The Liberal & Gun Control

Let me begin this unusual explanation with a rather long sentence, explaining in my own terms,  the “reason’ the Liberal [Intelack] personality seeks to “control” the use of guns by people.

The Liberal personality, or what I prefer to call the “Intelack individual,” is a Soul that lacks some degree of Conscience [Spiritual evolution], and this lack of Spirituality  increases the fear held within the MIND of such a person, and this increased [although delusional] fear exacerbates [makes worse] this persons normally non-conscious fear of  the “unknown,” which creates an exaggerated “need” to control his/her environment, and everything within it that threatens to expose this person to the  emotional MIND-level fear repressed within him/herself.

It is the MIND of this person [which  is not the brain, by the way], that causes this person to be so fixated on “controlling” guns, since guns represent to such a person something that is powerful….. just like the unrecognized fear deeply repressed within this person.

Technically, this is called “transference”.  The Intelack [Liberal] personality  is transferring his/her deeply repressed fear [of his/her own emotionality – representing power] to guns, and often to the people who use guns.

This fear is “hysterical,” that is, entirely without reasonable explanation, or non-sensical to the normal person who is not subject to the intense psychological fear of the Intelack.  But to a fellow  Intelack or Liberal who also suffers from a lack of Conscience, and whose MIND is also driven by this intense fear and “need” to control the environment, a fear of guns makes perfect sense.

So, once an effort to “control” guns is initiated, you immediately have other Intelack individuals who will begin an active campaign to band guns, since guns to them represent a dangerous “power” which they intensely fear would “expose” what they hold hidden within themselves.

You see, the fear of the Intelack is a fear of his/her own MIND-level emotionality, and the fearful power it represents to them is then projected outside of themselves to guns, or bicycles, or car seats without restraints, or making little children wear helmets when riding plastic tricycles indoors.

This projected fear of guns is entirely psychological with the Intelack [he/she is  not aware of the real reason he/she fear guns]. And the actual reason for such an intense desire to ban guns  is entirely non-conscious to such people.  Although their MINDs will feed rationalizing thoughts to their brains that their fear is really a desire to “help” people.

So, when dealing with  Intelack personalities, relative to what they fear,  no amount of reason, or explanation will persuade them to abandoned their hysterical fear.  But we must not allow the most hysterically fearful among us to dictate how we live our lives.

My concern with America has just been greatly awakened by President Obama telling the world yesterday that he intends to disarm America… “Because he fears Atomic Bombs”?  This to me is truly frightening. An Intelack with the power to actually seriously cripple America, and the insanity to do so.

God save America from its President.


The Intellectual Christian….

Let us begin by allowing me to try and explain what I mean by the “intellectual Christian”?

To begin with, let us view Man together  from my perspective as a psychotherapist of some 30+ years.  The physical Man possesses a brain, and that brain can do wonderful things, but one thing it cannot do is perceive the MIND of Man.  The brain is physical, and this means it can perceive things that are physical.  Unfortunately,  the MIND is neither physical, nor is it part of the physical plane of existence.

In fact, what we refer to as the singular MIND is actually a combination of the Lower MIND, and the Higher MIND.  The Lower MIND is composed of the energy of the Astral region of Creation, and the Higher MIND is composed of the Causal region of Creation.  The mystics tell us that the MIND of Man was attached to every Soul as the Soul entered the Creation, back when the Creation was first initiated by God.

The roles of the MIND are varied, but one role of the MIND is to insure that each Soul closely adheres to the Fate Karma it designed for each lifetime it spends on Earth.  And yes, I am again speaking of Reincarnation, which is a fact of Life, so the sooner one can embrace this fact, the easier it becomes to comprehend what Life is all about?

In my earlier two writings about God, I tried to explain that each Soul is slowly maturing.  What I  did not mention specifically is that this  growth is accomplished by each Soul “completing Karma”.  And the completion of Karma is not accomplished by simply engaging in or experiencing Karma. And Karma is just the Sanskrit word for “action”.  That is, Karma is the word for all action ones Soul engages in.  Every thought and action ones Soul takes creates Karma.  Either positive or negative Karma.

Mystics tell us that the simplest definition of Karma is this:  “As you sow, so shall you reap”.  Every thought or action one takes creates Karma, in other words.  And every bit of Karma one creates [literally we CREATE Karma], so to un-create Karma, we must absorb and “embrace” the Karma that we created.  This is the Law of Karma, and I believe this law is an example of the genius of God.  A Perfect Law because it treats every Soul precisely the  same, and no Soul avoids this Law.  So it is Absolutely Fair, Just, and Equal.

We Souls grow and mature by “completing” Karma.  And this is difficult because when some bit of Karma that we created in some past lifetime comes back to us, we experience it as a surprise, and we tend to “blame” the person who provides us the “reaping” part of the Karma we previously “sowed”.

This resistance to our own Karma [which we do not remember doing], requires the Karma to be offered to us again, and again, until we eventually figure out that it is our own Karma coming back to us.  And for some Souls, this can take a long time.  And ones Soul ONLY grows when it accepts Karma, and forgives the messenger delivering the Karma.

