact that one is existing as a schizophrenic individual:  One part of oneself is physical, and another part of oneself is composed of phenomena that are not physical.  Although, this is ones subtle experience, few people when first experiencing this phenomenon are prepared to comprehend what this experience means?

Indeed, many people who are thought to be insane, confused, or who think they are Jesus, are individuals whose environment did not help them comprehend their awakened Consciousness, and their MINDs caused them to interpret this as a symptom indicating they are  mentally ill.

This is evidence of how far Mankind has descended into the darkness of the Iron Age of Man, which ended 12/21/2012, and the residual effects of 1,080,000 years of the Iron Age are still being felt on Earth.

When Man plays out the evil that was initiated during the Iron Age, a new Golden Age of Man will begin to manifest itself on Earth.  What this will look like is but speculation at this point in time.


Brother James



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