To begin this bit of writing, let us agree upon some basic facts.  Or what for me are facts.

1.     There are dimensions of Man, and of Reality, that are not physical.

2.     One of these dimensions is the Spiritual dimension, and this dimension is invisible to the brain and physical senses of Man.  Now this is a fact for me, but I readily appreciate it may not be a fact for others.  And this leads us to fact number 3.

3.     The level of a person’s Consciousness [Man’s ability to experience, via the faculty of Intuition, various energies which represent dimensions of existence, depending upon the position of ones Soul upon a rung of a fictional structure we shall refer to as the “Ladder of Life”], and that ones level of Consciousness [or ability to experience realms of Reality not available to ones brain or physical senses,  is relative to the rung upon which ones Soul is perched on that Ladder of Life].  Although there is no actual Ladder, the operation of Consciousness is such that it operates as though there was such a Ladder, and ones level of Consciousness is relative  to ones Soul being perched upon some rung of that Ladder of Life.

If we can agree upon these three facts of Life, then the Atheist, or person who does not believe in the existence of an unprovable dimension of Reality,  and myself,   have no argument.  But for this to happen, the person who does not believe in the existence of that which the Soul of that person does not allow that person to perceive, must take my facts based on “faith”.  And this is where  the Enlightened Soul and the Intelack Soul [or Soul lacking a certain level of Consciousness] find themselves at an impossible place to bridge.

It is very, perhaps actually impossible for a person to possess or exercise faith that is insecured by any experience whatsoever.


Brother James

June 12, 2013


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