The problem with “devotion,” as a concept, rests in determining what one is devoted to?  It really makes no difference what religion one is pursuing, the basic problem still exists.

God is invisible…. unless, of course, one denies invisibility?  Who do you know that has seen God?  How about the term God, itself?  You no doubt realize that the term God is an abstract term, created by Man to point to an existence of some special, powerful, and eternal Energy that many believe exists?  The question then is this:  How effective is ones devotion to the abstract term God… if every person has a different concept of what God might be?

Kabir, the great mystic says: “Even if one were to make one’s home on the bank of the holy Ganges and drink its pure water, one will fine no salvation without devotion to God…”

Dr. T.R. Shangari [author of Jap Ji], the author I am currently reading, says: “Cleansing the body is not sufficient; the mind’s purification is vital. The mind can only be purified by devotion to the Lord. So, Dr. Shangari agrees, that devotion to the Lord is vital.

The question still remains, does it not?  To purify the mind, one must practice devotion to God. But if one has no idea what God is, how does one practice devotion to that of which one is ignorant?

The “key” to this seemingly insolvable problem is strange to the West, because in the West we are devoted to Intellectualism.  In the West, and in America, we are much too practical to waste time with that which our brains cannot perceive.  It is for this reason we deny three-fourths of who and what we are as “whole” human beings.

Precious few in America realize that by “thinking” about life, we subtly ignore 3/4ths of the whole of ourselves.  And we resist the Eastern mystic trying to tell us that there is more to Man that what our physical senses can discover.  So, whether or not Americans realize they are in denial of 3/4ths of Reality, they are.

The point then is that in America, we do not accept that the Energy of Spirituality is invisible.  Nor do we realize that what we think of as true, is actually false.  What we think is true are thoughts  being fed to our brains by  our minds, and in our subtle denial of the Esoteric [invisible] 3/4ths of ourselves,  we have no way of discovering that what we think is true, is actually  false…. provided to us by our minds, whose role is to prevent us from discovering our Souls, which are the only parts of ourselves that can experience God.

I find this fascinating, how about you?


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