In other words, ones Soul only ascends the Ladder of Life when it Accepts the Karma owed one, and forgives the messenger.  But this all has to do with the Spiritual dimension of oneself, not the intellectual part of ones brain and MIND.  The fact is, it is easy for a person to possess an exceptional intellect, and very little Spiritual awareness at the same time.  In fact, it is natural for the Soul that is new, or relatively new to the form of the human being to possess a most active MIND [to possess a high level of Intellectualism, in other words] and at the same time possess very little C’etc, or Consciousness, or Enlightenment.

I refer to such Souls as “Intelack” individuals.  Or people who look just like everyone else, but the Souls of these Intelack individuals are new to the form of Man, and thus, they do not possess much C’etc, or Consciousness.

It is normal for the Intelack individual who has a few lifetimes to its credit, and has accumulated some small amount of C’etc to imagine that he/she is more Enlightened that he/she actually is.  And it is not uncommon for such people to join and engage in some religion.  But, the fact is, such people are  often attached more to their intellects than their “hearts”.  And these people constitute what I refer to as the “Intellectual Christian”.

This is the reason we have so many different religions.  There are many different types of religions to accommodate  the many “needs” of people whose level of C’etc draws them toward the Spirituality within themselves …which is not quite “ready” to awaken within themselves.  And, an intellectual “faith” can be altered, or even dropped in favor of a new idea, or desire.

The is the reason so many “christians” can vote for an evil person.  The level of C’etc within these Christians is not sufficient to enable them to “see” the evil in others, or to override the natural Greed, Envy and Avarice of their MINDs.

My point being…, not all Christians have been awakened to the Spirituality within themselves, simply because their Souls have not as yet acquired the level of C’etc [Spiritual Consciousness] required to operate as an Enlightened Soul. So, being religious is a wonderful thing, but one ought not to confuse ones religious attachment with an awareness of God, or the Spirituality within oneself.


Brother James


The Atheist and God…

The Atheist, or the person who refers to him/herself as an Atheist, is a person for whom the “experience” of Spiritual Energy has not as yet occurred.  In order for a human being to awaken to the experience of Spirituality [God], from within oneself,  that person must possess a Soul that has acquired a sufficient amount of what I refer to as Consciousness, or CDKA&EU [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding]: or C’etc, and these are merely my labels for the Virtues of Life that all Souls are slowly accumulating over many, many lifetimes.

And yes, this of course means that both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation are facts of Life.  No one has to accept these facts, but every person will eventually accept these facts, as each person ascends the Ladder of Life sufficiently that one begins to “experience” bits of higher truths, which some refer to as a “rising Consciousness”.

When a certain accumulation of these Virtues occurs [the symbol “C’etc” is my symbol for the Virtues of Life],  the Soul that has accumulated this certain level of Consciousness [or C’etc for short], will have one or more Ah-ha moments in which that person awakens to the “fact” that there is a God.  And since this experience is an experience of an element of Truth [literally, an experience of the Reality of Life], this experience has nothing at all to do with ones brain, or ones intellect.  And a Soul that experiences this Truth “Knows” that it has touched Truth, and nothing of this physical plane can shake this experience of Truth, or Knowledge of Reality.

So, one subtly awakens to the fact that one possesses a Soul, and ones Soul  is  Spiritual, and at that moment, one also awakens to the fact that one is existing as a schizophrenic individual:  One part of oneself is physical, and another part of oneself is composed of phenomena that are not physical.  Although, this is ones subtle experience, few people when first experiencing this phenomenon are prepared to comprehend what this experience means?

Indeed, many people who are thought to be insane, confused, or who think they are Jesus, are individuals whose environment did not help them comprehend their awakened Consciousness, and their MINDs caused them to interpret this as a symptom indicating they are  mentally ill.

This is evidence of how far Mankind has descended into the darkness of the Iron Age of Man, which ended 12/21/2012, and the residual effects of 1,080,000 years of the Iron Age are still being felt on Earth.

When Man plays out the evil that was initiated during the Iron Age, a new Golden Age of Man will begin to manifest itself on Earth.  What this will look like is but speculation at this point in time.


Brother James



To begin this bit of writing, let us agree upon some basic facts.  Or what for me are facts.

1.     There are dimensions of Man, and of Reality, that are not physical.

2.     One of these dimensions is the Spiritual dimension, and this dimension is invisible to the brain and physical senses of Man.  Now this is a fact for me, but I readily appreciate it may not be a fact for others.  And this leads us to fact number 3.

3.     The level of a person’s Consciousness [Man’s ability to experience, via the faculty of Intuition, various energies which represent dimensions of existence, depending upon the position of ones Soul upon a rung of a fictional structure we shall refer to as the “Ladder of Life”], and that ones level of Consciousness [or ability to experience realms of Reality not available to ones brain or physical senses,  is relative to the rung upon which ones Soul is perched on that Ladder of Life].  Although there is no actual Ladder, the operation of Consciousness is such that it operates as though there was such a Ladder, and ones level of Consciousness is relative  to ones Soul being perched upon some rung of that Ladder of Life.

If we can agree upon these three facts of Life, then the Atheist, or person who does not believe in the existence of an unprovable dimension of Reality,  and myself,   have no argument.  But for this to happen, the person who does not believe in the existence of that which the Soul of that person does not allow that person to perceive, must take my facts based on “faith”.  And this is where  the Enlightened Soul and the Intelack Soul [or Soul lacking a certain level of Consciousness] find themselves at an impossible place to bridge.

It is very, perhaps actually impossible for a person to possess or exercise faith that is insecured by any experience whatsoever.


Brother James

June 12, 2013