Why Do Liberal Teachers Teach Liberalism?

The answer just occurred to me while in the store this afternoon.

The Liberal teaches what he/she “knows”.  We all do this, of course, but what I “Know,” and what the Liberal teacher “knows” is very, very different.

You see, we are taught to think, and to think that what we know we have learned from outside ourselves.  We read books “thinking” that we are learning something from the books. Well, we are learning a bit from books, perhaps 10% of what we advance in understanding is drawn from books.  But this leaves a sizable 90% that we do not draw from books.

So, where does this 90% come from?

The 90% is already within you, but you don’t realize this because no one has told you this is the case.  We are lead to believe [by teachers who believe they learned by reading books] that we are dumb.  Science really believes that you are an empty slate [tabula rassa] that needs to be exposed to books in order to put something within you.

The only thing you will draw from a book is a “symbol” that will [if you are ready to awaken to what the symbol triggers from within yourself], awaken bits of truth that are stored within what I call your “Apapsyche” [Operational Energy of your Soul].  Can I prove this?  Of course not, at least not to people who require physical proof before they can accept a concept.

The Soul of any person whose Soul has completed a substantial number of lifetimes on Earth will have acquired what I refer to as “CDKA&EU,” or Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, or what I believe the ancient Greeks referred to as “Consciousness”.  For short, I refer to this “Truth” by the symbol “C’etc”.

When one is taught to read, and begins reading, one will, from time to time, come across some word, picture, expression, and so forth, and this will act as a “symbol” [if it is “invested” by the  writer with what I call “an Esoteric rider”], that will,  in turn stimulate some bit of truth stored within ones Apapsyche.  This process is Intuition at work,  and one will experience some level of “AH-ha!”  A moment of unusual clarity in which one suddenly knows something one did not “know” previously.

The peculiar part of this is not that it takes place, although this is peculiar.  What is truly strange is that as soon as one Intuits something,  one will quickly attempt to [most people try do]  “think” about what  has just been Intuited…. And, what has just been Intuited quickly begins to disappear.  And for many, they are lucky if they retain a small percentage of what was just an instant earlier perfectly clear.

The reason for this is that, and quite unknown to people, the Attn Aspect of their Apapsyche [which is ones “attention”], had subtly shifted out of his/her brain and moved into the Spiritual dimension where the Awar Aspect of Apapsyche [the part of oneself that experiences] was introduced to the vibrational resonance of a bit of higher relative truth that he/she has acquired over many, many lifetimes. This is another story for another time.

The point is, each person [at least those who have lived many lifetimes], will have accumulated some amount of C’etc, and thus, when that person is “ready” to awaken to that higher bit of truth, it is done via his/her Intuition.  This “readiness” has to do with the general level of a person’s level of Enlightenment, and the Fate Karma that person has designed for this particular lifetime?  No one can awaken to C’etc that he/she is not “ready” to awaken to, in other words.  And, this explains how it is that the Bell Curve applies to almost every group of students.  Different Souls responding to a common test that measures them against the amount of C’etc each possesses.

The flaw in the Bell Curve is that it was designed by a Left-Hemisphere individual and does not really “test” anyone who is Right-Hemisphere oriented.  Another story for another blog.

So, those Souls with MINDs that rule over them, due to their possessing a lower amount of C’etc, are naturally drawn to intellectual activities, and American education in 2013 is certainly the height of Intellectualism.  So, teachers come from this core of unenlightened Souls who are often “compensated” with a extraordinary Intellectualism.

We our unintentionally exposing our children [some of whom are very Enlightened] to teachers who will unintentionally omit, diminish, and ignore the C’etc of Man -since they unknowingly fear it.   The Spirituality of Man, in other words.  For over a century, we have been abusing Enlightened children, and teaching to the least common denominator among all our youth.

Not a good situation at all.  But how likely is it this will be generally recognized?  Slim to none would be the answer.


Brother James


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