It occurred to me this morning, and has been in my thoughts for some time now, that we would be wise to remove “Intelack” people from the criminal justice system.

An Intelack person is explained in the link, but briefly, it’s someone whose Soul is new, or relatively new to the form of human being, and this Soul has not as yet accumulated much, if any C’etc.  And C’etc is my symbol for: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, or “Enlightenment”.

My recommendation is quite logical, but will offend the sensibilities of the Intelack individual in that the MIND of the Intelack [unknown to him/her] holds hidden within itself an intense fear of personal responsibility.  To not fear the Energy within oneself that allows one to enjoy personal responsibility one needs to be somewhat Enlightened [in possession of some level of awakened Spirituality within oneself].  And this means ones Soul must have lived a sufficient number of lifetimes to have earned a level of C’etc that ones Conscience and Knowledge are active parts of ones decision-making process.

By contrast, the Intelack individual [which the name implies], lacks C’etc, and is thus  vulnerable to the desires of the MIND: Greed, Envy and Avarice [the many ways in which Greed can manifest itself]. Every criminal is an Intelack, and the nature of the crimes committed indicate the degree to which a criminal lacks C’etc?

So, when we allow an Intelack judge to sentence criminals, guess what?  Since the judge [unknowingly] fears personal responsibility, the Intelack judge will inevitably sentence the criminal leniently.  The   Intelack judge does not realize this, but those of us who are Enlightened at all should realize this, and we really need to correct this insanity.

For example, I propose anyone who is convicted of identity theft be sentenced to “full restitution” of all costs and damages caused by his/her criminal behavior.  In other words, the person convicted of identity theft be sentenced to a work program that generates “income” to the criminal.  After costs of incarceration are met, then all additional income will be channeled to the victim/victims of that criminal… until “full restitution” is met. When full restitution is met, and only then, can such a criminal be considered for release.

Every crime should be similarly dealt with.  Why should law abiding citizens be responsible for paying for criminals ? This is an insane practice. Every criminal should “pay” for his/her cost of incarceration, and full restitution for the crimes committed BEFORE ANY RELEASE IS CONSIDERED.  The nation would, I believe, be amazed at the reduction of crime.


Brother James


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